How To Grind Coffee Beans In A Blender

How To Grind Coffee Beans In A Blender?

Are you a coffee lover? Do you know how to grind coffee beans in a blender? Of course, as a coffee lover, knowing how to grind coffee should be one of your priorities.

Moreover, every lover of coffee understands that they can get the best cup of coffee from whole coffee beans. By grinding your coffee beans, the chemical compounds in the beans will blend together and oxidize to form an excellent brew.

If you are bereft of ideas as per how to grind coffee beans in a blender, worry not. I am here to brief you on everything about coffee beans grinding.

How To Grind Coffee Beans In A Blender

Can I Grind Coffee Beans In a Blender?

Of course, you can grind coffee beans using a simple blender. A blender is affordable and is cheaper than a grinder so it will also help you to save your money. The blender is one of the possible options for grinding coffee at home even without a grinder.

More so, it is important to grind the coffee beans in a blender before you brew. The blender consists of blades that breakdown the coffee beans into smaller pieces. The type of grind you will receive from a blender will definitely differ from the grinder. Also, You can check some powerful blender that can grind beans easily within a short time.

The Step-by-Step Process of Grinding Coffee Beans Using a Blender

There are a lot of ways to grind coffee beans. Even if it’s your first time grinding coffee beans then you don’t have to worry as there is more than one way to grind coffee. Let us take a look and see how to grind coffee beans in a blender. You just need to follow the following steps to grind coffee bean with the help of a blender.

  1. Some of the blenders have a grinder setting. If your blender has that too then select it and set it to medium-high speed.
  2. Measure the amount: First, you need to find out how many coffee beans do you need. The amount of coffee beans depends on how many cups you are planning on brewing. It’s better to take 10 grams of coffee beans per 1 cup of water you will be using. After measuring put the lid at the top.
  3. Using the blender: After measuring the amount you need to decide what type of grind you are aiming for. The grinding of your coffee beans depends on what type of grind you are aiming for. There are two types of grinda Medium-fine grind and coarse grind.
  4. A medium-fine grind is very easy. You just have to put your coffee beans in the blender and let it blend the coffee automatically in its own way.
  5. A Coarse grind is a little complicated. You need to grind the beans in a few short increments by shaking the blender between each grind. The coarse grinding won’t be the same as that of a coffee grinder but it will be close enough.
  6. For a better result, you can tilt the blender from side to side while grinding. This helps the larger portions of the coffee beans move towards the blade.
  7. Finish brewing your coffee: After the grinding part is over you just have to brew your coffee and enjoy it.
  8. In the end, empty the blender and repeat the same process until you reach your desired amount of coffee.
Source: Blender Babes

How Many Ways Can We Grind Coffee?

Grinding coffee beans comes with lots of positives. It allows the contents to be fresh and naturally-flavored. Grinding helps in preserving the flavor and taste of coffee, as it does not allow the mixture to be exposed to oxygen.

There are a lot of ways to grind the coffee, apart from a grinder. Below I have mentioned six different ways in which you can grind the coffee.

  1. Mortal and Pestle: It is a combination of hammering and rolling process and creates a consistent texture.
  2. A Blender: This helps you to crush and chop your coffee beans much like a blade grinder.
  3. A rolling pin: This can crush and grind the beans at the same time.
  4. A Hammer: This can easily crush your beans closer to a fine powder.
  5. A knife: This helps you in crushing and cracking your coffee beans. It is better to use the flat side of the blade.

Why Do You Grind Coffee In The First Place?

We grind coffee to increase the surface area of the roasted coffee bean and allow finer extraction of the flavors and aromas within the coffee. Roasted coffee beans placed in water will extract a weak brew, which would take a lot of time and lacks the flavor and splendor that we enjoy.

During the process of grinding, beans are exposed to the water and this allows the compound to dissolve into the water. The dissolution gives room for more compounds to be extracted. Grinding coffee is very important, and this underlines why it would be best for every coffee lover to know how to grind coffee beans in a blender.

Why Should You Not Buy Pre-Ground Coffee?

We shouldn’t buy pre-grounded coffee. There are a lot of reasons for not buying pre-grounded coffee.

Firstly, as soon as coffee is grounded, its odor starts decaying and it becomes prone to invasion of some other strong odor around it. Pre-grounded coffee will lose its odor or will get infected by other strong odor in your kitchen so you need to be very aware of it. This is one of the key reasons why you shouldn’t buy pre-grounded coffee.

Secondly, one of the most important parts of coffee preparation is roasting. During roasting, a lot of carbon dioxide is produced inside the bean. Some amount of carbon dioxide finds its way out, while a substantial amount is stored. Carbon dioxide transfers the taste from the beans to your coffee solution.

A coffee bean holds around a thousand different types of aromas which are lost as soon as the coffee is grounded. These and more underlines why you should not buy pre-grounded coffee.

I’m sure, you now know so many things about your favorite drink. Of course, you know that you don’t need a coffee grinder to have a cup of coffee. You can easily grind the coffee beans with the help of a blender, which is affordable and will also save your money.


So what are you waiting for? Go and grab a cup of coffee and start your day with full energy and enthusiasm. I hope this article was able to answer all your questions and clear all your doubts.

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