Best Blenders For Green Smoothies

Today, For UK & USA readers, you are going to learn the best blender for green smoothies through our article.

Are you wishing to embark on a new diet plan? Let’s say this new supposed diet plan happens to include a whole range of leafy greens & organic liquid for intake, more specifically, healthy and delicious green smoothies. Now, you could obviously opt for a store-bought smoothie anyway, but why not go for homemade green Smoothies? It’s definitely more healthy and not to mention cheaper!

However, if you are planning on choosing the latter option, you might as well check out some really amazing smoothie blenders that we have reviewed here 5 best blenders for green Smoothies that could take your leafy greens smoothie game to a whole new level!

Not only are these smoothie blenders attractive visually, but they pack in a lot of punch functional-wise. These ”5 best green smoothie blenders” we have reviewed here today are not only for the self-conscious individuals out there but for anyone who has a soft spot for cooking and making themselves delicious smoothies.

We are going to cover each smoothie blender machine one by one and state the reasons why you should get them or maybe shouldn’t.

Continue reading our best blenders review to get to know more about our top choices for Green Smoothie Blenders, complete with an unbiased pros and cons list and FAQ for overall assistance with your purchase. Happy reading!


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Quick Review List Of Green Smoothie Blender

Image Name Details Price
81I HTYeJPL. AC SL1500 Vitamix Venturist V1200 1. 2.2 Peak H.P
2. Pulse feature
3. Has a digital timer
4. 20 Ounce blending cup
5. Built-in wireless connectivity
6. Warranty – 5 Years
Check Price
71TNXZSlq0L. AC SL1500 Blendtec Blender 1. Patented blade
2. SmartBlend technology
3. Multi-speed pulse
4. 100-speed touch slider
5. Self-Cleaning
6. 6 Pre-Programmed Cycles
7. GO Travel Bottle (34 oz) 
8. Warranty 8 year
Check Price
81+Qa8MUwDL. AC SL1500 Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen 1. 1500-Watt Motor Base
2. 8-cup food processor bowl
3. 72 oz.* pitcher
4. Dough Blade
5. 16-Oz. Nutri Ninja Cups
6. 5 manual programs
Check Price
81mcQzp22dL. AC SL1500 Oster Versa Blender 1. Powerful 1400W motor
2. 64-Ounce BPA-free Tritan jar
3. Three programmed settings
4. Stainless-Steel Blade
5. Tamper Included
6. 1 Year warranty
Check Price
81XhATGdntL. AC SL1500 NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender 1. 1700 watt motor
2. Hands-free SMART technology
3. 2.3 HP Motor
4. 7-minute heating cycle
Check Price

5 Best Blenders for Green Smoothies – Top Picks And Reviews

1. Vitamix Venturist V1200 Green Smoothie Blender

Vitamix Venturist V1200 Green Smoothie Blender
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Coming in with 4 solid colors, the Vitamix Venturist V1200 blender is sure to impress you with its multitude of functions and the variety of programs it comes equipped with. The countertop blender is a very powerful blender to grind anything.

The Vitamix Venturist V1200 is nothing less than versatile in terms of its build, size, and programming. The lightweight 64-ounce container has a Self-detect Technology, which is a fantastic option that can easily measure and adjust to the size of the pre-equipped container you are using for blending your leafy greens accordingly.

The laser-cut state-of-the-art steel blades can blend through the hardest substances, without even blunting at the slightest. You can easily explore blending any substance you want to, be it purees, green smoothies, nut butter, ice creams, frozen fruits, vegetables, etc.

You can also control and adjust the speed of the rotation, depending on what sort of mix you are going for, perfect for blending hard green vegetables into a smoothie or puree. For better texture every time, you’ll be glad to know this blender features a digital timer as well.

Another amazing feature of this blender is the Self-Cleaning program (yes, you heard that right!). Crafted beautifully for convenience, just add a few drops of your choice of dish soap and program the blender to its highest speed. Voila! Squeaky clean blender in less than a minute.

Amazingly, you also get a cookbook with the purchase of the Vitamix Venturist, complete with a list of mouth-watering recipes and step-by-step instructions.

  • Self-cleaning program
  • Self-detect technology
  • Strong and sturdy steel blades
  • Digital timer
  • 5 Year Full Warranty
  • A little on the pricier side

2. Blendtec 725 Blender Best For Leafy Green Smoothies

best green smoothie blender
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I absolutely love this countertop blender! Not only is the Blendtec Designer so very chic looking in appearance, but it has equally impressive functions. You also get 4 solid colors to choose from, each giving this smoothie blender a sleek look.

Let’s start off with our best blender for green smoothies with the technicalities. The blades of this amazing blender are strong and have incredible strength!

You will definitely not have to waste precious time pre-chopping your green vegetables prior to blending them with this product. The blades are well-built enough to ensure you still get that perfectly smooth texture in the end.

The interface of this blender is a smart one, bringing a hint of modern sophistication to your kitchen. This also means that it’s very easy to control the functions of this appliance. Delicious and creamy green vegetable smoothie is only a touch away!

Another great feature that makes this best blender for green smoothies, is the Smartblend™ Technology, which conveniently identifies and sources out any abnormality which could potentially obstruct your blending, for example, overheating. It then goes on to instruct users on how to fix that specific issue.

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Control the speed with the equipped 100 speeds option, letting you choose the suitable adjustment for your preferred liquid.

The appliance also comes with a Wildside+ Jar, which has a 36-ounce blending capacity for bigger and harder substances such as green vegetables, frozen ice cream, cookies, etc. This is also a preferred size when you have more than 2 people living at home.

  • Reduced motor noise
  • Graphic OLED
  • Smartblend™ Technology
  • Free Wildside+ Jar
  • 6 Programmed, Smart Technology
  • 8 Years Warranty
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Smart OLED touch interface can be prone to damage caused by water

3. Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender Suited For Green Smoothies

Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender - best green smoothie blender
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The name already implies how effective and large capacitance this home appliance really is. If you still aren’t convinced, how about knowing that this blender has a whopping XL 72 oz pitcher capacity that can totally crush ice and frozen fruits?

You also get 8 food processor bowls, and two conveniently 16 oz sized go-to Nutri Ninja cups with lids to carry your freshly blended greens smoothie with you wherever you go.

You will also get an impressive dough blade that allows you to easily mix almost 2 pounds of dough in no longer than 30 seconds only. Say goodbye to hassle-filled baking!

The blender is dishwasher safe and BPA free, running on 1500 watts. You get a 30 recipe guidebook with the purchase of this green smoothie blender. The wide range of mouth-watering recipes is sure to give you and your loved ones a great time.

This heavy-duty blender is perfect for you if you are someone who is always on the go or has a rather large family. Blend your favorite items to create a yummy and organic green smoothie, sauces for pasta, and frozen food such as ice cream, froyo, fruits, vegetables, etc.

On top of that, with the highly powerful dough blade, you can also use it to not only create the perfect crust for your baked goods but also whip cream, beat egg whites, etc. Basically, anything you would possibly use a mixer for, instead of with a blender.

Moreover, Ninja is a very popular brand in the blender market for its different blender products with different features according to customer demand. If you are curious, you can read to know more about why the ninja brand is the best & so popular in all blender brands.

Check full reviews of ninja blender

  • Large sized processor bowls
  • Extra Nutri Ninja takeaway cups
  • Heavy duty dough blade can crush through any hard substance
  • Dishwasher and BPA free container with 1500 watt base
  • Additional 30 recipe guide book for users
  • Budget friendly.
  • Manual cleaning
  • Does not have self-timer system
  • Doesn’t have blades for shredding or slicing.

4. Oster Versa Blender – Best For Leafy Greens Smoothies

Best blenders for leafy green smoothies and vegetables
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Next up we have the Oster Versa Blender, another blender of our best blender for green smoothies reviews, coming in with an amazing watt motor base check, only 11.8 pounds, and 250 MPH blade speed! You can rest assured that this wonderful blender can mix through anything you throw at it.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the visuals and programs. You get the blender in a sleek black and red color combo, with a BPA-free Tritan Plastic Jar. Since the jar is low-profile, you can easily fit it anywhere you want.

Coming to the features of it, you will be glad to know that this high-profile blender comes with a One-Touch setting system that has 3 programmed settings for blending. This means you can choose blending styles from soups, sauces and dips, and green vegetable smoothies.

The stainless steel blades spin at a whopping 250 MPH, as we stated above. This not only ensures a perfectly smooth blending every time but also lengthens the longevity of the product by cutting down usage time drastically.

The Tamper Accessory system and variable speed dial allow you to tweak the blades and rotation of the blending process to every individual preference.

Amazingly, you also receive two very informative recipe books, complete with the easiest and tastiest recipe plans which you can surely make for yourself or for your loved ones on a daily basis with this high-quality blender.

Check full reviews of Oster blender

  • Powerful 1400 watt base
  • Lightweight product
  • 64 ounce highly durable Tritan Plastic Jar
  • Convenient One-Touch system and variable speed dial
  • Three programmed settings for blending
  • Sleek looking low profile jar
  • Sturdy and non-slip base
  • Comes with two inspiring cook books
  • Easy on the wallet.
  • Some users have claimed that the jar starts to leak after quite a few uses.

5. NutriBullet Green smoothies Blender- Best Value

Best blender for Green Smoothies & Vegetables
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Oh, you would absolutely love this blender. This blender uses Smart Technology and operates on a whopping 1700 watt motor! Not only is this product super sleek looking, but it offers the highest quality blending as well.

The blender weighs 14.75 pounds and is comparatively slimmer in width than other heavy-duty best smoothie blenders on the market. With its attractive matte black color, this smart technology home appliance is sure to add a hint of modernity to your kitchen space.

With the Nutrition Extraction feature, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will only receive the healthiest nutrition extraction ratio with every blend. You will surely be getting the most out of every blend.

The blender can accommodate a capacity of 45 oz and it comes with a 1-liter pitcher and an extra 30-ounce to-go short cup.

The Hands-Free smart technology means you will not have to worry and check up on the blending process every few seconds. You can relax while your delicious green vegetable smoothie or the pasta sauce for dinner is in the making.

The Auto-Start and Stop Function helps to add life to the longevity of the product by not letting it operate for more than necessary. This feature does not let the powerful motor burn out prematurely. The blades of the blender are also of highly durable stainless steel blades which can cut through any hard substance without any difficulty.

You will be glad to know that this blender also comes with a 7-minute heating cycle for soups, sauces, and hot beverages. Serve ready to drink fresh shakes whenever you desire without having to worry about making a whole new batch again.

Those were our top 5 best green smoothie blenders choice currently on the market and rest assured they will not let you down. For better assistance, read on to our information section and Frequently Asked Questions to know more about the best smoothie blenders in general and the things you should definitely take into consideration while shopping for a blender.

Buyer’s Guide Of Green Smoothies Blender

Your budget

This is obviously the most important aspect of any shopping spree. But it is, however, a little more significant when it comes to appliance shopping. There is no doubt you could easily get tempted to give in to the flashiest and high ended blender on the market. But do you really need to though?

High-ended smoothie blenders will have a lot of features, which is a given. But if you are on a tight budget, all you really need to do is research a bit more than necessary. Sure, it can be a little time-consuming, but we assure you that you will be able to find an equally affordable buy, probably with even more unique features than its counterparts.

Type of blender

Know your blender. This is pretty important due to the fact that there are so many types of blenders on the market now. Take into consideration the size and space you have saved in your kitchen for your blender. If you have a rather large household, we would suggest checking out personal smoothie blenders, which are more or less capable of accommodating more than 2 servings at a time.

They are also adequate to blend more than just hard green vegetables into a healthy green smoothie. They can crush through frozen substances and even churn out butter, mayonnaise, and dough, depending on the features present in the blender (which we will address below in the FAQ section).

The Power System

High Speed Motor

Wattage is a very necessary part when it comes to any home appliance. With a blender, the wattage can generally be the main decider when it comes to what you can or cannot blend.

It is usually smarter to go for a blender with more wattage than one with a low capacity. For example, a 500 or less watt base blender is enough to chop and blend most substances, however, the result may not be as smooth.

On the other hand, a blender with a wattage of more than 600 can easily chop, grind and blend even the hardest substances such as grinding coffee, chopping down hard green vegetables, and mix the dough.

Does It Fit Though?

So you have found your choice of blender for greens smoothies. It is amazing, packs in a lot of punch, and will not burn a hole through your wallet either. But will it fit in your kitchen for making smoothies?

You should check out its dimensions and weight. Quite naturally, the blender will stay on the countertop of your kitchen. But what if you have low overhead space? Try to look for suitable smoothie blenders that have a low profile built.

This does not mean that the blenders are smaller in size because they will most probably make up for that in width. But a low-profile blender jar will be able to fit in almost anywhere, even inside the refrigerator.

Another feature to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with space is how many additional accessories does your choice of blender comes equipped with?

Some blenders come with up to 8 or 9 additional cups and jars. This may be a fantastic bonus but it also brings up the fact that you need to clear up extra storage space to keep them.

If you are someone who finds décor a significant matter too, then go for smoothie blenders which quite possibly come in matte colors or with smart features as they add a touch of sophistication and modernity every time.



This might not seem like a big deal to many but the blade type can, in fact, be an important part to take into consideration when purchasing a blender. It is quite natural to opt for the sharpest blades when getting a blender, especially if you are someone who has never shopped for this sort of home appliance before.

However, say no to sharp blades. Not only can they be highly dangerous during manual cleaning or if your blender happens to malfunction all of a sudden, but sharp blades can also get damaged way quicker than blunt blades.

Look for smoothie blenders that state they have blunt blades but are made of high quality and durable stainless steel. Blunt blades are better when it comes to dealing with hard substances such as nuts or green vegetables. They are also less prone to breaking in two or being of danger if you have to manually clean and maintain the inside of the blender.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What Does It Mean When A Blender States It Has A Nutrition Extraction feature?

This feature is basically one that helps to really squeeze out (hence, extract) the overall nutrition of the substances you are going to blend. For example, if you are going to blend green vegetables which possibly have seeds or chunks in them, the Nutrition Extraction feature will work to burst open those seeds and really squeeze out all the goodness in them, mixing those minerals with your smoothie.

2. What Can You Actually Use a Blender for?

Blenders are so much more than just a device to make liquids with! The most common use of a blender is most definitely to make smoothies and sauces.

But with the wide range of smart technology blenders in the market now, you can easily find an appliance that can both blend and provide all the features you would usually find in a mixer.

You can now make jams, jellies, homemade butter, cookie dough, fluffy eggs, mayonnaise, etc, only with a blender.

3. What Are The Common Features I Should Look For?

While every blender will have a different set of unique features and programs, there are certainly some you could keep an eye out for. To be specific, programs that let you liquefy, create purees, pulse, grind, chop, and stir, etc.

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Another important feature to keep in mind is to check the best blender for green smoothies if the plastic is BPA-free or not. You want to drink safe, not just fancy. Some blenders might not necessarily provide all these features, but one or two will surely be a bonus.

You could find more than just a handful of these features in high-end blenders. They do cost a tad bit more, but long term wise it’s probably the best deal.


So there you have it! We have covered only the top 5 Best Blender for Green Smoothies we thought were perfect for you from the market in every aspect be it size, speed, wattage, or features. Not all blenders can provide the same functions for greens smoothies, and they will not come with the same features either.

We found the ones we have reviewed here to be the most suitable ones for users based on their costs, features, and unique programs that each comes with.
Now, After reading the best blender for green smoothies, your curious mind probably wants to know which blender is best for making juice. then you can read our other juice-making blender reviews. Now Chill !!!

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