How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home. Easy Tips & Tricks

We are trying to cover how to grow wheatgrass at home with soil or without soil. Wheatgrass is the young grass or sprouts of wheat trees which is from the regular plant. Scientists named it Triticum aestivum.

These grasses are very healthy food with top-notch nutritional values. Wheatgrass is best for diets, and also it is rich in antioxidants. Again also components present in it help to prevent various diseases.

If you want to lose weight, then wheatgrass is ideal for you. Wheatgrass has fibers that let you balance your diet in one go. It is a great alternative for heavy foods. And also, wheatgrass has low calories. So, taking a high amount of wheatgrass grass will complete your hunger with nothing to worry about calories.

Can you grow wheatgrass at home, and how to grow wheatgrass at home? Wheatgrass is a powerful food. It comes in powder form, pill form, and also in juice form. It is better to blend it before consuming it.

Readymade wheatgrass powder is found in stores. But are they healthy? They are not healthy. Grocery stores wheatgrass grass don’t give the promising nutritional values as they advertise.

Also, they are not cleaned properly, which is unhygienic and harmful. But if you are a DIY geek, you can grow wheatgrass at home with some simple steps. It can be done with soil or without soil. We will all discuss them in our elucidations. Also, you can check what is the best wheatgrass juicer to know more in detail.

How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home

What Is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is specifically a food. It is consumable and made from sprout grass from the plant wheat. It is the same as the plant from where wheat flour comes. The scientific term for wheatgrass is Triticum aestivum.

Wheatgrass almost grows in all-terrain, especially in temperate land all over the world. It is found a lot in Europe and the United States of America. The special feature about their growth factor is that they can be grown without soil.

A jar of water and adequate sunlight is enough to grow wheatgrass. You can also grow wheatgrass indoors. Gigantic steps are not necessary to grow wheatgrass at home.

Wheatgrass is great nutritional food. A teaspoon of wheatgrass powder contains:

Calories: 35-40

Proteins: 1 gram per spoon.

Carbohydrate: 6 grams which are comparatively 2-3% of a person’s daily intake.

Fiber: 4 grams

Calcium: 24 milligrams

Iron: 1 milligram

Wheatgrass is also known as a superfood. As it has antioxidants that help in the prevention of discrete diseases. Chlorophyll and enzymes present in wheatgrass will help to heal the tissues and cells to prevent cancer. Wheatgrass is ideal for a morning drink and to keep anyone’s health in balance.

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How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home With Soil?

Pre-acquired wheatgrass is not safe to use. You can’t be sure if they are grown in a proper environment. And also, it’s not ascertained if proper pesticides are used to protect them. Even if various medicines are used to clean, they can be harmful to your body.

Sometimes medicines used to preserve them count as adulterants. These adulterants will damage your health instead of improving it.

But, no need to worry. You can grow wheatgrass in your house according to your ways. We gave some steps to grow wheatgrass on the soil at home.

Step 1

Acquire some wheat seeds. You can take regular wheat seeds used to make flour from the grocery store. Keep the seeds for a few days after buying.

Step 2

Take a jar of about 250 milliliters of volume. The wheat seeds that you brought throw them all in the jar and fill half the jar with water. Then put a sieve at the lid of the jar and turn the jar upside down.

So, now all the water will flow out, and seeds will remain moist. Keep them a few days, and small sprouts will grow out of them.

Step 3

Prepare a tray with soil. Then take the newborn sprouts in that tray and sprinkle them and lid them with a wet newspaper.

Step 4

The wheatgrass will grow within 7-10 days full length. Cut them according to your need and enjoy.

How To Grow Wheatgrass Without Soil?

Wheatgrass is a superfood. Superfoods are highly healthy foods useful. They are termed superfoods because of their ability to prevent various harmful maladies. As we told before, it is advisable to avoid premade wheatgrass foods as they are not promising and healthy.

You can grow your wheatgrass at home if you don’t want the store ones. Diy wheatgrass is easy to make at home. And also they are easy to make. They can be grown without soil too. Here are some steps to grow wheatgrass without soil.

Step 1

Collect some good wheat seeds from the grocery store or your local farmers. Make sure the wheat seeds are in good condition. Some of the seeds start decaying due to bacterial infestation.

These seeds are not suitable for wheatgrass cultivations. Also, these types of seeds will damage the other seeds. So, get some better seeds.

Step 2

Get a water jar or any sort of jar that should be approximate with a 250-milliliter volume. Then take your wheat seeds and put them in the jar. Put some water in the jar and rinse the seeds properly. Rinsing will prevent mold from forming on the seeds.

Step 3

Take a tray and put the newly sprouted wheat seeds in the tray. Then put a wet paper over them and rinse them periodically after a few days. After 8 to 9 days, they are good for harvesting.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Wheatgrass?

The cultivation time of wheatgrass completely depends on its growth factors. The environment also plays a vital role in the growth of wheatgrass.

Usually, it takes 6-10 days for wheatgrass to grow inadequate conditions completely. And also, wheatgrass can grow out of those wheatgrasses within four months in proper factors.

Due to the deficiency of light, water, and proper nutrients in the soil, the growth time can be decreased. Usually, wheatgrass grown with soil grows more quickly due to the nutrients present in the soil.

Does Wheatgrass Regrow After Cutting?

Wheatgrass is a portion of essential diet food. It is good for healthcare and also in various other fields. But, can we grow wheatgrass at home?

Yes, you can grow wheatgrass at home, and with a few easy steps, you can do it.

You can grow your wheatgrass with soil or without soil. It’s better to grow them on the soil. But if you don’t want the hassle, then you can avoid it.

If you cut wheatgrass grass, it will grow again. But, it’s advisable to grow a new batch of wheatgrass because the nutrients decay after each harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Does Wheatgrass Need Sunlight?

Wheatgrass doesn’t need that much sunlight to grow. During the germination of the seeds, sunlight should be avoided. Sunlight is needed during the growing of sprouts.

Otherwise, bacteria and pathogens attack the seeds and destroy them. If you grow wheatgrass at home, then you should keep the bed in a shady place. Not too shady. Enough for sunlight to pass through the bed.

2. How Can I Make Wheatgrass Grow Faster?

To avoid the cost, you can grow wheatgrass at home. It’s not a difficult task to grow wheatgrass at home.

To grow wheatgrass faster, you will need to select proper seeds, and then germination also should be done properly.

Premature seeds shouldn’t be taken. Then sprouts should be grown from then. Sprouts grown from the seeds will help them to grow faster.

The selection of soil is also important in case of growth. Soil with the best nutrients should be selected for better growth. In this way, you can grow wheatgrass faster.

3. How Much Do You Water Wheatgrass?

Water is necessary for all plants to grow. Also, other factors must be put into consideration for plants to grow. Wheatgrass is an easy plant to grow. It needs less care. And also, they don’t need medicines to be preserved.

Wheatgrass remains 7-8days in the fridge. Moisture level in the air is also necessary to grow wheatgrass. Other than that, regular two times mist spraying the sprouts will keep them fresh and also keep them growing.

4. Is Wheatgrass Best To Grow With Or Without Soil?

Growing wheatgrass without soil is cost-friendly. But growing wheatgrass with soil is more healthy. Compact nutrients can’t be directly applied to plants. They get those nutrients from the soil.

Various components like nitrogen, sodium and iron remain in the soil. Plants get those nutrients preserved in the soil. But without soil, the plant can’t get those nutrients. So, the wheatgrass grown in soil is much healthier than the wheatgrass that is grown without soil.


Wheatgrass is ideal for anyone and any age. Because wheatgrass is high in nutrients and enzymes, which is good for the body. Also, they are not costly as you can grow wheatgrass at home. But many people don’t know how to grow wheatgrass at home. So, we gave all the steps so that you can easily grow wheatgrass at home. Hence, we hope this article helped you to find out your answer.

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