Best Oranges For Juicing

What Type of Orange Is The Best For Juicing?

All of us had the experience of sharing orange juice from a carton but nothing can quash the taste of a natural orange juice. The flavor of all the oranges is different just like their types.

Some oranges are bitter in taste and some species are sweet, but what type of orange is best for juicing? The flavor of oranges varies, so it is a difficult task to choose which is best for juicing. To make this task easier, I have gathered a few top varieties of oranges with their benefits for you to choose the best quality oranges to plug into your juicer. Let’s go!

Best Oranges For Juicing

1. Navel Oranges

Navel Oranges - Best Oranges For Juicing

There is no other type of orange that can beat the sweet taste of navel oranges. This type is the best for making juice at home to enjoy the restaurant-style juice. It contains vitamin C, potassium, fibers, and a very low amount of calories. It can protect the person from diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, and can improve memory.

2. Valencia Oranges

Valencia Oranges - Best Oranges For Juicing

It is one of the most famous juicing oranges in the world, known as queen oranges of Florida. It’s abundantly found in Florida and people are mad about its sweet taste.  It is a good source of potassium and responsible for maintaining heart function and body fluid level.

3. Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges - Best Oranges for juicing

If you are a juice lover never forget to try blood oranges. Its size is small but when you peel it off its appearance is red from inside. It will give red color to your juice and it has a very rich concentration of anthocyanins than the rest of the oranges and protects the body from inflammation.

4. Clementine Oranges

Clementine Oranges

The sweet juice and flavor of Clementine make the perfect addition to the sauces, marinades, and many more. You can use it in the salads and in fruit as well. It is rich in vitamin c and improves your skin health and appearance.

5. Tangerines Oranges

Tangerines Oranges - type of orange

The juice of tangerines is used for weight loss. It has no bitterness and perfect for making juice. It contains vitamin C that is required in a body to maintain balance of the body.

6. Satsuma Oranges

Satsuma Oranges - Good type of orange

It is sweet in taste but available for a shorter period of time, it is found in California and Gulf coast. It is helpful for reducing cholesterol, maintain the health of the colon, and control sugar level in blood.


Oranges are good for our health, so orange juice works like the same. It’s a fact that we love to drink fizzy juices but that is dangerous for our health because the pasteurization process killed the important enzymes.

Artificial flavors and high concentrations contain a higher amount of sugar and calories than fresh orange juice. The purpose of figure out the facts is to stop you all from the artificial juice that is addicting you and dragging down your health. Use fresh orange juice to boost and save your life from dangerous diseases.

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