Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight?

Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight? These are the common questions who love smoothies. In this article, we are going to discuss and give answers to the question.

We all love a bright-colored, delicious smoothie. Berries, bananas, pineapples, oranges, and any other fruit you like can be used to create new and delightful smoothies. The variety of flavors appeases each craving. They are highly nutritious, and what’s more?

They taste amazing! Made with the freshest fruits and vegetables, a smoothie is a great replacement for breakfast meals. This begs the question, do smoothies lose nutrients overnight?

They have several benefits as it helps in preventing dehydration, enhances immunity, and serves as a source of antioxidants. Smoothies are full of nutritional value. You don’t want to miss out on any of it, do you?

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Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight?

Sadly yes, they do. The best smoothies are made with the freshest ingredients. Whether you use frozen fruits to create pleasant flavors, some nuts for rich texture, or green veggies for making it healthier, added with some yogurt and milk, all these are foods that we are often advised to eat immediately.

Just like these foods spoil after being cut, smoothies too will spoil if left unconsumed for a long period.

Vegetables and fruits begin losing their nutrients from the moment they are harvested. Hence we use them as soon as possible and refrigerate them to store them for a little longer.

Even refrigerated, these fruits and vegetables continue to lose their nutritional value, albeit a little bit slower.

By the time we use these fruits and vegetables as a base for our smoothies, they have already lost some of the important nutrients.

Hence, we are advised to drink our smoothies sooner than later to ensure that no more nutritional value is lost.


When fresh fruits and vegetables are blended, the cells are cut open. This means they are exposed to oxygen. Oxygen is an incentive for the process of oxidation. Being exposed to oxygen leads to the breaking down of the fruit and vegetable cells. This causes the process that losing vitamins and nutrients in foods. Thus the smoothies too lose their nutritional value. We can conclude that oxygen is our enemy here.

Now while we do agree that smoothies will lose sufficient nutrients if kept overnight, we must remember that not all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals will be lost overnight.

Oxygen does affect the smoothie, but the smoothie won’t spoil that soon. You can surely make a smoothie and refrigerate it overnight before consuming it in the morning.

Sure his smoothie won’t be as high in nutritional value as a fresh smoothie, but it will taste just as well.

Depending on the various ingredients used to make a smoothie, the process of oxidization will span over various periods.

Some might be faster than others, but storing them well will help in maintaining their nutritional value.

Sometimes drinking a whole smoothie at once may be difficult, or you simply prefer making it at night so you can consume it in the morning after.

Either way, a smoothie can last overnight although; it is true that you might not retain its best nutritional value.

How Long Before A Smoothie Loses Its Nutrients?

How Long Before A Smoothie Loses Its Nutrients

Like fruits and vegetables, as soon as smoothies are exposed to air that is oxygen; they start the process of oxidation. This will cause a significant amount of nutrients to break down. This is a rapid process.

Even then, without any refrigeration and any other added precautions, a smoothie will last up to 3 to 4 hours.

While this is true, the process of degradation of nutrients goes on, and thus, it is best to consume your smoothie as soon as possible. Or you can store it well to slow down the process of oxidation.

Keeping It Fresh

There are ways in which you can ensure that your smoothie lasts a little bit longer. Storing it in the right containers and refrigerating it to avoid it from being exposed to oxygen can assure longevity in the nutritional value.

Taking the right measures can even retain their nutritional value for up to 24 hours. While some could last longer, it may not taste as delicious as fresh smoothies and might even lose more nutrients by that time.

You can be the judge of whether your smoothie is safe for consumption by easily recognizing foul smells and colors.

When Is The Best Time To Drink Smoothies?

When Is The Best Time To Drink Smoothies

A smoothie is often usually consumed as a replacement for a meal as they are highly nutritious. This is not a bad idea at all. However, the best time to drink a smoothie would be in the morning.

Ideally, they should be consumed on an empty stomach, especially if they are fruit or vegetable-based smoothies. This is so because empty stomachs are the best way to absorb maximum nutrients provided through a smoothie.

Research by scientists even suggests that morning smoothies should include green, leafy vegetables.

While they suggest smoothies made from pineapples, oranges and bananas are best for the afternoons as they are rich in vitamins, and our bodies may require these after a half-day of work.

A smoothie can be consumed at any time that is convenient for you as it is easier to preserve than a juice, but it is best to consume it at a proper time to enjoy its fullest nutritional value and taste.

Is It Bad To Have A Smoothie At Night?

We know a smoothie makes for the best replacement for breakfast, and we spoke about when they are best to consume and at their best nutritional value, but the next question one might ask is if it is bad to have a smoothie at night? And the answer is that it is not bad.

A smoothie has just as many benefits at night as it does in the morning. While you might not want to have a smoothie right after your meal as it can be pretty heavy, you can have a smoothie sometime before bed to induce the best sleep.

Many people face sleep issues nowadays, and while a smoothie can’t completely fix them, it surely helps.

To enhance your sleep, ensure that the smoothie is not too heavy as you don’t want your body to be working overtime trying to digest it when it’s supposed to be resting.


A smoothie is a tasty way to replace a big breakfast and a great way to ensure that you maintain a good intake of healthy and nutritional food. It stops your craving for unhealthy snacks. Provided you store your smoothie in airtight containers and refrigerate them well, you can retain the most nutritional value from your delicious smoothie.

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