Best Juice For Weight Loss ( You Must Drink Every Day)

Physical exercise is good for health. People who are busy with jobs, business, and study can’t manage time for the gym or physical exercise. So, Vegetables or fruits Juice has gained popularity for good health and weight loss.

Juicing isn’t a new concept for a slim body & weight loss. There are many ways to lose weight. However, we are not telling you to go for a liquid diet but you should add some vegetables or fruit juice to your meal in order to keep your body healthy and lose weight.

Drinking green juice is the best way to give your body different vitamins, Mineral, fiber & antioxidants that boost your metabolism & burn your calories to reduce fat.

So, Juicing for weight loss helps also protect you from different diseases with weight loss. Now, let’s start reading our weight loss juice that you can drink without any hesitation

What Are The Best Juice For Weight Loss?

1. Cucumber Juice Best For Weight Loss

Firstly, you know we become fatty for getting more calories. Then, if we get low calories foods, we won’t be fatty; otherwise, we have to burn our calories. The foods that have more water are basically low-calories foods. Cucumber juice has more water, fiber & low calories.

Best juice for weight loss cucumber

Most important thing is that cucumber juice has more soluble and insoluble fiber that good for the body. One glass of this vegetable juice gives you more vitamins, Mineral and keep you hunger-free long time. You can also add some lemon juice to the Juicer machine for better taste while making cucumber juice.

Moreover, you can follow cucumber diet plan to lose weight in the short term. Basically, you have to drink cumber juice when you feel hungry, even, you have to eat cucumber with little other protein foods such as eggs or cheese.

2. Carrot Juice Best For Weight Loss

Carrot juice is a superfood for weight loss as carrot has very low calories and is full of fiber. If you start your morning with two glasses of carrot juice, you can work until lunch without any hungriness. You can eat raw form whenever you feel to eat but juicing is the best option to digest easily.

Best juice for weight loss carrots

Carrot Juice is full of Vitamin B Complex. Vitamin B helps increase Bile Secretion which boosts metabolism – The rate at which the body converts foods into energy. Usually, it breaks down fat and we lose weight. Also, we feel good when metabolism is increased.

Moreover, Carrot is a vast source of iron that is the main responsible for increasing oxygen-carrying capacity in the body. The more oxygen-carrying capacity body can do a long workout that is also good for weight loss.

However, making carrot juice is very easy with carrot juicers that keep you tension-free in your weight loss goal. Also, Carrot juice is best for the skin as it is full of beta carotene that protects all kinds of skin diseases.

3. Broccoli Juice Good For Weight Loss

Broccoli juice is another great food for weight loss as this vegetable is rich in high fiber. One research shows that an increased intake of high fiver can fight for weight loss. High-fiver-rich vegetables absorb more water from our body and create more hormones to digest.

Best juice for weight loss

Moreover, this is a very slow process that keeps you away from hungriness a long time to avoid eating other foods. A group researcher from the University Of Massachusetts Medical School suggests us a simple change of our daily diet plan can keep us healthy and slim. They said to focus on fiber. This one rule is enough to keep the body fit & healthy. Fiber foods keep you full for longer and control metabolic markers.

Furthermore, Broccoli is full of vitamin C that helps us lose weight. The body needs vitamin C to produce a compound called CARNITINE which is essential for metabolizing fats into energy. So, Vitamin C is vital for burning fat. If you have less vitamin C, your exercise won’t be fruitful as the fat will be burned less.

4. Gooseberries Juice To Be Slim

Gooseberries juice is another best option to kick off your weight loss journey. Gooseberries another name is amla that is popular in South Asia. This juice accelerates the metabolism rate in our body and keeps our digestive system in track the whole day.

This juice has Vitamin C, antioxidants & polyphenols which fight against toxins. This juice becomes a superfood for weight due to its nutrients. Vitamin C boosts metabolisms that help us reduce fat from our bodies.

Moreover, this juice contains hypolipidaemic properties that fight off the fatty liver. This juice is a little bitter. So, you can add one or two spoons of honey with this juice so that you can make this juice more taste by adding more vitamins.

5. Beetroot Juice Good For Weight Loss

Beetroot juice is great for weight loss. This juice is full of vitamin C, Fiber, betanin, nitrates, folate & other vitamins. These nutrients help us lose weight. Additionally, Beetroot juice has been researched for a long time for its ability to weight loss. This juice has very low calories that are good for the body.

Best vegetable to juice

We recommended don’t mix other fruits as some fruits contain excess sugar that is an enemy for health. Vegetables are extremely important for weight loss as that kind of juice is low in calories and high in fiber.

Eating beetroot is not as good as juice. some nutrients are hampered for cooking. This juice is full of natural chemicals which are called nitrates.

Lastly, beetroot juice is very tasty, delicious & versatile making it a must for a weight loss diet plan.


Drinking juice is a great way to hydrate and get more nutrients in our bodies very quickly. You know some vegetables or fruits juice has more nutrients but are not tasty enough to savor. Then you can buy some recipes books which help you make delicious juice. We think our article helps you a lot to understand easily important juice with reasons. If you think this is really helpful, please share it with your friend and family to let them know.

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