What Kinds Of Apples Are Best For Juicing?

Nutritionist says “If you want to keep yourself away from the doctor, Eat Apple or Drink apple juice every day”. So, Let’s explore the best apples for juicing so that we can taste better.

Apple is a very good fruit for our human body. You can eat an apple or drink apple juice but we recommend you drink homemade apple juice using a juicer. In juice form, you can consume more apples.

There are many types of apples in the world. Before starting your juicing lifestyle, you have to make sure what apples are the best for juicing.

Moreover, you must know how to buy apples and store apples for juicing. If you don’t keep it this proper way, apples get rotten very quickly. However, keep reading our articles to know more. Also, You can read What Type of Orange Is The Best For Juicing.

5 The Best Apples For Juicing In UK & USA

1. Gala Apple

Best Apples for Juicing

Firstly, This apple, one of the best apples for juicing, is so much popular in the USA. This apple is mildly sweet and accessible all year. Mainly it was discovered by Orchardist J.H.Kidd in New Zealand in 1934.

This type is a cross between golden delicious and kid’s orange-red apple. Gala apple is a pale yellow-gold background and round shape. Stripy red color covers it.

Gala apple is a smaller size than other varieties. The inside of this type is crisp and firm with light cream to a yellow tinge. This is great for kids and snacks. The taste of this apple juice is fabulous. Mainly this type is harvested in Washington in August and you can harvest year-round.

2. Red Delicious Apple

Best Apples For Juicing

Then, This type of Red Delicious Apple is one of the most popular and widely grown apple varieties. Though red delicious and golden delicious are close in name, they are entirely different varieties.

Both apples were discovered in the USA. A warm climate is needed for this type of apple. The taste of this type is mildly sweet. Size is medium and shape is like classic coke-bottle shape. It’s skin deep to bright red skin.

The bright red color makes this type commercially successful. The maximum production of this apple is in Washington state. This apple is extremely used in breeding programs because of its color and crisp flesh which is very juicy.

3. Golden Delicious Apple

Best Apples For Juicing

Another type, Golden Delicious Apple, is also one of the most popular varieties. This is not the same as a red delicious apple. This apple is mellow and sweet. Its skin is very thin. Now, this apple is planted in all major warm apple-growing areas.

It’s popular and attractive to growers due to ease to grow, heavy crops, and fruits. We can keep this type of apple for a long time after harvesting. By the mid-late 20th century, Golden delicious apples became one of the main supermarket apples.

4. Fuji Apple

Best apple for juicing

This apple is a hybrid cross between red delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet. This apple was developed by a researcher at Tohoku Research Station in Fujisaki, Japan. This type of apple is the sweetest among all other types.

Fuji apple is the best choice who loves sweet. Even you can add this apple with other juice to make it sweet. The sugar level is 14-15 when this apple color is red over yellow.

The long shelf life of this type of apple makes it the best choice for buying and storing. Though its home country is Japan, the USA provides more Fuji apples to the world than Japan does. It is mainly harvested in Washington State in September and October.

5. Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple

The origin of this type is in Australia. This type was discovered by Maria Ann (Granny) Smith. Granny smith apple is one of the biggest portions of export fruits in Australia.

Granny smith apple is one of the most well-known for its green color and tart flavor. It requires a warm climate to ripen properly. Now, it has been cultivating America, Africa, and also Asia. If we want to describe its flavor, this is acidic.

How To Store Apples And Keep Fresh For Juicing

You have to consider lots of things from buying to storing if you want to keep apples fresh for a long time. Even you have to know how to store fruits and vegetables. So, keep reading our tips on how to store apples.

  1. Check for ripeness before buying as apples continue to ripen. Actually, it keeps ripening while leaving room temperature. Another thing, buy apple before it ripen fully and look out firmness, not waxes. Also, avoid spot apple.
  2. Keep fruits & vegetables separately. While apple starts ripening, it create ethylene gas. The gas helps to ripen other fruits and vegetables. So, keeps ethylene producing fruits separate from ethylene sensitive fruits or vegetables like broccoli.
  3. For long-term storage, you can keep apples in the dark and cool room. Moreover, dark places help apples stay crisp. Also, the best way to keep storage is to keep the apples in the drawer with separate plastic bags. Otherwise, you can keep all apples in the drawer and cover all apples with a towel as a towel maintains moisture.
  4. There is one old saying that ”One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch of apples”. So, it’s better to keep all the apples separately. We can use a single poly bag for wrapping a single apple. Then we should keep the apple in a dark and cool place with wrapping. This is a good way to keep all apples fresh.
  5.  Use lemon juice for sliced apple to keep apple fresh. Apple becomes brown after it is sliced. When we cut apple, then oxygen reaches the plant tissue. Then it turns into brown color. So, if you think that you don’t like to eat now, you can then brush sliced apple with lemon juice. This lemon juice prevents the sliced apple to become brown.

So, you know how to store apples and keep fresh sliced apples also. Enjoy your apple juice with the best apple.

What Are Healthier Red or Green Apples?

It’s a very common question which color apple is good. Truth be told, there is very little difference between red apples and greens. Both apples provide us with the same amount of fiber and vitamin c.

Green Apples contain slightly more fiber and fewer carbohydrates and sugar than red apples. As per nutritionist Fiona Tuck, Apple is a vast source of antioxidants, pectin, quercetin that all protect our cells from damage. Also, this fruit has fiber and soluble fiber – called pectin- that is essential for heart health, gut, liver, and so on.

Nutrition Chart
Source: reckontalk

If you want to get more antioxidants, red apple is good; but different is very little. The red skin of the apple contains anthocyanins, Found in red color skin, which are good for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Eating apple or drinking apple juice is more important than the debate between a red apple and a green apple.


We have talked about only the 5 best apples for juice though there are many types of apples in the world. we believe that this article helps you as we discussed how to keep apples fresh and store. Also, our nutrition chart helps you to understand that all type of apple is the same for nutrients except very little difference. So, Keep making apple juice and stay healthy.

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