Now, you’re going to know what is the best juicer blender combo for fresh juice and smoothies. A glass of fresh juice is a staple for many people.

They contain several essential vitamins and minerals that will help you stay healthy and fit. Many fitness advocates swear by the goodness of a fresh smoothie and suggest avoiding store-bought juices.

Well, in our busy hectic lives, it’s hard to find time to make the time for fresh juices. However, a healthy nutritious juice will help you stay fit, fight diseases, lose weight, and have many other health benefits.

With so many different variations in the market, it’s a tough gamble, to be honest. Don’t worry, we’re are here to help you find the best juicer blender to make the juicing process hassle-free and super-efficient.

Whenever you’re shopping for electrical appliances, choosing the right product is very crucial to get the best outcome. Also, a juicer blender is a bit different than regular juicers or blenders. We will help you choose the best juicer blender to buy in the market so that you can make the best of your investment.

Quick Reviews Chart Of Juicer Blender Combo

Image Name Details Rating Price
31Hjt0PDpcL. AC Blendtec
725 Blender
1. Best Juicer Blender
2. 6 Pre-Programmed Cycles
3. Self-Cleaning Features
4. Patented Blade/80% Thicker
5. Noise Reduction Features
6. 8 Years Warranty
Check Price
71KrXhaN%2B1L. AC SL1500 Vitamix Blender 1. 1400 Watt Motor
2. Thermal protection
3. Variable Speed
4. 7- years warranty
5/5 (Best Overall) Check Price
81XhATGdntL. AC SL1500 NutriBullet Rx N17 1. 1700 watt motor
2. SMART technology
3. 1 Year Warranty

(Powerful Blender)
Check Price
81%2BQa8MUwDL. AC SL1500 Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender 1. 1500 Watt Motor
2. 2 HP
3. 4 speeds
4. Dishwasher safe
5. Warranty not Good
(All In One)
Check Price
61iKaFMvFfL. AC SL1000 KitchenAid KSB1575ER 1. 550-watt motor
2. 5 Speeds Controller
3. Pulse Mood
4. 5 Years Warranty
(Budget Pick)
Check Price

Top 5 The Best Juicer Blender Reviews

  1. Blendtec Designer 725 – Best Countertop Juicer Blender
  2. Ninja Mega Kitchen juicer blender- Editor’s Choice
  3. Vitamix 5200 – Best Overall
  4. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 blender – Powerful Juicer Blender
  5. KitchenAid KSB1575ER – Budget-Friendly Juicer Blender

1. Blendtec Designer Series Blender 725 – Best Countertop Blender

Blendtec Best Juicer Blender
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  • six pre-programmed cycles
  • LED Touchscreen
  • Has smart blend technology senses
  • Speed Control / 100 Speed
  • Patented Blade/80% Thicker,
  • The blade is 10X stronger than other blender blades
  • Noise Reduction
  • Precision Pulse Button
  • Self Cleaning features
  • Has  WildSide+ Jar (96 oz) & Twister Jar (24 oz)
  • 8 Years Warranty
  • Watt 1800 ( So Powerful Blender )
  • Volts 120

The first model on our review of the best juicer blender is the Blendtec 725. It’s a newer model by Blendtec that countertop blender comes with an extremely powerful motor and easier control system compared to the previous models.

This model is hands down one of the best home and professional blenders in the market. If you really want a good blender for long time usage, Go with Blendtec 725

The size of the jar is 15.5-inches when it’s sitting on the base unit which makes it more space-friendly. In this new model, the weight of the base is increased to 10.7 lbs to make it more stable. The base is made of stainless steel brushed to give it a sleek and modern look.

It has a cool-touch slider feature to set the speed which makes it special from other models. This digital touch slider makes it super easy to control.

You can control from 1 to max 100 speeds, all at the swipe of a finger rather than having a mechanical knob or dial. Also, there’s a digital screen that tells you which speed to use for chopping, mixing, and blending.

The blades used in this machine are made from cold-forged, hardened steel. You don’t have to waste your time chopping items into small pieces because of the strength of the blades. Moreover, the blade is blunt and not sharp, so you can clean it easily.

Another cool feature of this blender is the easy-clean interface. The specific clean setting makes the cleaning process easier than ever with a single touch.

This blender doesn’t need any temper tool as the patented five-sided jar design automatically pulls ingredients toward the blade.

So, if you consider buying this blender then make sure you use all the magnificent features as much as you can to make it worth the spend. The blender is so powerful with lots of modern features and worth every penny.

  • • 8-years warranty
  • • Six pre-programmed settings
  • • Easy clean interface
  • • Touch slider feature
  • • High price tag

2. Ninja Mega Kitchen Juicer Blender – Editor’s Choice

Best Juicer Blender
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  • 4 dedicated blending speeds
  • Food Processor
  • HP: 2
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1500 Watt – Super Power
  • Two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups
  • The XL 72 oz. blender pitcher
  • The 8 Cup Food Processor bowl 
  • Easy cleaning Features
  • Warranty only covers Motor, Not Parts

The next model in line with our review of the best juicer blender is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. It combines all the functions of a high-powered blender, full-size food processor, and personal blender into one handy machine.

The dimension of the product is a 9.5 inches x 8.2 inches unit base footprint which means it will take a significant counter space in your kitchen. The height of the blender is 17.8-inches with the main pitcher sitting on the top of the base. Besides, this blender comes with multiple attachments, so you have to clear enough space in your kitchen to put up these attachments.

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It features a 2 horsepower motor with a 72-oz crushing pitcher that grinds ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and juices. It also has an 8 cup processor bowl which is perfect for chopping and makes up to 2 lbs of dough in just 30 seconds.

With the blender, you’ll get two 16-oz Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids that are perfect for creating customized, nutrient-rich drinks.

Moreover, this blender is dishwasher safe with BPA-free parts that include one 1500-watt base, a food processor bowl, and a 30 recipe inspiration guide.

One thing to remember, if you decide to clean the unit by hand, you have to do it with warm water and dish soap.

If you have no dishwasher and prefer hand cleaning then there is a chance of hurting yourself as the blades are extremely sharp.

If you’re thinking to purchase a machine with limited food processing abilities, then Ninja blender can be a great choice. To get the best results, try the Nutri Ninja cups or X large pitcher for frozen drinks.

  • • Powerful blender
  • • Multi-functional
  • • Multiple attachments
  • • Single-serve blade
  • • No juicing attachments

3. Vitamix 5200 Juicer Blender – Best Overall

Best Juicer Blender Reviews
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  • Variable Speed Control
  • Watt: 1400
  • self-cleaning Features
  • 64-ounce container 
  • Radial cooling fan
  • Thermal protection system
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades
  • 7- year full warranty
  • Hot soup Features

The next model on our review of the best juicer blender is the Vitamix 5200. Vitamix is one of the most trusted brands by professional chefs and their blenders are built to last with superior quality and performance.

It has a pulse feature and a variable speed control feature. You can easily control speed to create a variety of textures and the dial can be rotated at any point during the blend to give you complete control.

The variable speeds are range from 1 to 10, so if you’re thinking to make something a little bit chunkier, you can keep it on a low variable.

The pitcher comes with a lid that sits right on the top and the cord of this blender is long up to 6 ft. Therefore, it can reach far enough if your plug is far away.

With the blender, you’ll get a tamper tool that helps you to push food down without touching the blade. This tool is very helpful and you won’t find it with other high-speed blenders.

The 64-ounce container is perfect for blending medium to large batches. The blades are made from hardened stainless steel to handle the toughest ingredients and reach speeds fast enough to create heat. It brings cold ingredients to steaming hot within 6 minutes.

Moreover, it has a self-cleaning feature, so you won’t have to face any difficulty regarding cleaning it. With just a drop of dish soap and warm water, the machine will clean itself within 30 to 60 seconds.

Overall, it’s a perfect blender to have smoothies, vegetable juices, hot soups, sauces, and dips. Also, the product comes backed up by a full 7-years warranty.

  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • Variable speed control
  • Tamper tool
  • Little bit noisy

4. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Powerful Juicer Blender In Low Budget

Best Juicer Blender Reviews
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  • 1700 watt motor – Super Powerful
  • 30 ounce Short Cup
  • 1 Liter Pitcher
  • Hands-free SMART technology
  • Auto Start/Stop Functionality
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Hot soups, sauces, and warm beverage-making features

Up next is NutriBullet Rx N17-1001, another model on our review of the best juicer blender. This blender has enough power to make smooth juices from soft and tough ingredients including leafy greens. Therefore, it suits well for making green juices.

The dimension of the blender is 15.2 x 15.2 x 13.1 inches which is quite bigger than other NutriBullet models. It’s a very tall blender with a height of almost 11-inches without a pitcher on the top of the base and weighs around 15 pounds.

So, it’s likely to take significant space on the counter and hardly fits under a typical kitchen cabinet. 

It comes with a very powerful 1700-watt motor and a very fast blade rotation speed of 25,000 to 30,000 rpm. However, this blender has a plastic motor drive and doesn’t protect the motor from spilled liquids which reduces the durability of the motor.

With the box, you’ll get a 30oz short cup, 45oz large cup, lip rings that screw onto the cups so you can drink more easily, a blade cleaner brush to clean, and a blade remover when the blade gets stuck too tightly onto the cup or pitcher.

You’ll love how easy it’s to use with the one-touch button, hands-off blending, and easy cleanup.

The blender is also very easy to clean. You can both rinse it out and leave it to dry or put it into the dishwasher for a more deeply clean.

If you’re short of time and need a quick way to prepare hot, healthy soups then you can consider this product.7-minute heating cycle to make hot soups, sauces, and warm beverages make the blender unique.

It’s a powerful blender that makes great juices but comes with very limited control over the blending process.

  • • Powerful machine
  • • One-touch button makes it easy to use
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Heating function
  • Lack of control

5. KitchenAid KSB1575ER Budget-Friendly Juicer Blender

Best Juicer Blender Reviews
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  • The die-cast metal base 
  • Diamond Blending System
  • 5 Speeds Controller
  • 60-oz Pitcher
  • Pulse Mode
  • Steel-Reinforced Coupler
  • Control Panel with White LED Lights
  • 5 -Year Limited Warranty
  • 1-Year Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty

The last model on our review of the best juicer blender is KitchenAid KSB1575ER 5-Speed Diamond Blender. You’ll like how the exclusive diamond blending system allows you to blend fresh ingredients packed full of vitamins and nutrients.

It’s one of the most powerful and fast blenders out there. The exclusive KitchenAid diamond blending system with patented stainless steel blades and 60-ounce patented diamond design creates a powerful vortex. While the Intelli-speed motor control automatically adjusts for optimal speed and power.

This blender comes in multiple colors to match other KitchenAid appliances. It also comes with a die-cast metal base and the pitcher is made with BPA-free plastic. It’s got a nice handle with ounces for cup measurements on one side and millimeters on the other side. 

The blender is very tall and most likely not going to fit under most cabinets. The lid has an ingredient cup with marking one ounce, two-ounce, and millimeters. Moreover, this blender ensures that all your ingredients blend together quickly and efficiently.

The touchpad in this blender is very neatly laid out. There’s a power button which you’ll press first and the light will flash.

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After that, you can choose one of the five speeds which include stir, chop, mix, puree, and liquefy. Also, there’s a crush ice and pulse mode. When you’re using stir, chop, or mix speeds you can remove the ingredient cup and add other ingredients.

With the blender, you’ll get an instruction manual with some tips and a speed control guide for different foods. To set the blender, simply put the pitcher on the base and turn clockwise until you hear it lock.

So, like all the KitchenAid products the blender looks good. If you want a blender that is easy to use then you should consider this.

  • • Powerful
  • • Intelli-speed motor control
  • • Easy to use
  • • Easy to clean
  • This Blender is very tall that doesn’t fit all kitchen

What To Look For Juicer Blender

By now you know the models of the best juicer blenders in the market. However, we have incorporated this buying guide so that you can consider the factors that will play an essential role in your purchase. Before you make your ultimate decision, make sure you go through this section carefully so that you can find your best match.

1. Design

The design of the product is one of the most important features to consider for every product. The product needs to complement well with the kitchen design and other appliances.

Manufacturers are coming up with different ideas and innovative designs to make the blender not merely an appliance rather an important part of the kitchen. However, the design will not be much of a big deal if you plan to store the blender away when not in use.

2. Jug-sized

If you prefer juicing a bulk amount on a single go then a juicer blender will be a lifesaver for you. These models are great for household use and for making healthy green smoothies.

Jug blenders have a simple design that holds a large portion of ingredients at a time. With these models, you can make various kinds of juices, smoothies, and all sorts of blending tasks easily.

3. Single-Serving

Single-serving blenders have got quite some popularity in recent years due to their compact size and incredible performance. These are a great fit for small houses or if you don’t want to make juice in a bulk amount.

One of the main attractions of the single-serving blender is that they come with a detachable lidded cup that can also be used as a glass.

You’ll not need an additional glass to pour the juice and save you the trouble of washing the dishes every time you want to have some juice. If you don’t like washing dishes then the single-serving juicer blender is an absolute godsend for you.

4. Power

A blender with a greater power source will process the ingredients more efficiently and quickly compared to a blender with lesser power. The power of the motor is generally measured in watts. However, some manufacturers indicate its horsepower as well.

All the juicers that we reviewed in this article come with excellent motor power. A blender juicer with a motor power rating of 1000 watts will be able to juice efficiently. However, from smaller ones, 500-600 watts will be sufficient.

High Speed Motor

5. Speed Control

Along with incredible power, an efficient juicer blender should come with multiple speed control settings. Many models come with advanced technology which helps you to pre-program your desired settings. This feature will save you the hassle of reprogramming the machine every time.

Having more programming options will enable you to use the machine for other blending purposes as well. Make sure that the speed limit is compatible with motor power. If the speed exceeds the power limit then it’ll hamper the blender’s performance.

6. Blade

The blade of the juicer plays an important role as it determines how smooth and fasts the blending will be done. Make sure that the blade is sharp enough and it’s made with quality material to do the job properly.


7. Attachments

The additional attachments of the juicer blender will help you use the juicer for other tasks as well. These attachments will help you get done with other blending tasks with different sorts of ingredients. Juicer blenders with multiple attachments are cost-efficient and a staple for every kitchen.

8. Noise

Nobody likes the loud noise from the blender in the morning. Well, blenders are usually noisy and it isn’t much you can do about it.

The units that we reviewed in this article are comparatively less noisy than the other models in the market. The noise output is tolerable and the end product will be tasty enough to make up for the noise it produces.

9. Cleaning Procedure

Even if the juicer comes with high performance, you should avoid it if it involves hectic cleaning procedures. Juices are a staple in our diet and you’ll be doing that frequently.

Also, these juicer blenders come with additional attachments, hence, you can use them for other kitchen needs as well.

If the blender requires a difficult cleaning routine then it will be a sheer nuisance. So, make sure that the model you opt for can be cleaned easily without any hassle.

The blenders have sharp blades inside, so always put safety precautions and be very cautious while cleaning the inside of the blender.

10. Warranty

Warranty is a crucial factor when it comes to electrical appliances. You should always ensure that the product is backed up by a warranty to make the most of your investment.

All the blender juicers that we reviewed here are top of the line. However, they all come with a warranty so that you can enjoy your purchase to the fullest.

What Is The Difference Between Juicer and Blender?

Juicer Vs Blender

Blending and juicing, are an excellent ways to provide your body with nutrition without the need for cooking or preparing the food. Choosing between these two is quite a daunting task as they both come with incredible features and deliver excellent performance.

1. Blender

Blenders are an excellent choice if you don’t want to waste the ingredients and acquire the wholesome goodness of everything put in the blender. In blenders, there’s hardly any waste and they’re also very easy to clean as well.

Well, if you add too many leafy greens and veggies in the jar then you might end up with a thick liquid substance instead of a juice. Make sure you add the ingredients in a balanced way so that you can avail yourself of a tasty yet healthy drink.

2. Juicer

Juicers, on the other hand, extract the juice from the ingredient you put inside. It removes the pulp and only retains the liquid. Juicers are a great choice if you don’t prefer pulp or fiber in your drink. Many juicers come with additional attachments to juice softer fruits effectively and take out the maximum amount of juices from them.

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Juicing vegetables is a lengthy process and it takes quite a lot of veggies to make a glass of juice. You’ll remain with a lot of wasted fibers and pulps that will take some time to clean off properly.

However, juicers tend to have an upper hand when it comes to vitamin C retention rates. Vitamin C is one of the most essential requirements for our body that aids the immune system. Slow juicers are excellent in retaining vitamin C as they use a mechanism to slowly extract the juice from the fruit or veggies without hampering the nutrition content.

Potassium is another great supplement that you can obtain from fresh juices and smoothies. It helps to keep the heart and kidney healthy. However, the amount is not as significant as it will be if you directly eat the fruits or greens.


Blending and juicing both have their pros and cons. Both work excellently in terms of keeping the nutritional value intact. Whichever one you decide to get, make sure it’s made with quality material and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.

How To Make Juice Without a Juicer Using a Blender?

Getting an extra appliance just for the sake of juicing isn’t a cost-effective option for many. You can also juice efficiently using a blender following some simple steps. The blenders that we reviewed in this article are of excellent quality and they’ll surely take care of all your blending needs.

A juicer separates the pulp and extracts the juice from the fruit or vegetable. Blending, on the other hand, doesn’t separate the pulp or fibers. Many blenders come with additional attachments that help to separate the juice from the mixture.

However, juices with pulp contain more fibers and they’ll keep you full for a longer time. You can make delicious and healthy juice at home following some simple steps.

Wash the Fruit or Veggies

The first step for juicing involves washing the fruits or veggies thoroughly with cold water. This process will help to get rid of the germ and air-borne diseases.

Never wash the ingredient with detergent or dishwasher soap as those contain harmful chemicals that are extremely dangerous if ingested.

Cut them into Pieces

If you throw a large piece of fruit directly into the blender then it’ll take a lot of time to make juices from it and there’s also a risk of getting the fruit stuck within the blades.

Make sure you remove the cores, seeds and cut the fruits into small pieces before you put them in the blender. The smaller the pieces, the lesser time it will take to blend them out.

Add Water or Milk

Now pour some liquid of your choice to make the blend smooth. This will make the blending process easier and create a smoother blend.

The choice of liquid depends on your personal preference. However, water and milk are the most common choices for liquid among people. You can also put any other liquid of your choice.

Start Blending

Once you’re done adding the ingredients and the liquid, it’s time to blend. Secure the lid carefully on top of the blender and blend the mixture several times on a high setting.

After the ingredients are properly mixed with the water, lower the speed and blend it again a few times to make the mix smoother. Keep on blending with some intervals till you reach your desired consistency.

Separate The Pulp

This step is optional and it depends on your taste and preference. You can skip this step if you don’t mind having pulpy juices. Juices with pulps and fibers have higher nutritional value and they’ll keep you full for a longer time.

However, many people don’t prefer pulps and they want their juices to be thin without any presence of fibers. If you’re one of those people then we recommend that you use a mesh strainer to get rid of the pulps and fibers.

Many blenders come with juicing attachments that will remove the pulps themselves and not require you to do that manually.

Some Maintenance Tips For Juicer Blender

Electrical appliances are sensitive and you need to take proper care of them to ensure that they last long. When you use it daily or on occasion, following some simple maintenance will surely extend its life to a great extent. Here are some simple and easy tips that you can follow to keep it running for ages.

  1. Always unplug the appliance from electric connections to avoid accidents. Also, take off the detachable parts and clean them separately following the same procedures.
  2. To clean the blender base, take a damp cloth and paper towel and gently rub around to clean any spilled juice or dirt. Never run the base in running water as that will damage the internal parts.
  3. Be extra cautious while cleaning the insides of the blender as the blades are super sharp and they can cause severe damage in seconds. Handle the blades with the utmost care and clean them gently.
  4. Never use the blender if you notice any damage on the wire or the cord. Using a damaged appliance will spread the damage even more.
  5. Whenever the blender is not in use, take off the plug as that will help you save electricity. Plugging in the blender unnecessarily will only occur in an extra electricity bill.
  6. Make sure that you wipe off the water and moisture and water properly before storing the blender.
  7. Always store the blender in a clean and dry space. Avoid places with excess moisture and that might lead to bacteria build-up on the surface of the blender.
  8. Keep the blender away from the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the power of the juicer have any influence on its performance?

Yes! The power of the juicer demonstrates how quickly and efficiently it’ll complete the task.

If you prefer juicing in a bulk amount then opt for juicers with a high power source. However, if you’re getting it for small servings then a juicer with less power will be sufficient. 

Which material for the pitcher will be the best choice?

All the juicers that we reviewed in this article come with excellent performance and high-quality material. Before you buy the juicer, make sure the pitcher is made with BPA-free material.

Glass pitchers are a safe option but you need to be very careful while handling them. Many manufacturers are now making a pitcher with steel that promotes both durability and safety to the health.

What does BPA-free mean?

BPA is an abbreviation for “bisphenol A”. It’s an ingredient that’s used for making polycarbonate plastic. Studies have shown that BPA has harmful effects on human bodies. Therefore, it’s suggested by the experts to go for materials that do not contain BPA.

Will juicing reduce the nutritional value of the fruits and veggies?

We have accumulated the best juicer blenders in the market and all of them work splendidly well in terms of keeping the nutritional content of the fruits and veggies intact.


Juices are an excellent way to provide your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients. If you want to lead a healthy life then green juices and fruit juices are a must in your diet regimen. With so many varieties of models in the market, you might feel lost in the crowd.

We have picked up the best juicer blenders -Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja, NutriBullet & KitchenAid- in the market after thorough and extensive research so that you can have the juices easily. All the models are super easy to use with remarkable performance to ensure that you don’t face any hassle in having your favorite green smoothies or fruit juices.

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