Best Blender For Veggie Smoothies

So, Today we are going to review the best blender for veggie smoothies. Veggie smoothies are so much popular in health-conscious people.

veggie smoothies are not only delicious to drink but they are also very healthy, Not only are they fulfilling, but they are packed with a butt load of nutrients and minerals.

You could easily buy vegetable smoothies from your local grocery store, but it is better if you opt for making your veggie smoothies at home by yourself with a blender since it’s healthier that way.

So if you are someone who chooses the latter option, we have compiled a list of some of the best blenders for veggie smoothies with pros and cons, now currently out on the market.

We have also included an FAQ section and an info section to help you with deciding which product to go for.

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A Look at our Favorites (updated in 2021)

Image Name Details Rating Price
81HriHKADuL. AC SL1500 Blendtec Total Classic Blender – Most Powerful Blender
– 8 Years Warranty
5/5 Check Price
71qy1IaCUqL. AC SL1500 Vitamix 5200 Blender – Editor’s Choice
– 7 Years Warranty
5/5 Check Price
KitchenAid KSB1575ER Diamond Blender – Most Convenient Blender
– 5 Years Warranty
4.8/5 Check Price
Best blender for veggie smoothies NutriBullet NBR-1201 – Best Budget Pick
– 1 Year Warranty
4.5/5 Check Price
81 6wr2WgfL. AC SL1500 Oster Counterforms Blender – Crusher Blender
– 1 Year Warranty
4/5 Check Price

5 Best Blender For Veggie Smoothies – Top Picks

1.Blendtec Total Classic Blender – Most Powerful Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Blender - Best Blender For Veggie Smoothies
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For the first product of the best smoothie maker, we have this amazing & powerful blender manufactured by Blendtec. Coming in with 4 solid colors, this incredibly durable and high-powered blender for veggie smoothies is one that is sure to catch your eye.

The strong blades are blunt and cold-forged, working through the hardest substances while producing the smoothest texture possible. The blender is also easy to clean through the self-cleaning option in less than a minute.

The Wildside+ five-sided 75-ounce jar is tamper-free which is designed to naturally pull the veggies towards the blade. You can change the type of blending with a simple touch of the preprogrammed blending cycle button.

Another great feature is that you can also make other stuff with these multifunctional blenders for veggie smoothies, such as dough batter for cookies, ice creams, sorbets, cocktails, etc. This blender has 10-speed options for you to choose from as well.

Weighing only 7.28 pounds, Blendtec blenders also automatically heat up your soups while blending them so you can have fresh and hot soups every time.

The Wildside+ jar has a blending capacity for bigger and harder substances such as vegetables, frozen ice cream, cookies, etc. This is also a preferred size when you have more than 2 people living at home.

The best part about this Blendtec blender for a veggie smoothie is that it comes with an 8-year warranty.

  • Sturdy built
  • Easy to assemble
  • Self cleaning option
  • Blunt, durable blades
  • Versatile blending
  • Tamper free jar and lid
  • Automatic heating feature
  • BPA free jar.
  • Slightly on the costlier side.

2.Vitamix 5200 – Editor’s Choice

Vitamix 5200 Professional - Best Blender For Veggie Smoothies
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Manufactured in 3 solid colors, this blender is sure to impress you with its multitude of functions and the variety of programs it comes equipped with.

The Vitamix 5200 is nothing less than versatile in ter18ms of its build, size, and programming. The lightweight 64-ounce container is an ideal choice if you have a lot of members in your family or household.

There is also a radial fan for cooling and a thermal protection system that helps to increase the longevity of your product’s life by preventing premature damage and burning out.

These high-quality and very durable blunt steel blades can blend through the hardest substances, without even breaking at the slightest.

You can easily explore blending any substance you want to, be it kale smoothies, fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies, nut butter, etc. You can also mix the dough in this. This Vitamix model is one of the best options in a countertop blender.

The Self-Cleaning Program requires you to add a few drops of your choice of dish soap with some warm water and watch the blender do its own magic. Squeaky clean jar in under a minute!

This Vitamix 5200 blender can also heat up your choice of li18quid automatically depending on what speed you put it on using the very convenient variable speed dial.

 You will be glad to know that this Vitamix 5200 blender for veggie smoothies comes with a warranty period of 7 years, within which you can expect great feedback anytime. This blender has a lightweight of only 13 pounds.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning option
  • Sturdy blunt blades
  • Variable speed dial
  • Radial cooling fan
  • Heat thermal protection feature.
  • The product is slightly expensive.

3.NutriBullet NBR 1201 Best Budget Pick

NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender - Best Blender For Veggie Smoothies
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You are going to absolutely love this blender! The best part about this blender has to be that it is unbelievably inexpensive, even with so many features!

This sleek-looking gray NutriBullet blender with 24 oz capacity has state-of-the-art blades that can cut through any type of fruit or produce to make liquids such as kale smoothies, vegetable smoothies, fruit smoothies, soups, nuts, etc.

With a wattage of 600, the Extractor Blades of this high-quality blender uses cyclonic action to extract all the minerals and nutrients out of your choice of produce or fruit by bursting open its seed, oozing out all the goodness from them.

This NutriBullet Blender is of BPA-free material, which is safe to use. It is also durable, tamper-free, and easy to assemble after every wash. The blender has very lightweight at only 7.65 pounds.  The building is also quite compact and stylish.

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You will love to know that this blender for veggie smoothies can also shred, grind and chop up produce and fruits. The blender comes with accessories set of 12; from its extractor blades to even a cookbook.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful 600 wattage
  • BPA free jar
  • 12 accessory set
  • Extractor Blades
  • Cyclonic action bursts seeds open
  • Very budget-friendly.
  • Unfortunately this blender has a warranty period of only one year.

4.KitchenAid Diamond – Most Convenient Blender

KitchenAid Diamond veggie smoothies Blender
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Weighing only 10 pounds and with a warranty of 5 years, this 60 Ounce KitchenAid Diamond Blender comes with a variable speed dial of 5 options that let you have proper control over the kind of blending.

As a one-piece BPA-free material Diamond Blender, this incredible home appliance has very strong stainless steel blades that can easily cut through even the toughest substances thrown at it.

The electronic control of this blender for veggie smoothies creates a type of whirlpool, to bring all the produce and fruit nearer to the powerful blades.

The Intelli-Speed Motor Control allows the blender system to automatically identify the contents for blending and then maintain a constant speed and power to pulse through them accordingly.

The 5 Speed option can puree, liquefy, chop, mix or stir as you want any time. Other than these 5 impressive speed options, you can also set the blender to a pulse mode for interval blending, or the crush ice option pulses staggeringly for the best-crushed results.

There is a Soft Start Feature that first works to blend at a lower speed, gradually increasing only afterward for smooth blending.

The Steel Reinforced Coupler allows for a quiet, noiseless operation throughout. The Die Cast Metal Base is strong while the control panel is touch-based.

  • Lightweight
  • 5-speed option
  • Prevents unwanted noise
  • Sturdy and durable built
  • Multi-functional features
  • Easy to clean
  • Moderate price.
  • For some users, the blender stopped functioning for no reason at all.

5.Oster Counterforms Blender – Crusher Blender

Oster veggie smoothies blender
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For our final product of the list, we have this amazing blender by Oster, one that is sure to impress you with its range of incredible features. It is also a highly convenient home appliance.

Coming in two solid colors, this blender for veggie smoothies is made of an All-Metal Drive which makes the entire product more durable and long-lasting.

This All-Metal Drive feature is so amazing that the blenders by Oster are actually life tested to blend up to a whopping feat of 10,000 smoothies! This incredibly strong blender is also backed up with a 10-year life warranty. That is just impressive!

The Reverse Crush feature of these 1000-600 watt blenders for veggie smoothies can crush even the toughest contents without much of a hitch. The reverse crush function allows the 6 point stainless steel blades to alternate back and forth, keeping the consistency of the blending intact.

There are 7 incredible speed options, with a high and low pulsating feature so you can have the best control over the kind of smoothness you want your smoothies or sauces to have.

This lightweight 9.15 pounds blender can work with any kind of produce or fruit to make kale smoothies, fruit smoothies, nut butter, etc.

This BPA-free material blender comes with a 6 cup Boroclass Glass Jar, which is very easy to clean since it is also dishwasher safe. The filler cap of 2 ounces also has markings on it to help you with exact measurements while pouring ingredients.

  • 10-year life warranty
  • Very durable and powerful
  • Versatile features
  • Pre-programmed smart settings
  • All-Metal Drive body
  • Dishwasher and tamper proof
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Some reports claimed the blender was noisy.

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a short list of features you should definitely keep an eye out for when buying the blender for veggie smoothies.

1. Warranty Policy

This is a must. A good-quality blender needs to have a lifetime warranty. Not only does this prove that the product itself is of high quality and that the manufacturer can be trusted, but a lifetime warranty of a minimum of 2 years will also allow you to get necessary feedback in case things do go wrong within that timeline.

2. Budget

This totally depends on every individual, but you should know that the costlier a product does not necessarily mean that it is of superior quality to its counterpart.

If you get a worthy product with all the best features and qualities a high-end blender would have, then hey! That’s a total win for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Difference Between Juices And Smoothies?

While both juices and smoothies are made from fresh fruits or vegetables, there is a stark contrast between the two.

Juices contain mostly the water after it has been separated from the pulp, hence it is more lightweight to drink and not as fulfilling.

On the other hand, smoothies are more wholesome, as they can also include the pulp of the fruit or vegetable of choice.

Smoothies are also more appropriate if you want to drink something heavier and not too low fiber. Smoothies are also better nutritionally as smoothie blenders extract all the necessary nutrients and minerals from the seeds of the fruits or vegetables.

To know more about the difference between juice and smoothies, Watch the below video

2. How Can I Blend Kale In A Blender?

With the range of best blenders for kale shakes on the market now, you do not even need to boil vegetables before turning them into a smoothie.

This is the same for kale as well. Making healthy and delicious best kale smoothies is no longer hard work.

If you already have frozen kale, let it sit out and defrost for a while if you do not have a high-powered blender that can crush ice.

Hence, after it defrosts a little, add the semi-frozen kale into your blender and your choice of liquid too.

This could be skimmed milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc. Add a little milk with the blender speed on low just to keep the kale mixture from splattering all over the place. Gradually add in more milk until you get your desired amount of kale smoothie.

3. The Kale Smoothies That Tastes Like Ice Cream


So there you have it! We only chose the best products that we found worthy to be on this list of the Best Blenders for Veggie Smoothies on the market. We hope you also had fun reading the entire article and that you found our frequently asked questions and information section to be helpful.


Not only are the products included in this list for your budget-friendly, but they also come with a range of amazing features that you can easily expect even more expensive and high-end blenders for veggie smoothies to have.

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