How To Make Beet Juice

How To Make Beet Juice With (Or Without) A Juicer

Beet juice is one of a kind and rarely prepared juice that was first officially consumed as far back as the 12th century. It has an excellent nutritional profile because it has substances that are very essential and beneficial to one’s health.

In this article, we are going to introduce to your reading pleasure, how to make beet juice in a Juicer and a couple of other things about this unique juice.

What Is Beet?

What Is beet

Beet is a biennial plant that possesses features thick edible leaves with long petioles and a swollen rounded red root which can be eaten as a vegetable and its root can be prepared as juice.

It is known as one of the exclusively cultivated varieties of the Taproot species of Beta vulgaris. Beetroot, as the implies, refers to the Taproot of the beet plant.

The root of a beet plant can be used as vegetables, it is also a source of sugar, it can be forage and a juice can be made from it.

In addition, this medicinal plant with two years cycle can be planted in a garden and it’s usually found within European and American regions.

What Can I Mix With Beet Juice To Make It Taste Better?

How To Make Beet Juice

Beetroot juice is very healthy for the body, to make yours taste better, you can add the following natural sweeteners. Note; not all can be added.

Natural sweeteners that can be added are;

  • Apple
  • Carrot
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Basil
  • Honey
  • Cucumber
  • Any form of citrus fruit.

All these natural sweeteners just mentioned will give your beetroot juice that unique taste that you desire.

How To Make Beet Juice With a Juicer

To make a single portion for just a person, you will need 2 large-sized beet or 4 beets for 1/2 cup of water.

1. Firstly, you must trim out about 6mm or 1/4 inch of the greens from the end section of the beetroot. This can be carried out efficiently using a knife. The knife has to be very clean, serrated, and well-sharpened.

2. It is unhygienic to use a dirty beetroot, so your next step is to wash the beetroots with water; preferably running water. Your hands have to be clean and devoid of any dirt that can contaminate the juice.

3. Cut and divide your beetroot into smaller pieces on preferably a chop board.

4. Cut your natural sweeteners in small chunk size.

5. Wash and properly clean your beet juicer

6. Make sure your juicer’s collection pitcher is properly set. If your juicer lacks one, set up a bowl underneath the place your juice is most likely to spout from.

7. Slowly and gently, put your beetroot into the juicer. Note; your beetroots are usually hard and strong so it’s important to not overload your juicer so as to avoid damage. Your juicer might take time in processing the beetroot because of its hardness, so do not be in a hurry

8. Add your natural sweetners to the content in your juicer.

9. Continue the process until your beetroot is smooth and free of lumps.

10. It is best to consume it when freshly prepared, so drink it as quickly as possible. But it would be okay if you leave it in the fridge for thirty minutes before drinking.

Beetroot juice can be stored in a refrigerator for a day or two but the taste is more enjoyable and desirable as soon as it is ready. The maximum time you can use in making this juice including prep ranges from 10 to 15 minutes.

How To Make Beetroot Juice Without A Juicer

When preparing the beetroot juice devoid of juicer, you need the following ingredients:

  • Water (3/4 cup)
  • Scrubbed beets ( 1 or 2)
  • Chunks of carrots (2)
  • Sliced apple (1)
  • Fresh ginger (1-inch)
  • Lemon (1/2)

Start by first thoroughly washing, scrubbing, and rinsing your beet with clean fresh running cool water.

1. You can peel off your beet if you desire & Slice out the unwanted ends of your beet.

2. Cut your beet and apple into smaller pieces. As for the apple, chopping should be done within the core.

3. Peel your carrots and slice them. This should follow the cutting of lemon into two equal parts. Lemon is common and you should peel it the same way you peel an orange. At this point, you’re close to juicing your items altogether.

4. Fill your blender with water. Remember, the quantity of water is 3/4 of the cup.

5. Put all other ingredients like beets, lemon, ginger, apple, and carrot inside the water.

6. Now, use your blender to blend all the ingredients together. Do it until the items coalesce and become smooth together. The juice produced will be chunky.

7. Your next step is to pour the chunky juice into a jelly bag. You need to get maximum juice from the mixture, so you should squeeze the content while inside the jelly bag. Squeeze for. about two minutes, until the juices are squeezed from the contents.

8. The next step is to enjoy your tasty juice. So pour it into a glass and drink. Alternatively, you can chill it inside the fridge before drinking.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Should I Boil Beet Before Juicing?

Well, it is not really necessary. Beetroot can be hard but boiling or cooking it is an exception. Just basically wash, rinse and chop your beet into small chunks. Using a juicer will make things easier as it tends to give you a perfect result without boiling.

2. Is It Safe To Drink Rawbeet Juice?

It is safe; although depending on the individual. Some people may show some allergic reactions to it based on its content, but it’s safe. Some individuals do eat raw beet and drink the juice without experiencing any side effects that could be negative.

But one noticeable thing you will observe if you take beetroot juice regularly is that the colour of your urine will change due to the natural pigments found in it.

Your urine/feces might experience beeturia which is the purple and pinkish coloration of your waste product. Beet juice contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can make one healthy.

People with genetic traits of kidney stones should avoid taking beets because it can worsen theirsituation. Beet’s core constituent is oxalates and it can instigate or exercabate kidney stones in people with history of kidney problems in their family.


On the whole, Beets root is a highly nutritious plant that can boost the health of individuals when taken properly. By perusing this article to this point, I hope you now know how to make beet juice in a Juicer.

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