PIO Sugarcane Juice Machine Reviews

I love sugarcane juice so much and always look for sugarcane juice in the street food shop when I go out for different works. Having said that, sugarcane juice has lots of vitamins. Making a glass of sugarcane juice is no piece of cake but you can make juice in a short time if you have a sugarcane juice machine. Today, I am going to write PIO sugarcane juice machine reviews.

I saw many manual sugarcane juice machines on the street shop and in the market but I was looking for an electric sugarcane juicer that would ease my job. After much market research, I found a PIO sugarcane juicer that seems good. Let’s start PIO sugarcane juice machine reviews.


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PIO Sugarcane Juice Machine Reviews Chart

Specifications Details
Model Name PIO Sugarcane Juice Machine
No Of Rollers 03
Reverse Mechanism Yes, It has
Material Full body stainless Steel
Weight 41 KG
Crushing Capacity 12 K.G Per Hour
Cable 3 Meter long cables
HP 0.5 Single Phase Motor
Dimensions 19 Inch x 8 Inch x 15 Inch
Motor Inbuilt motor
Rating 5 Out Of 5, Editor’s Choice

PIO Sugarcane Juice Machine Features

PIO Sugarcane Juice Machine
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1. How Many Rollers PIO Juice machines Have?

The juicer has 3 rollers to crush the sugarcane sticks and make juice. One single crushing is enough, No need for more and more crushing to leave dry sugarcane pulp.

3 Rollers create enough pressure to break the sugarcane sticks to produce juice. The thickness of each roller is 53 mm. If it crushes 120 Kg Sugar cane in 1 / One hour, It produces 360 Plus glasses of juice; each glass is 200 ML.

2. What’s the Maximum Thickness of Sugarcane That Will Go Through?

The hole in the machine is enough big to pass through it. 43 mm is the maximum thickness of sugarcane that can pass through the hole of the machine.

3. Material of the Body

Full body and contact parts of the PIO sugarcane juicer are made of stainless steel 304. Also, 3 rollers are food-grade stainless steel 304.

4. What Is The Voltage Of The Juicer?

The electric voltage varies from country to country. Some country has 110V-120V and some country has 220V – 240V. The best thing is that the PIO sugarcane juicer brand has both types of juicer machines. They can provide you with as per your requirements.

5. Easy To Clean

You will be happy to know that the juicer has less area to clean. Moreover, it is very easy to clean. You need only 3 – 4 glasses of water to clean the inlet and rollers. It takes 60 seconds maximum. This is halfway to clean.

If you want to clean the full machine, then you have to open the back cover so that you can see rollers fully. To open the cover, you have to open the nob below the inlet.

You will see the rollers. Pour the water on the rollers and scrub the rollers with a brush. Also, you can start the machine in the reverse direction to clean more. Be careful, Keep hands away. This is the simple way you can clean the machine.

6. Accessories

You will get some accessories in the PIO sugarcane juicer machine. The accessories are necessary for your usage. You will get 2 Strainers, 1 Brush, 1 Scrub & 1 sugarcane cutter. Also, you will get one PIO bag that can cover the whole machine and protect it from dust. The sugarcane cutter is so nice, sharp, and handy. It will help to cut the sugarcane.

7. Easy To Use And Carry

The juicer is very easy to carry. The whole weight of the machine is 41 K.G. Gross weight is 45 K.G. Moreover, it has 2 side handles to lift and carry one place to another place. The dimensions of the machine are Length 19″ x Width 8″ x Height 15″. It runs a 0.5 HP single-phase electric motor which is inbuilt.

It is very economical power consumption. The machine is very safe to use and operate. Anybody can use the juicer. The whole machine is covered. So, it is danger-free. It’s not like a traditional juicer machine.

There are no requirements for maintenance. Just you have washed and cleaned after use.


PIO juicer machine makes people dream true who always want to drink fresh sugarcane juice. Thinking demand for sugarcane juice, we have written PIO sugarcane juice machine reviews. We hope you like our articles and can give good information about the PIO juicer. If you think our article helps you make a decision and buy a PIO juicer, Please share our article.

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