How To Make Smoothies Without Yogurt?

Today, you are going to learn how to make smoothies without yogurt.

You know in our busy lives, it is really difficult to take care of our nutritional intake, and eating 1 fruit daily remains a very struggling task, but it will not be difficult if you add smoothies to your food chart. They are full of nutrition and healthy vitamins and minerals.

Smoothies can be prepared in almost 10 min. Isn’t that really fast? You can add as much as fruits you like. If you are checking upon your calorie intake, do not worry, add veggies to your smoothie instead.

They are so versatile, amazingly delicious, energy booster, and can be prepared with yogurt, ice cream, milk, etc. Summer is never complete without smoothies.

Smoothies making blender

How To Make Smoothies Without Yogurt?


Though yogurt is a great source of protein, vitamins, and other highly essential nutrients if you do not like to add it to your smoothie, you can always use an alternative for it instead. There are a lot of substitutes of yogurt available in the market which provide great taste and amazing texture to the smoothie.

There are certain alternatives such as ice, juice, coconut water, or coconut milk. Ice is not highly preferred. Though it perfectly manages to create good consistency for your smoothie once it melts, the whole taste of the smoothie gets spoiled. Also, juice can unnecessarily increase sugar content in your smoothie, so it is better not to add it.

Coconut milk is a very healthy choice. It provides good texture and consistency. Moreover, it is very creamy and smooth and who does not like such signature smoothies?

In addition to this, coconut milk is not heavy on your stomach, it just makes the smoothie light. It is a perfect post-breakfast drink full of nutrition.

Coconut Milk For Smoothies

Also, if you do not wish to add such ingredients to your smoothie, it is also perfectly normal. You can just add water into your drink with veggies or fruits, sugar, or honey for taste, and some cardamom, cinnamon to increase flavor. And you will be ready to enjoy a yummy and healthy smoothie.

Honey for Smoothies

What Can Replace Yogurt in Smoothies?

Smoothies are yummy drinks loved by almost everyone. But the presence of yogurt in it can be disliked by some. Lactose intolerant people cannot consume dairy products but don’t worry, they can try out smoothies without yogurt.

Also, some people have a general disliking for yogurt or maybe dairy products. They can also try out these substitutes which do not comprise an amazing taste of smoothies and even has higher nutrition-packed.

Yogurt substitutes for smoothies are listed below-

1. Coconut Cream

Though it might be a little high in calories, still it remains a great substitute. It is fats and nutrition-packed and thus, increases the nutritional value of your smoothie. The addition of coconut cream builds a thick, creamy, and delicious texture in the drink.

Coconut Cream for smoothies

2. Almond Milk

Yogurt which is added to smoothies may contain certain additives like acacia gum or guar gum to increase the thickness of the smoothie. Artificial sugars are also added.

However, plain almond milk yogurt can be added as an alternative to get a highly nutritious drink. It is very healthy, yummy, and has a nutty flavor due to almonds.

almond milk for smoothies

3. Chia Seeds

They are a very healthy and appropriate substitute for smoothies. If you are thinking of drinking smoothies for their nutritional value, you must use chia seeds to increase the nutrition value in your glass. It can be a great thickener and also is loaded with omega 3. On soaking, they become gelatinous and thicken your smoothie.

Chia Seeds for smoothies

4. Protein Powders

Protein powders are also a great alternative. It provides energy, keeps you full longer, and increases muscle growth. Furthermore, plant-based powders are also available in the market and have a high amount of nutrition.

Protein powder for smoothies

How To Make The Smoothie Thicker Without Yogurt?

Smoothies generally contain yogurt as a thickening agent. But it is not mandatory, you can always eliminate it and add a lot of other products without compromising on taste as well as nutrition. Here are a few things listed that can make your smoothie thicker without adding yogurt into it.

1. Avocado

Avocado is packed with essential fatty acids and fibers. It has a thick and creamy texture. The addition of avocado and fruits, nuts, or a little bit of raw cacao can create a yummy smoothie.

2. Sweet Potato

Do not use them just as they are. You need to boil them first and peel them. Chop them and then add to the blender with other elements for smoothie such as fruits, veggies, hazelnuts, or maple syrup. The sweet potato will provide you with good consistency in your smoothie.

3. Banana

It is deliciously sweet and rich in potassium. Add banana into sweet or green smoothies, it would blend perfectly with its mild flavor.

4. Nuts Butters

The addition of almond butter and peanut butter is recommended. Hazelnut butter or sunflower sea butter can also be added. It is healthy, rich in fats, fibers, and healthy proteins.

5. TIP

Do not just add these ingredients to get a good drink. You need to add liquid as well to balance the consistency. Without liquid, your mixture might be too thick to consume.

You can add milk, coconut butter, or juice which provides better flavor and texture to the drink.

Is Yogurt Necessary For a Smoothie?

Well, we can’t say that yogurt is mandatory for smoothies though it is a great source of protein. Smoothies are cherished by people to control cravings and of course for losing weight.

Yogurt is full of benefits. It contains calcium, B2, B12, magnesium, and potassium. It also contains vitamin D which is highly beneficial for the skeletal system and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Adding it to your smoothie can provide you with a thicker creamier taste. It smoothens your drink deliciously.


As we know most people would prefer yogurt in their smoothies but what about those who don’t like yogurt? So for the ones who distaste yogurt but like to have smoothies can add Almond milk, Coconut cream, or chia seeds instead of yogurt.

For the better taste, whole milk, and especially Greek yogurt is likely to be preferred by many as it has a rich creamy texture and also because of its tangy flavor.

Most importantly if you are going to add yogurt to your smoothie remember never to add frozen yogurt or fat-free flavored yogurt. There is a number of substitutes mentioned already which provide amazing taste and texture to your drink and are healthy also.

What Makes A Smoothie Creamy?

It is well said that the delicious texture and flavor of smoothies can even satisfy ‘sweet tooth’. The ingredients added to the smoothies help you to stay full which reduces your craving for mid-morning snacks. And if we are going to have one, that must satisfy our taste. So, it ought to be creamy and very delicious.

For making a smoothie creamy, Avocado is the best ingredient and its flavor is easy to hide. You can also add cottage cheese, silken tofu, etc. Ice cubes can be also best for making smoothies creamy but remember to add them before blending the other ingredients.

You can also use Frozen veggies as they put a delightful taste to your smoothie. Even bananas are also said to be the best ingredient for making the smoothie creamy and thicker.

One thing you should always keep in mind while making green smoothies is never to misinterpret the fluffy part of the green smoothie as cream. You can find out a lot of fluffy material after the blending, it’s just because of the added insoluble fiber to your smoothie.

Does Bananas Make Smoothies Thicker?

Bananas are packed with a huge amount of nutrition. They have numerous benefits for the human body such as regulation of the circulatory system and heart and development of muscle mass.

It is also very good for the stomach. Smoothies containing bananas in them are highly nutritious and loaded with benefits you cannot even imagine.

Along with all these benefits, it also makes smoothies much better by its addition to them. They are sweet, delicious, and have a high potassium percentage.

Bananas can smoothen your drink instantly and are really easy to blend. Even if you do not find them delicious, just add them to make your drink smoother, thicker, and creamier. Banana’s mild flavor can be easily covered by berries or nut butter.

Fresh bananas have higher thickening power and can easily make your drink creamy and smooth. On the other hand, ripe brown bananas have higher sugar content and act as a natural sweetening agent.

Caution- If you have diabetes or you wish to check your sugar intake, do not use ripe bananas as they are loaded with sugars.


Making yummy and healthy smoothies is very easy than you can even imagine. You can make sweet fruity smoothies or those full of veggies if you wish to check on your calorie intake. Moreover, it is never necessary to add only yogurt, you can add a huge number of ingredients as you please.

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