Best Single Serve Smoothie Blender In 2021

Now we are going to write Best Single Serve Smoothie Blender. This article is for all those who want to gorge on a glass of smoothie or cannot start their Sunday mornings without an icy margarita, having a blender becomes certainly very important. However, we all know that our kitchen space is already too occupied with the rest of our equipment like oven, gas stove, mixers, etc.

How annoying would it be for you to get messed up between all the kitchen appliances? Amidst all this mess, how can one think of adding one more appliance for blending the fresh fruits to serve you with a glass of smoothie? Keeping your concerns in mind, we have come up with the best single serve smoothie blender for you.

This personal-use Blender can be used by all smoothie and margarita lovers for making fresh glasses of yummy treats. Even though there are a lot of full-sized blenders that you can get, but they are certainly not right for the travelers and bachelors due to their size.

These are very much useful for all the people who are looking for small-sized blenders. By paying proper attention to all the criteria like ease of assembling, use of control panels, cleaning of the Blender, and many more, we have mentioned below the best single serve smoothie blender. So, head on and check out the best one that we are currently drooling on.

Best Cheap Single Serve Blenders Short List

Image Name Details Rating Price

BlenderX CORDLESS Blender
– Very Stylish Blender

– PORTABLE Blender

– Warranty 2 Years


– Stainless Steel Blade

– 20 OZ  Jar
Best For Travel & personal usage
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Tribest PB-350XL-A – 2 Modes of Operation

– S-Blade Mason Jar Attachment

– Glass Mason Jars

– BPA Free Plastic
9/10 Buy Now
NutriBullet NB9-1301RG – Watt 900

– Warranty 1 year

– stainless steel blades
9/10 Buy Now

Nutri Ninja Personal Blender
– Watt 1000

– Auto-iQ programs

9/10 Buy Now
Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes – Watt 700

– Dishwasher safe

– Pulse Technology
8/10 Buy Now
Magic Bullet Blender – 11 piece blender set

– Watt 250

– Easy To Clean
7/10 Buy Now
Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Personal Blender – Watt 800

– Stainless steel blade
8/10 Buy Now
Oster BLSTPB-WBL – Watt 400

– One touch blending

– Dishwasher safe
8/10 Buy Now
G-TING Blender – Portable Blender

– USB Blender

–  3000mAh rechargeable built-in battery
7/10 Buy Now
Sboly Smoothie Blender – Ice cube tray included

– Watt 300

– BPA Free Plastic
7/10 Buy Now

10 Best Single Serve Smoothie Blenders

1. BlenderX Portable Personal Travel Blender

Best Single Serve Smoothie Blender

With the BlenderX Portable Personal Travel Blender, you can now go anywhere and make a glass of smoothie anytime. This ergonomically designed and lightweight Blender is easy-to-use. Not only this, you will get a carrying case to keep it safe when not in use.

We certainly call it the best single serve smoothie blender because of its portability and the feature of crushing ice easily. Besides this, the Blender is also fitted with rubber feet, which are non-slipper and offers exceptional stability. You can get enough quantity of smoothie blended in this jar. It is very versatile, and we can also say the best single serve smoothie blender that has to be on the top.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Robust stainless steel motor
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications
  • The carrying bag comes along for safe storage.
  • Comes along with a warranty of two years
  • Detachable and washable 20Oz blending jar
  • Extremely durable structure
  • Battery life is excellent.
  • BPA-free plastic blending jar
  • Ideal for travelers due to lightweight
  • The price tag is too high
  • The battery needs to be charged repetitively
  • Cleaning the Blender can be a bit tricky

2. Tribest PB-350XL Personal Blender

Best Single Serve Smoothie Blender

When we talk about the reviews of the best single serve smoothie blender, we come across a fantastic product, the Tribest PB-350XL Personal Blender. The Tribest PB-350XL Personal Blender’s features stand out in all reviews of the best single-serve smoothie blenders and especially when we consider the best cheap single serve blenders.

This personal Blender is in total a 19-piece set, which includes a 200-watt blender and 4 BPA-free cups with 2 cups of 23 oz, one cup of 16 oz, and 18 oz, respectively. There are one drinking mug and three glass mason jars of 16 oz, 12 oz, and 8 oz, respectively, ideal for taking your drinks on the go.


  • Versatile and Portable
  • Blend recipes in a minute
  • S-Blade Mason Jar Attachment
  • Includes Glass Mason Jars + (2) 23 oz BPA-Free Cups
  • Blending & Grinding Blades
  • Powerful 200-Watt Motor
  • Easy to operate
  • Time-saving and convenient
  • Strong and durable
  • Powerful and small
  • Better than other portable blenders
  • Strong blender blades
  • Occupies very little space
  • A wide variety of attachments are included.
  • Great Size
  • Very convenient for traveling purposes
  • Very easy to clean and store
  • Blends almost everything.
  • Doesn’t fit all mason jars
  • The base is small
  • Severely underpowered
  • Leaks from the side enclosure
  • Poor Quality Plastic adapter
  • Difficult to remove
  • Adapter gets stuck
  • Overheats and switches off
  • Glass attachments instead of plastic attachments.

3. NutriBullet NB9-1301RG Pro

Best Single Serve Blender

The NutriBullet Pro consists of a 900-watt motor base, making it one of the fastest and strongest. The reviews of the best single serve smoothie blenders talk about the NutriBullet Pro, making it easier to about a healthy lifestyle along with being simple to use.

This best cheap single serve blender can make shakes, smoothies, and even nut jars of butter, according to reviews of the best single serve smoothie blenders. Along with the 900-watt motor base, it includes an extractor blade, two 32 oz cups, a lip ring, a to-go lid, a lip ring with handle, and finally a recipe book for some quick reference recipes.


  • Supercharged nutrient extractor
  • Comes with 900 watts of power
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Blends smoothies in a matter of seconds
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Contains two 32 oz BPA-Free Cups
  • Powerful motor base
  • Plenty of accessories to work with
  • Blends with good consistency
  • Easy to clean
  • Crushes fruits and vegetables in seconds
  • Compact and easy to store
  • The size of the cups is enormous and great
  • Better texture than regular blenders
  • Leaks sometimes
  • Bad customer service
  • Cup continually gets jammed.
  • Overheating of electrical parts
  • The rubber seal is loose.
  • Short life
  • Blades need to be replaced.
  • High noise levels
  • The tops don’t close after a couple of months.

4. Nutri Ninja Personal Blender

Best Personal Blender

Everybody wants a blender, but not everyone needs a full-sized, high powered blender permanently seated on the kitchen floor. Nutri ninja personal blender is even safer for people who live alone, have no storage space, or simply do not make items like ice cocktails.

Its small format and specialty containers are suitable for those on the go who want to churn smoothies, shakes, and dips together easily in the morning – and then get away from them. The Nutri Ninja Personal Blender (available for $88.99 at Amazon), pairing a powerful motor with slim (but not too slender) blending containers for usability and portability, is more than up to these tasks. If you have had the hang of it, it is easy enough to use. It’s one of the cheap yet reliable single serve blenders.


  • 1000-Watts strong
  • Programs from Auto-iQ
  • one-touch intelligence
  • Extract smoothies & drinks that are nutritious
  • For easy on-the-go sipping
  • twist on a top.
  • Crushes ice at the touch of a button
  • seeds & frozen ingredients
  • Strong blending strength.
  • Has no electrical burning smell
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Quick & versatile
  • Warned not to mix hot things.
  • It’s too loud
  • Might be more complex than required for certain users

5. Ninja Personal Blender

Best Single Serve Smoothie Blender

The Ninja Fit blends many kitchen appliances with a versatile and lightweight kitchen tool that is simple to use. With Ninja Pulse Technology, smoothies, nutrient juices, and so many more are easily created in two oz. Nutri Ninja cups that are great for a go. Ice, frozen berries, nuts, and seeds may be lost in a matter of seconds. It is one of the cheap ninja blenders out there.

Just be sure to keep it down for a few seconds and let it stand up for a few seconds (basically, pulse it with a delay in between to make sure you get it as blended as you want.


  • The foundation (motor) is 7″ tall and 4″ wide (top the widest part)
  • It can slice frozen avocados into liquid.
  • It can be fixed on a beaker at a maximum height of 13.”
  • The heavier and longer-lasting cups tend to be
  • Really good mixes
  • It is formed by blades on the floor.
  • The blades look scary.
  • Sheets/sheets are safe to wash dishwasher.
  • Cannot mix the products like HOT or FROZEN
  • The mixer contains just two cups.
  • Lids are limited in drinkability.

6. Magic Bullet Blender

single serve blender reviews

If your one with a tiny kitchen and looking for a small, robust Blender, then a magical mixer is an option.

The Magic Bullet is a multifunctional, all-in-one kitchen gadget capable of conducting a variety of kitchen activities, such as baking, slicing, mixing, and whipping. A cheap single- serve Blender is what we always look for. And here it is. 

Magic Bullet has a turning and lock mechanism to allow the cup to be locked in the hands-free mixing of the engine foundation. It is a good feature to create well-processed recipes such as beverages and ground coffee beans, but not so attractive for cuts of vegetables or for chunky dips.


  • Basic yet effective design.
  • Comes with a 250-watt motor.
  • Magic Bullet has a 12-ounce short cup,
  • 18-ounce tall cup
  • Has a comfortable mug.
  • Small footprint
  • Includes three types of the blender cup
  • Not too noisy
  • Accessible
  • Tiny and narrow blender cups
  • Missing measurements for Blender cups
  • Plastic pieces sound low cost and fragile.

7. Hamilton Beach Powerful Blender

best portable blender for smoothies
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Endure the high-grade blending in a compressed design with the Hamilton Beach Power Blender. It is the best cheap single-serve Blender. It has an 800W power motor along with stainless steel blades, which help to blend inedible ingredients and can easily crush the ice.

Hamilton Beach Power Blender has a capacity of 20 oz. The jar has unique blending technology that can supervise all types of frozen ingredients and gives smooth results. This power blender is graciously designed to make your life more comfortable. It has been tested to deliver one of the best solutions to your daily needs.


  • Contains a little space on the countertop
  • Assured blend technology
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Fast and smooth blending
  • High-quality pulse functions
  • Intuitive smoothie blending
  • Leakproof flip top
  • Has the capacity of 20 oz
  • A powerful 800W peak power base
  • Stainless steel ice-crushing blade
  • 20 oz jar
  • Simple to operate
  • One-touch blending and pulse buttons
  • Creates no mess
  • Cheap single-serve Blender
  • Perfect for making shakes and smoothies
  • Insufficient capacity – only comes with 20 oz cup.
  • Frequent blending may burn the motor.
  • Tough blending can dull the blade.


best portable blender for smoothies

The Oster BLSTPB-WBL comes up with a 250W blender that can crush ice and frozen ingredients in seconds. The 20-ounce sports bottle has a unique design. It is outlined to prepare a single serving of smoothies and shakes.

It is easy to use. All you have to do is to throw the ingredients in this best single serve smoothie blender, and you are all set to blend. This cheap single serve blender offers you one-touch technology, and you can carry your drink in a sports bottle. The bottle is dishwasher protected for easy washing.


  • A powerful 250W motor
  • One-touch capacity
  • 20-ounce free plastic jar
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Easy crushing of ice and frozen ingredients
  • Came along with a recipe book and a user guide
  • One year warranty
  • 20-ounce jar with a secure-fitting cover
  • The free plastic jar is dishwasher safe
  • 250W Blender can crush ice
  • Molded plastic for easy cleaning
  • Has five different colors
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Start overheating while crushing frozen ingredients.
  • Only for single servings
  • Not powerful enough for tough ingredients

9. G-TING USB Rechargeable Personal Blender

Best Cheap Single Serve Blenders
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The portable G-ting Blender is made up of BPA food material. It is one of the best cheap single serve blenders. portable G-ting Blender has stainless steel blades and a display screen, which shows the battery status of this portable Blender.

The blender contains six sharp stainless steel blades. The high-grade materials of this personal Blender make it suitable for making juices, baby food, shakes, and many more. The Blender will not turn on after lifting the bladder cup from the bottom.

This single-serve USB rechargeable blender has a 3000mAH built-in battery that can be fully charged in 2 to 5 hours. It has a powerful motor from which you can make your favorite drinks in seconds.


  • A powerful glass jar
  • Has six stainless steel blades
  • Display screen updates you about the battery status
  • 3000mAH rechargeable built-in battery
  • Easy to charge
  • Use to prepare juices and smoothies
  • Trouble-free use
  • Display screen
  • Carry everywhere
  • Can crush frozen food and ice
  • Has 6 powerful blades
  • Makes a small piece of material
  • The glass jar can be ruptured.
  • Does not work on hot drinks

10. Sboly Personal Blender

best single serving smoothie blender

This one is also known as the best cheap single-serve Blender. It is a way to make effortless juices and smoothies. The Sboly personal Blender has an uncomplicated one-touch operation.

The Blender has a 300W powerful motor. And has different features along with a unique design. It has four stainless steel sharp blades that can break the toughest ingredients into a smoothie. The portable blender cup has a capacity of 20 oz.

All parts of Sboly personal blenders are dishwasher safe except the motor base. All parts of this Blender are BPA free can surely give us a safe and healthy drinking experience.


  • The crucial personal Blender
  • One-touch operation feature
  • A 300W prevailing motor
  • Four sharp blades
  • All the parts are BPA free
  • Effortless cleaning process
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 20 oz Tritan blender cup
  • Unique design
  • Can make a drink in less than 10 sec
  • Has two replacement bottles
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A solid design
  • A powerful 300W motor
  • 4 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • BPA free parts
  • Gives safe and healthy drinking
  • Does not have guaranteed durability.

Which Single-Serve Blender is The Best for Traveling?

best single serving smoothie blender

BlenderX CORDLESS HOME, PORTABLE & TRAVEL Blender has to be the best single serve smoothie blender for all travelers. This one has been at the top of the list of all the traveling junkies. It is fitted with an excellent stainless steel blade, which makes the smoothies easily. There is an anti-slippery rubber base that keeps it stable.

You will be amazed knowing that it comes with five cups along with a blending jar. This model is the best cheap single serve blender and has a very long shelf life. The amazing features of this lightweight Blender make it travel-friendly and perfect for you to carry for vacations.

Which Blender is the best in our best single serve smoothie blender review list?

It is definitely our top pick: BlenderX Portable Personal Travel Blender. The quality and the size of the Blender are simply great. It is a single-serve smoothie blender that has a stainless steel cutting edge. The steel is durable and strongly blends and crushes the ice. The blades are easily removable and washable. The size of the blender container fits effectively into any tiny area in the kitchen for storage and the cup holder in your vehicle.

The material of the blender jar is made up of either BPA-free plastic or glass. More so, it is easy to clean and to carry, and it is noiseless. On the whole, all the blenders in this list are great, but the BlenderX portable Blender is ostentatiously outstanding.

Our pick for the best single serve smoothie blender is the BlenderX Portable Personal Travel Blender. It is lightweight and easy-to-use for all those who are looking for a portable and quality model. There are hundreds of models out there in the market, and BlenderX certainly does stand unique out of the crowd.

All of it is due to its excellent performance and compact design. If you are all set to swipe your credit cards for purchasing the best single serve smoothie blender, then BlendrX is undoubtedly the perfect one for all of you to choose. Hope that helps!!!

What to look for in the best single serve smoothie blender?

Now that you have seen our pick for the best single serve smoothie blender, we are here with some important tips that can help you choose the best product for you. Make sure that you go through the tips properly before you buy the best cheap single-serve Blender.


You certainly need to consider capacity when buying the Blender. Ensure that you choose the single-serve Blender, which has at least the capacity of 14 oz. This one is certainly the best capacity if you are looking for a personal-use blender.

Motor Power

The motor of a single-serve smoothie blender plays a very important role when it comes to choosing the best cheap single-serve Blender. When buying the Blender for a single-serve, you need to pick the one which is equipped with a motor of 200 watts at the least.

To make the tasty smoothies and shakes, you will need the Blender to be of very little power. However, in the case of ice crushing, you might need to go for the ones that are of a higher power.


Make sure that you buy the single serve blender, which is made up of a BPA-free plastic blending jar and is of high-quality. In such jars, you can store the contents for a longer time.

Price Range

Whenever buying the blenders for personal use, you will certainly not be ready to spend a thousand bucks. Hence, along with a quality check, ensure to keep a tab on the price as well. Amidst this, make a wise decision of choosing the best cheap single serve blender.

Is buying a cheap single serve blender worth the money?

Well, there is no such specific yes or no answer to it. Since this is certainly your decision of how much you consider is enough to spend on a fruit blender. However, what we feel is that you can surely get the best cheap single-serve Blender, however, there is a very less probability of it to last for a longer time, except a very few.

Below $100, you will usually find the low to medium-quality smoothie blenders, which are equipped with very basic functions. While at the lowest range, which is $50, you will need to do proper research, and you will find some of the best personal blender models.

So, as an answer to this question, we can only say that when planning to buy a cheap worthy blender, ensure that you do thorough review research and then go for it. Only then will you be able to make it worth the money spent.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is the Most Powerful Portable Blender?

By saying powerful Blender, it is meant that the Blender comes with a high power motor. These blenders are used for crushing hard ingredients like ice, nuts, frozen fruits, and many more. From our list, Nutri Ninja Personal Blender is the best smoothie blender, which can be called the powerful one.

With 1000watts power output, it can be used to blend at least 6 ounces of ingredients both dry and wet. The best feature which makes this Blender the most powerful one is that it blends ten times stronger and smoother than other blenders. Its sharp blades and high power motor makes it the most powerful Blender that you can ever think of.

What is the Best Small Smoothie Blender?

Ninja Personal Blender is certainly the best small smoothie blender that we can think about as of now. This one comes with a durable motor of 700-watt, which has the pulse function also. It has two Ninja cups of 16-ounce that have two sip & seal lids for easy usage.

You will be glad to know that this one can be washed very easily without breaking in the dishwasher. Even after being a small smoothie blender, it can crush ice cubes and dry nuts conveniently. We can say that this one is a very high-quality blender when looking for a smaller size.

Mention the Difference Between a Blender and a Smoothie Maker?

Well, in terms of their functions, there is very little difference between a smoothie maker and a blender. Both these kitchen appliances are used for crushing or blending the food ingredients and also can make smoothies. However, the smoothie makers can only make the fruit-loaded drinks, while the blenders are capable of doing a lot more.

For people that are looking for a versatile machine that can blend it all, then blenders are the best. You can get blenders along with different speeds, whereas the smoothie maker has got only one-speed measure. Also, the blenders have got different blades for various ingredients, but the smoothie maker has only a single type of blade.

What is The Best Blender For Crushing Ice and Making Smoothies?

The best Blender for crushing ice and smoothie making is the Nutri Ninja Personal Blender. You will be happy to know that this one is an amazing choice when it comes to buying the Blender that can crush ice like a pro.

It will help you make at least two full glasses of 16 oz smoothies and drinks. The power of its motor is 1000 watts, and it also comes with three different speed measures. Using this robust ice-crushing Blender you can also make tasty iced lattes and crushers at home.

Can a 300-watt Blender Crush Ice?

Well, yes, though a 300-watt blender can crush ice, however, we do not recommend you to use it. These are better used to make juices and fruit drinks, as they cannot provide enough power, which is needed to crush ice. To crush ice, you would need the blenders, which are fitted with a motor of power 600-watt to 1000-watt.

So, if you are looking forward to buying a blender that can help you to crush ice or nuts, then it is wise to go for a 1000 watt blender. However, if your requirement is to make juices or shakes, then a 300-watt blender will be fine.


All the blenders listed above are top-notch and the most effective single-serve smoothie blenders. Anyone can use these blenders in their everyday school, work, and traveling routine. All these blenders are super durable and light in weight. In short, these products are available everywhere, and you will buy them from a shopping mall and also online.

It isn’t easy to create a definitive pick for absolutely the best blending machines. Some brands are more popular than others. Your budget goes to be one in every of the foremost significant factors choose on a personal blender.