How To Remove Vitamix Blade: Step By Step Guideline

The Vitamix blender is an amazing kitchen appliance that can make anything from soups to smoothies. sometimes the blades on the bottom of it need to be removed and replaced because The blades can become dull over time which will result in a lack of power to mix your ingredients properly. This may cause food to cling to the blades and make them even more difficult to remove. If you know how to remove Vitamix blade, it is good for you.

Now, Question is that Have you ever tried to remove the Vitamix blade before? It’s not an easy task but it is a very simple task! It depends on how you remove Vitamix blades or you know how to replace Vitamix blades.

You know One wrong move and it could be a disaster. If you’re trying to remove your Vitamix blades, here are some tips on how to remove the blade without breaking anything. Here’s how you can easily remove the Vitamix blade without having any problems!


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How To Remove Vitamix Blade With Wrench ?

Vitamix Blade

1. Unplug: Firstly, You have to make sure the blender is not connected with electricity when you are going to remove the Vitamix blade.

2. Remove Container: You have to grab the Vitamix container and twist it in the right direction so that it becomes loose. This is the way you can easily detach the container from the motor base. Remove the lid of the container and keep it in a safe & flat space.

Vitamix Container

Now, You have to place your Vitamix container in a flat and safe space. Then Keep it upside down and you will see the bottom of the container very clearly. You will see their retainer nut. It looks like a round shape with silver color.

3. Remove Retainer Nut: Now you need a wrench. You can use any wrench for this purpose but it is better if you have a Vitamix wrench. Put the wrench on the blade and twist it in the counterclockwise direction. This will loosen the blade and you can remove it easily. Make sure you have a thick cloth to grab the Vitamix blade as it’s very sharp.

Vitamix Retainer Nut

4. Remove the blade:  Now Pick a thick cloth and grab the sharp blade with a cloth. Then take it away from the container. Be careful! The blade is very sharp. After removing the blade, you have to clean all the parts properly. Wash all the parts with warm soapy water and dry them completely. You can also use a dishwasher to clean all the parts but I recommend you wash it by hand. It is always safe to handwash Vitamix parts.

5. Reassemble the container: After cleaning all the parts, you have to assemble the container back to the motor base. Attach the blade back to its place put the retainer nut of the container and twist it in a clockwise direction. This will tighten the blade. Now put the lid on the container and twist it in a clockwise direction. Make sure you have attached the lid properly.

Finally, You have to attach the container back to the motor base. You have to twist it in the right direction so that it becomes tight and secure. Make sure the container is properly attached to the motor base before using it.

This is the simple step-by-step process the way you can remove the blade and reassemble the blade.

What Is The Best Tool To Remove Vitamix Blades?

Looking for a safe and easy way to remove your blending blade? Look no further than the Vitamix Wrench! It is the best tool to use for removing Vitamix blades.

This adjustable Vitamix wrench is a long, sturdy tool that easily reaches the bottom of your container, allowing you to safely remove the blade without worrying about nasty cuts. It’s designed to grip the blade securely and it has a heel or flat surface on one end that can be used as a screwdriver.

Although you could also use pliers, they’re not as good because they can slip off the handle easier. Just be careful not to damage anything when adjusting the blades by making sure that your fingers don’t get in between them!

Plus, if your blade is broken, the wrench can help prevent further damage and ensure that there are no sharp edges when removing it. Compatible with all Vitamix blender jars, this is a must-have tool for any Vitamix owner.

How To Remove Vitamix Blade Without Wrench

How To Remove Vitamix Blade

Now we are going to write how you will remove the Vitamix blade without special tools

  1. Firstly, you have to detach container and lid from vitamix base. Then keep motor base and lid away.
  2. Secondly, you have to put your vitamix upside down on the flat surface so that blender container stays safe. After putting blender container upside down, you will able to see bottom side very clearly. Now, you will see the retaining nut of the blender. It locate bottom of the container. Also, you have to look for a large silver round disk. You will see 2 slots of the nut bottom of the container. Two slots are opposite of each other.
  3. Thirdly, Now, You need a screwdriver. If you have screwdriver, it will make your next job very easy. Put horizontally screwdriver across one of the Two lob slots nut and be sure that its shaft rests against the center drive spline in between two prongs at top of the ratchet head. Then Press the clock wise and open the nut.
  4. Fourthly, To unscrew the vitamix blade, You have to hold the vitamix container and rotate counterclock wise with the screwdriber. Handle of the screwdriver will press and twist the nut to loose. Then it will be loosen enough to separate the blade from the container.
  5. Lastly, collect thick cloth or Blanket and take it on your hand. Then Take blade out with thick cloth. Don’t touch blade with empty / naked hand. It’s dangerous as it’s so sharp. So, It’s good decision to grasp the blade with cloth.

Is There Any Guidline For Vitamix Owner To Remove Blade?

Yes, Vitamix company provides a Vitamix manual to the consumers. The consumers will get all types of instructions on how to remove the blade how to sharpen the blade and so on. f you lose the manual, don’t worry. You will get guidelines or manuals on their website.

What The Reasons Should You Remove The Vitamix Blade?

1. Cleaning: To clean the Vitamix container, you should remove the Vitamix blade. you know some food particles stuck under the Vitamix blade. If you don’t clean the blade or remove food particles, it becomes rotten and creates fungus or microorganisms. Check out another article to know more: How To Clean Vitamix Blades: Steps By Steps Guideline

2. Stuck Blades: To get proper blending, unstoppable rotation or spinning blades are important. If blade rotation gets stop middle in the work, you will not get proper and good quality of blending. So, you have to remove the blade and clean it under the blade to run smoothly.

3. Blade replacements: After using a long time, Vitamix blades become worn out or blunt. It needs to sharpen. That’s why you should remove the old or blunt Vitamix blade.


In this article, we have talked about the need for Vitamix blenders to be properly maintained. The Vitamix blades are ultra-sharp. If your Vitamix blades are damaged or dull, you need to replace them or remove them. Removing Vitamix blades is not easy but it will be easy if you follow the steps that we mentioned in the article. We hope our article helped you. Also, Keep in mind the precautions that we mentioned in the article when you remove the sharp blades

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