What Are The Gerson Therapy Juicers? You Need To Know

Gerson Therapy Juicers are powerful machines that give better health. Gerson Therapy is a natural cancer therapy with significant results for many patients who have been diagnosed with the disease. Gerson Therapy Juicers are one of the most popular Gerson products, and they can be used to juice vegetables, fruit, or even coffee beans.

Gerson Therapy Juicers come in two stages or two steps juicers: Grinding and Pressing. Grinding is one of the major steps to make juice for Gerson therapy. If you grind the elements like any fruits or vegetables, It helps releases more nutrients and minerals.

Gerson Therapy is a natural approach to cancer. Gerson Therapy Juicers are one of the most popular Gerson products, and they can be used to juice vegetables, fruit, or even coffee beans.

What Is Gerson Therapy?

The Gerson therapy, named after its developer Dr. Max Gerson, is an alternative cancer treatment developed in the 1930s. Gerson Therapy is a natural cancer treatment based on the idea that nutrition can help your body to heal itself.

It consists of a diet high in vegetarian foods, supplemented by potassium-rich banana and maple syrup or honey to markedly increase caloric intake, plus daily coffee enemas believed to remove toxins from the colon.

In its simplest form, Gerson therapy includes a special whole food tolerated cooked diet rich with organically grown vegetables and prepared without salt, sugar, or oil; vitamin and mineral supplements from organic sources; coffee enemas; daily exercise; deep breathing with fresh air inhalations -in short, a lifestyle that respects nature’s great law of balance.

The basic theory behind the therapy is that many chronic illnesses are due to an acidic internal environment (in contrast with healthy individuals who have a normal alkaline pH) which may contribute to cancer development or make cancer cells thrive.

A 1937 study reported improved survival rates among patients treated with pancreatic enzymes plus chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone for inner-city breast cancer patients with operable lesions, but it’s unclear whether Gerson Therapy itself had any effect on the study’s outcomes, which have not been reproduced in later studies.

Gerson therapy is not approved as a cancer treatment in the United States, and Gerson’s medical license was revoked after he refused to cooperate with state investigators.

What Are Gerson Therapy Juicers?

There are lots of criteria for Gerson therapy to choose a juicer. So, We found 2 juicers and both are hydraulic press juicers.

  1. Pure Juicer
  2. Norwalk Juicer

If you are interested to know more about both juicers, keep reading.

1. PURE Juicer Two-Stage Masticating Juicer

pure juicer review - One Of The Gerson Therapy Juicers
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Imagine the rich, sweet flavor of freshly squeezed produce that’s full of nutrients. You now know what juicing is all about! PURE Juicer Two-Stage Masticating Juicer extracts every beneficent drop with its two-step process for pulp liquefaction and hydraulic pressing. When you use this super-efficient machine, you will be able to enjoy your juice within three hours without compromising any freshness or taste!

Two – Steps Juicers

The PURE Juicer is a two-stage super-fresh juice extractor that gets the very best from your produce. The first step grinding works to puree and masticate all types of fruits and vegetables,

while the second hydraulic press draws out every last ounce for a pulpy drink with a surprisingly creamy texture – perfect for drizzling over breakfast cereal or adding flavor to dips, sauces, salad dressings, spice rubs, and marinades. This stylish appliance has been designed using the ergonomics of human hands so it’s easy to use!

Smart Locking Mechanism

It has a smart locking mechanism, while the transparent pulp container allows you to monitor how much juice is being produced.

Efficient Juicer

A super-efficient machine that gets the very best from your produce! The PURE Juicer™ is an innovative twin gear masticating juicer that produces up to 25% more juice than other cold press juicers on the market.

This stylish appliance has been designed using the ergonomics of human hands so it’s easy to use and clean. It has a smart locking mechanism and a transparent pulp container which allows you to monitor how much juice is being produced.

The PURE Juicer™ twin gear cold press masticating juicer features two gear sets, a spiral bevel gear, and a worm gear. The unique dual-stage juice extraction process allows for the most efficient juicing of all key nutrients from fruits and vegetables. This results in a more nutritious juice full of rich flavors and colors.

Good For Baby Foods

The PURE™ Juicer is also great for creating healthy baby foods, fruit sorbets, nut butter, soy milk, and wheatgrass juice. The PURE Juicer™ is the only cold press juicer that comes with its own manual – so you can easily see how to get the most out of your machine!

Keeps Juice Freshness Long Time

It’s not called PURE Juicer for anything. From the masticating/triturating 2-stage process to the hydraulic press which exerts 5400lbs of force, your juice will store for up to 72 hours. If you want the best quality juice, choose PURE.

Gives Highest Yeild

Packed with the latest technology, this new masticating juicer is like nothing you’ve ever seen! GREATEST YIELD and BEST QUALITY of pulp and juice imaginable. A new shape-pusher ensures that all parts are getting maximum extraction meaning your juice will be juicier than ever before, making it great for celeries.

It’s good news to slim down because PURE Juicers ONLY extract natural ingredients – no preservatives or artificial flavors (and better enzymes), yielding up to 85% for some fruits and vegetables!


Do you need a quality juicer that will last? The PURE Juicer Two-Stage Masticating Juicer is perfect for homeowners who want hassle-free juicing. The product features materials that are durable and backed by a 12-year transferable warranty to ensure your purchase lasts.

With this machine, there’s no hesitation in the mind of what you’ll be getting when it comes to high quality. Carefully constructed at our USA manufacturing location, this sturdy two-stage juice has top-notch blades to produce one pure drink after another!

You Can Check Full Review Of Pure Juicer – Two-Stage Masticating Juicer

2. Norwalk Model 280 Hydraulic Press Juicer

Norwalk Model 280 Hydraulic Press Juicer
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Norwalk juicer is the 1st two stages or two-step juicer.  Dr. Walker who was the contemporary of the Gerson’s and championed nutrition to improve one’s health and as an alternative route in managing health conditions was the founder of the Norwalk juicer. The juicer has been more than decades.

Two Stages Juicer

The Norwalk Model 280 is a High-Pressure Juice Press that uses cutting and grinding to extract the juice. The Model 280 is a two-in-one juicer: first, the Vortex Triturator and Helical Cutter Grind create the perfect storm for breaking down your fruits and vegetables to maximize their nutritional value;

second, we’ve integrated our patented Hydraulic Press which extracts all those nutrients without pulping. Equipped with industrial-strength metal gears and heavy-duty solid steel housing, this machine was built tough—but it’s as easy as pie (or apple) for you! All parts are made from food-grade stainless steel making cleaning up quick and simple.

Produce More Nurients

The juicer helps you get more nutrients from your fruits and vegetables than other juicers can. With this handy appliance, you’ll be able to experience the best-tasting juices ever! Along with growing in popularity among health-conscious individuals, there has been an increasing interest in healthy ingredients for recipes, home cooking, and even work cuisine.

This time-tested machine will help you extract all of the natural enzymes and vitamins from every fruit or vegetable that passes through its filter screen never letting any part of its original flavor go to waste while maintaining a balanced pH balance in your finished juice product.

Here’s what makes it stand apart from its competitors: A Vortex Triturate and Helical Cutter Grind for cutting up your ingredients to maximize nutritional value A patented Hydraulic Press Extractor which squeezes all juice from your products without pulping. This high-power juicer is easy to clean, low maintenance, and built tough with industrial-strength metal gears and solid steel housing so you won’t have to worry about breakdowns.


It comes with a one-year warranty. Now, how about that for saying good things about this product?

Here are some reviews from happy customers to give you an idea if this juicer is what you are looking for. -The Norwalk 280 does everything I expected it would do and more! The juice is pure, clean-tasting, and super smooth.

I love the fact that it does not pulp the juice, because you get all of the enzymes, but without any fiber. Pulp is actually a “waste product” in this type of juicer! It’s nice to know that when I drink my fresh raw carrot/beet/celery juice with some ginger and apple I am getting a true “whole food” drink, and not a “processed juice”.

East To Use And Clean

This juicer is extremely easy to use. It takes 1 minute to assemble the machine, add one cup of cold water to your ingredients, place it on top of the machine, turn it on and start juicing. Cleanup is just as easy. –

Customer’s Reviews

I have had this juicer for over a month now and I am very satisfied with it. I have used it every day since I got it. It is the best juicer that money can buy due to its ease of use, its great juice yield, and its simple clean-up.

The Norwalk Model 280 also has a very good warranty so if anything goes wrong, Norwalk will fix it or replace it. I have been juicing for over a year and this juicer far surpasses the other ones that I have used in terms of juice yield and ease of use.

It has many attachments which allow you to do many different things with fruits and vegetables such as making nut butter, baby food, and ice cream. The Norwalk also has a high-speed motor which gives the Norwalk an edge over other juicers in terms of juice yield.

Final Verdict Of Gerson Therapy Juicers

Cancer is a tough disease to fight, but luckily there are many treatments available. Gerson therapy can be an alternative course of treatment for those who have exhausted every other avenue. Remember that it’s important not just to find a cancer cure, but also to stay healthy and happy during your journey!

I hope this article has given you some much-needed clarity about the Gerson therapy juicers. If you’re interested, here is a link to where you can purchase them online or find more information about the different types of cancer treatments available today. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information. We are happy to help!

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