Is A Masticating Juicer Really Better?

A masticating juicer is a more expensive option than an auger juicer. However, it does produce higher quality juice with less foam and oxidation as well as has the capability to juice wheatgrass and leafy greens. It also produces less heat in the process of extracting the liquid from fruits or vegetables which may reduce nutrient loss over traditional spinning blades found on other types of juicers.

The ability to make nut butter, sorbets, baby food, and even pasta sauce can be an added bonus for those who are looking for a versatile machine that can do more than just extract juice! So if your budget allows, it might be worth investing in a masticating juicer because you will get what you pay for!

Is A Masticating Juicer Really Better?

Omega NC900HDC - Masticating juicer

Yes, Masticating juicers are really better than centrifugal juicers.

Juices are the most delightful things to have daily. It refreshes us and removes tiredness and discomfort. You want the juice for refreshing yourself side by side wants a good amount of nutrition. Masticating juicers will help you with it.

Not only juicing you can also process food with it. It has this multi-functionality to serve you better. Masticating juicers are better than many others. How? We will know about it now. Here is a list of how masticating juicers are better:

1. Slow Juicer

Masticating juicers are slow in extracting juice. They have the capability to extract every drop of juice from the fruits and vegetables. It will not throw any single drop of juice away. You can get all the nutritious value from fruits and vegetables.

The slow juicer has a longer life span than fast juicers because there are no chances of getting burnt-out of the motor in it due to slower rotation speed, so you can save your money. Size doesn’t matter don’t worry small size masticating juicers have powerful motor and powerful strainers so they can give you the same performance as a big one.

2. No Foam

Yes, masticating juicers have less foam in the juice because of the slow speed of rotation so that all nutrients are kept well. They will not get mixed with air during extraction. So we can say foamy juices are good for health. It serves juice that is high-yield. Less foamy makes the juice taste delightful.

3. Slow Juicers Are Quiet

They will not make any noise while extracting juice from the fruits and vegetables, so you can use it freely at night without causing disturbance for other family members.

4. More Nutrients

The slow juicer has a slow speed of rotation so they have a good amount of time to extract the juice. The juicer crushes the fruits and vegetables, at a low rpm. Its speed is about 80-100 rpm. So low speed keeps the juicer cool. As a result, the nutritions remain properly. so masticating juicers are good for health.

5. Preserves The Vitamins

It preserves the vitamins. Normally cooking or pasteurization hampers the vitamins of your fruits and veggies. Masticating juicers are renowned to preserve those vitamins and nutrients.

6. Suitablefor All Age Groups And All Families

You can use them in any condition whether you are a child or an old man. In other words, anyone can use them without any difficulty.

7. Cost Effective

Masticating juicers have a good performance though they have less cost because there is no requirement of high-speed motor, powerful strainer like another juicer so there is no need for a heavy cost for making them. So the juice extracted by masticating juicers is clean and healthy which can give you more benefits and save your money as well. Also, there are many best masticating juicers on a budget in the market.

8. Low In Price

Yes, because of a fewer number of functions it has low in price. Whereas multi-function juicers are more expensive than masticating juicers. But you should know that there is no comparison between slow speed and fewer functions masticating.

9. You Can Make Baby Food

Yes, it is a boon for busy moms and housewives who find it difficult to feed their babies when they are on the road or at work because it makes baby food quickly after extracting juice from the food you want to give him/her.

All you need is to put the food in it and start extracting juices from it. It will take minimum time though you are at work or somewhere else. So there is no requirement of a babysitter for making baby food, can save your money also.

10 Make Sorbet

Yes, masticating juicers have the capability to make sorbet and ice cream as well. It will save you money because you don’t need to buy them from outside. If you are interested in making sorbets for the guests or yourself on a hot summer day, then masticating juicers can be helpful.

11. Make Pasta Sauce

Yes, masticating juicers have this capability too! Though you know that today there are machines to make fresh pasta sauce for you, masticating juicers will save your time because you can just put the vegetables which you want to make a pasta sauce within it. And start extracting juice from it. In these few minutes, juice will be ready and then you can pour them into the cup, then it will begin to make pasta sauce.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Masticating Juicers?

Nowadays people are more health-conscious. Juices are the best and easiest way to get proper nutrition for our bodies.

Because of not having fibers the vitamins and other minerals are easily digestible in the form of juice. There are some health benefits you should know about Masticating juicers.

  1. It serves you the proper amount of nutrition. So that your body stays healthy.
  2. It doesn’t produce heat. So vitamins and minerals of the juice are being preserved.
  3. It can retain more pulp. So you can get a thick and healthy juice.
  4. Your body getting more nutrition means your body activity will be better.

These are some health benefits of these juicers you should know. Your body should remain healthy and active. And It should get the right amount of nutrition. If you are getting nutrition in a soothing form like juice. Then why bother? This juicer will help you to be healthy.

Who Should Buy A Masticating Juicer?

Masticating juicer provides you with multi-functionality. You can process food and can enjoy tasty, delightful, and healthy juice. A passionate juice lover can buy it. You can do juicing with pleasure.

One who cares about his health doesn’t bother to be prepared for juicing. This juicer is for them. If you give priority to your health, taste, and quality of juice then it is suitable for you and your family. So a health cautious and passionate juice lover should buy it. You can use it at home for your family and also for juice bars.


Are masticating juicers better? Are they more efficient than centrifugal juicers? You have got your answer. They are better and more efficient. In the present world who doesn’t think about health. This juicer cares about your health and your ease. Drink healthy, stay healthy.

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