Common Juicing Mistakes

7 Common Juicing Mistakes, You Need To Know

Do you know what common juicing mistakes you are making? You must need to know and avoid all mistakes.

Are you lacking nutrition in your diet and feeling drowsy often? It is undoubtedly Juice that will do the work for you. Juicing helps you in fulfilling the lack of nutrients in your body. It is one of the best ways to cleanse your body and also helps in the removal of Toxins.

It has a varied role in your well-being as it focuses on various aspects of your health such as your digestion, your skin gets nourished, improves blood flow, and many more, but some common juicing mistakes can create a lot of mess. Meanwhile, what are the common juicing mistakes? Now, let’s take a look:

Common Juicing Mistakes

Are You Making These Common Juicing Mistakes?

1. Delay In Consuming Fresh Juice

Delay in consuming your fresh Juice may be of no benefit to you. Once the Juice gets exposed to air, its enzymes start to degrade due to which it may begin to lose its nutritious value. If left in open contact with air, it may begin to taste sour.

Common Juicing Mistakes

2. Adding Processed Sugar To Your Juice

Your Juice already consists of natural sugar that is good for your body and can metabolize quickly. Fruits contain glucose and fructose that break insulin easily, whereas refined sugar gets stored in shape in the form of fat. You won’t like adding fat in a run to lose it.

Adding processed sugar to your Juice

3. Drinking Juice Too Fast

Since the mouth is said to be the first place where digestion takes place, that’s why it is necessary to drink juice sip by sip to get the most out of it. Also, the mixing of saliva with Juice enhances the rate of digestion as it breaks down complex substances to simpler ones.

Drinking Juice too fast

4. Consumption Of Juice After A Heavy Meal

Consuming the Juice after the meal will be useless, and it is preferred to drink Juice at an empty stomach as it provides maximum absorption of nutrients to the body. It intensifies the benefits of the Juice.

Consumption of Juice after a heavy meal

5. Inappropriate Combinations While Making Smoothies

Supplementing smoothies with the right combination is best and will always help you while making a wrong combination will have an incorrect effect example- combining watermelon with water and milk.

Inappropriate combinations while making smoothies

6. Intake of Caffeine

Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol like substances act as a stimulant to the receptors of the body. To cleanse your body with juices, you must leave the stimulants first.

Green Juice

7. Not Chewing Your Juice

Green juices contain pulp along with them and not chewing it is a blender. The flesh is the primary source of fibers that helps in cleansing the body. Only after cleansing, the body starts to absorb the nutrients of the Juice. So don’t forget to chew while drinking.

glass of juice


Juicing is of great benefit only if you keep these 7 common juicing mistakes in your mind. It is not rocket science, just a few little spots you can follow in your day-to-day life to make a significant change in your health. Not just your health, you can gift this healthy lifestyle to your loved ones too.

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