Best Countertop Blender For Smoothies

Today, You are going to know what is the best countertop blender overall for smoothies.

However, Have you ever wondered about the ready-made food, smoothies, or dressers from the stores? How are they made?

We thought we had everything within our reach filled with organic nutrients. Unfortunately, the internet is starting to uncover otherwise.

What do we do, then? Well, it is time to follow that healthy diet we have all heard so much about but never really put into effect.

The significant kitchen appliance that successfully aids you in eating fresh is the blender. So, the first mission would be to own the best countertop blender and start eating healthy.

A lot of things can depend on buying a top-quality product. Today, we will learn about these pointers and help you jump straight to the chosen one. Let us begin.

Best Countertop Blender Overall For Smoothies

Types of Countertop Blenders

There are three types of countertop blenders from which you can navigate yourself toward buying the right kind.

1. High-Performance Blender

High Performance Countertop Blender

These countertop blenders are typically known as commercial-grade blenders. It is due to the powerful motor that is the center of all attention.

The motor of this type of blender does not limit to only blending milkshakes and smoothies; it is capable of grinding various grains, nuts, cheeses, etc. as well. Moreover, This type of blender is so powerful to make power anything.

Some will even have the perks of chopping fruits and vegetables too. Other high-performance blenders can produce additional heat to make hot soup right away.

Of course, it will need some human assistance for creating the flavor. This also means that these kinds of blenders will always offer high-tech characteristics, including digital timer and preset functions.

With such power and influence over ingredients, the steep cost is, therefore, inevitable. If you are looking for a high-performance countertop blender, expect to spend over the line anyway.

2. Conventional Blender

Conventional Blender

As the name suggests, this type of blender is more of standard quality. Most people often go for conventional countertop blenders because of the reasonable cost factor.

It is also because a lot of the users do not always need fancy features to blend fruits or make cocktails, milkshakes.

While the motor is not an ideal choice for grinding tough ingredients, it might still be adequately sturdy for crushing medium-sized ice cubes.

This is as far as the conventional ones can go. However, there are excellent and cheap qualities in this group. If you get your hands on a high-grade standard unit, it might offer further options besides blending.

3. Personal Blender

Personal Blender

These blenders are very easy to acquire since they have low price tags. Nevertheless, these products are rather useful as single servings. They are small and have a bullet-shaped jar or a go-to cup as a container.

The motor power is less than that of a conventional one, but it works great for blending juice/smoothies and such for a single person.

Why Do You Need Countertop Blender?

The reason we think every household ought to own a countertop blender is that it makes everything simpler!


Do you crave some pancakes? Go for the blender. Do you want to whip up some sauces? Again, the blender to the rescue.

It is not just an appliance for the in-home requirements, but also a useful device for business kitchens. In a way, there are various purposes a countertop blender can easily fulfill.

From blending to purée and cleaving, there is not a thing a high-performing blender would not be able to perform. This machine is some sort of a blessing to beat the summer heat as well.

And if you wish to preserve some ground ingredients for future use, there is the blender again to sort out the problem!

In short, this splendid appliance ensures you and your family are not deprived of healthy nourishments all year long.

Ease of Use

The advantage of a countertop blender is that it does not come with intricate controls. And it does not matter if the controls are digital, dial, or push button, anybody can understand the method/steps to use the machine.

Also, the device does not take much space on the countertop. If the area is smaller, one can always store it in the cupboards.

7 Best Countertop Blenders

Remember, each unit delivers a unique performance that is suitable for particular items. Now, let us see why these products have taken place in the top seven of our list.

1. Vitamix Blender Series 750Best Overall

Vitamix 750 Series - Best Countertop Blender Overall For Smoothies
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This Series 750 Vitamix blender is a one-of-a-kind solution that will not disappoint you in the slightest. It is quite popular for its high-performance motor system.

Everything you need in a premium-grade countertop blender is right in this product. The only problem is that you are going to have to cross the budget line to have this.

But it would be worth the investment if long-term regular performance is what you seek. It does not offer much lavishing appearance when it comes to the design.

The low-profile 64-ounce container with a robust motor base will still impress you every day through marvelous productivity.

It has variable speed control along with pre-programmed functions to fine-tune the texture you desire. The easy-to-clean container, hardened stainless-steel blades, and cool-running motor features ensure long-lasting healthy meals for the family.

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The user can grind, chop, heat, blend, or emulsify the ingredients without feeling the pressure of breakdown amid preparations.

Mostly, this unit gets everything done in speedy movement. So fast is its operation that the cooking/preparing time will be cut down to half! The person will not have to stand by the counter for hours to create food variations.

It is an ideal choice for people who has to utilize a blender regularly. So, if you have a big family and have different items on your agenda, from frozen desserts to soup and purée recipes, this is the best countertop blender overall.

  • Automated blending option
  • Walk-away convenience
  • Variable speed control
  • High-end blades to handle the toughest ingredients
  • Self-cleaning advantage
  • Cool-running motor system for longevity
  • Long cord for versatile placement
  • Not safe for dishwasher
  • Expensive

2. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender – Budget Friendly

Best Countertop Blender Overall For Smoothies
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Another product from the same brand defines how reliable the name is when it comes to energizing trust. The E310 model also includes variable speed control.

So, you can welcome the refine texture according to your taste and the precision you seek. While the unit is incredible for multiple blending options, it is still known for being the best countertop blender for smoothies.

It comes with a 48-ounce container that is slightly smaller in capacity than the previous model. In any case, it still serves perfect mixing capabilities without a hassle.

The blade it incorporates, in contrast, is constructed from a similar solidified stainless steel as the other model. Therefore, you will achieve the result just the way you want with vigorous speed.

All these features would not have been possible had the motor not been dependable. Its strengthening power will allow you to run the machine each day for more than once.

From a less duration process to awarding a plethora of drinks, sauces, and more, you can attain it all at a reasonable cost. Some might still find the price tag a bit high, though.

Nonetheless, is it not better to own something that has a prolonged lifeline than wait for replacement more often? Plus, The Vitamix blender does not cause loud noises like other blenders, either!

  • Ideal for smoothies besides other mixtures
  • Comes with variable speed control
  • Multiple functions of blending
  • Pulse feature for chunky/thick textures
  • Made from superior materials for durability
  • Self-cleaning option
  • Excellent motor quality
  • Difficulty in scraping things out of the jar

3. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender – Editor’s Choice

Best Countertop Blender Overall For Smoothies
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This countertop blender has a traditional design that has been used for many years back in the day. However, the digital buttons are proof of modern-tech implementation for easy operation.

The motor is, admittedly, too powerful to use for chopping ingredients. Such power also implies an instantly blended mixture within a short amount of time.

This model can be often seen in restaurants as being one of the best high-performing units. Thanks to the various user-friendly aspects, it makes the blending rather easy to work with.

However, it might not be that strong to crush a batch of ice, and the device is not up for whipping up some hot soups or sauces. So, it does have its limits despite claiming to produce excellent variants of items.

Another best part is that the jar is very convenient to position for left-handed users as well. This 75-ounce jar is BPA-free to ensure long-term use without exposing you and your family to chemical leakage.

The stainless-steel forged blade integrated with the container is ten times stronger than the standard ones. Thus, its patented design will make sure to crush, blend, and mix effectively.

There are several pre-programmed functions for quick operation when needed, including ice crushing. It values your precious fleeting time and ensures to preserve it as much as possible with a preset system.

  • Easy maintenance within 60 seconds
  • Multipurpose use with pre-programmed settings
  • Digital timer
  • Best for making juices, smoothies, and grinding coffees
  • Convenient design
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Powerful motor and robust blade
  • Not good at making hot beverages/soups
  • Noisy

4. Breville BBL620SIL1AUS1

Best Countertop Blender Overall For Smoothies
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Breville is a name that always comes to mind when considering purchasing kitchen appliances. It is because they are most often sturdy and dependable without costing too much.

This model is something of a similar kind. Although it does not have that many accessories to claim the title, it is, yet, thought to be the best budget countertop blender.

The coolest part about the product is the quiet operation it delivers. Plus, the versatile touch buttons for numerous mixing options undoubtedly make up for the lacked features.

It has a high torque motor that efficiently performs without creating irritating noise. The heavy-duty stainless steel is another perfection to the product. It is engineered to stay sharp as long as possible.

Besides, the blade is designed in a way to make sure not a single lump resides in the container. You will gain the smoothest of the smoothies, including crushing the ice.

When it comes to the controlling of the machine, the digital button press is a genius inclusion. Moreover, the LCD timer helps you keep an eye on the preset programs and such.

Now, the jar is BPA-free and shatterproof with 50-ounce of capacity. It has a tight-fitting lid, which is pretty easy to remove but stays put during operation. Overall, the product is a splendid choice to gift or purchase for the house.

  • Simple cleaning procedure
  • High-grade product materials for longevity
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel sharp blades
  • Single touch versatile smoothie/ice crush preset
  • Ring-pull design-assist lid
  • LCD timer with 9 task controls
  • Not too loud
  • It vibrates a lot during the smoothie setting

5. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor

Best Countertop Blender Overall For Smoothies
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If you are looking for a unit that offers more than just a blending machine, then here is one option for you. Most users have loved this 2-in-1 blender and food processor system.

This is why it is the best-rated countertop blender out there. Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770 Blender comes with a 72-ounce pitcher, 64-ounce processor bowl, two 16-ounce single-serve cups, and a strong motor base.

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Every part of the unit is built from sturdy materials to ensure safe operation. There are about five manual programs to control the speed.

Whether you want to make cookie dough or are too busy to replace juice cups, this will see to all of your needs. Therefore, you are getting nutritious drinks ready to take on the go anytime.

Although the large pitcher is said to be capable of crushing ice, many users have complained regarding the option. Therefore, it is advisable not to apply too many iced contents at once.

The whole unit is completely BPA-free and dishwasher safe. So, you can cross one thing off the concern list. And the blades are so sharp that when it runs with the fast motor, the machine becomes invincible!

Thus, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 has all that you need in a mixer/blender. You can blend, process, extract, all with the help of one powerful motor and some robust cups and containers with tight lids.

Explore the new flavors and recipes with this countertop blender that offers variable speed control, all under your command.

  • Best for blending/processing
  • Includes single-serve cups with lids
  • Versatile operations
  • Incredible motor power
  • Constructed from sturdy materials
  • Offers a recipe guide for beginners
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The pitcher lacks durability

6. Oster Versa Blender

Oster Countertop Blender
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Oster Versa countertop blender might not be the best choice for hard ingredient mixtures. However, it is one of the bests for creating the perfect texture of smoothies, dips, and soups.

In fact, the base control has pre-programmed settings for these items, specifically for a quick mashup. Of course, the variable speed control lets you blend other food pieces according to your need as well.

It has a stainless steel blade that can spin fast enough to cut through any ingredients in an instant. Thus, you can allow yourself the luxury of healthy fruits and vegetable blended drinks and dishes with a mere touch of your fingers.

This is an ideal unit for chopping and grinding multiple items at once. It might take a little while to get the perfect result, but the Versa does the job impeccably well.

The only reason this product has lesser rates than others is due to the 64-ounce Tritan container. It is quite sturdy and all, but the thing seems to leak liquids after several months of use.

On the other hand, the motor base is perfectly durable for a long time. However, it is better to stick to the soft food instead of going directly for the grinding.

In a way, this product is neither bad nor good when it comes to the price range. We still think, at such a cost one can acquire a much better unit than this one with limited features.

  • Powerful motor with a sturdy base
  • Three preset settings
  • Best for blending soft ingredients
  • Variable speed controls
  • Includes cookbooks with recipes
  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • BPA-free jar
  • Tends to leak after some uses

7. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender – Cheap Price

Best Countertop Blender Overall For Smoothies
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The final product is more of a personal countertop than a conventional one. However, the larger pitcher that has a 1-liter capacity can serve small families who depend on blenders daily.

It has a very powerful motor with 1700W. Therefore, whatever shake or juice you plan on making at the last minute, will be done in rapid succession.

The reason it has become a favorite to many users is the easy shift between batches to personal blending. Such versatile use is pretty important for the busy family members in the house.

Plus, the go-to mugs add more advantages to people who are into improving their diet habits. The individual lids make sure no chance of spills while on the move.

These mugs might seem too big for some consumers to carry, though. But to have these exceptionally tough jars to transform any food into silky smooth perfection is worth the weight.

The best part is that you do not have to hold it during the blending process as other similar products require. Go on and prepare other ingredients while NutriBullet does its job proficiently.

It will shut off automatically once the drink is blended completely. You can easily rinse the container parts with soap and water. As for the mugs, they are top-rack dishwasher safe!

From the amazingly sharp blades to the robust motor base, it is an ideal choice at a reasonable cost for anybody.

  • Rapid and excellent performance
  • Does not take up much space
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Hands-free technology
  • Tough quality containers
  • Extremely-powerful motor
  • Optimum stainless steel blade construction
  • Loud
  • The heating function does not work well

What Should You Look for in a Countertop Blender?

Purchasing a blender is a big decision, whether you agree or not. It is the kind of machine that has to run for at least five years without any issue. So, here are some features to look into for acquiring such qualities.

Capacity and Size

The high-performing blenders usually have about 2.4L capacity; thus, an ideal choice for large families.

A conventional, on the other hand, is suitable for small families or bigger households. It can hold about 1.65L, sometimes 1.9L, with various brands.

As for the personal blenders, they have compact containers that hold only 0.2L to 0.7L of liquids. So,it is preferable for small families or a single person.



This is one of the essential parts of a blender. Hence, it must be of top grade. Stainless steel tends to last longer than any other materials when it comes to sharp blades.

It is highly resistant to rust and very durable in the long run. We suggest opting for a removable blade base so as to clean it better.


The higher wattage your blender motor has, the more versatile and powerful the device will be. In that case, a unit with 1000 or more watts will instantly crush any hard ingredient you put inside.

A unit with 500W to 700W is also an effective way to make those delicious frozen cocktails and smoothies we crave in the summer.

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However, if you are looking for a blender only to mix softer and light ingredients, then a motor of 300W to 400W would be enough to make do. They are usually great for mixing milkshakes, yogurts, and creams.


A blender will always offer at least three-speed variations in the control panel. From low to high and pulse are the options that are usually found in the units. Some will even have medium speed.

It is better to start from low to high speed gradually for better results. This helps prevent the motor from burning out or a sudden burst of ingredients splashing upward.

Material and Design

What material makes the container the sturdiest – plastic or glass? Honestly, it is a debate that will go on forever because both are beneficial in some way.

Consumers often go with plastic since they are lightweight and do not crack that easily. However, plastic is prone to absorb odor and stains faster than glass.

Glass containers are heavy and tend to chip or shatter if even a single wrong ingredient is placed, but it will not have any odor or stain properties.

Whichever you choose, make sure the design is tight-fitting and secure once placed on the motor base.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Will a Countertop Blender Last?

It depends on the make, model, and routine of use. The conventional and personal models often last for three to five years. A high-performance blender, on the other hand, can go on for about ten years.

2. How Much Do Countertop Blenders Cost?

Blenders that have versatile functions, high-performance, for example, are expensive but effective.

The conventional ones often fall within mid-range, whereas the personal countertop blenders are pretty cheap to obtain.

3. What Features Make a Countertop Blender Easier to Clear?

Wider containers are quite accessible for reaching down and cleaning up the stuck mess by the blade. They are less vexing to scrub.

If your blender has the feature to separate the blade from the container, it will make maintenance simpler.

4. Can All Countertop Blenders Crush Ice?

No, those that have a larger capacity and powerful motor can only crush ice. A commercial-grade countertop blender is an example of such a product.

5. What’s the Best Container Material for a Blender?

Glass containers are the better version for resistance to stain, odor, and chemical leakage. They are also environmentally friendly. However, plastic is more lightweight and resistant to shatter.

On the contrary, stainless steel containers are extremely durable but expensive at the same time.

Final Words

Owning the best countertop blender means better and more delicious outcomes every day. This sort of flexibility is only possible if the user chooses the right kind of blender for the house/business.

Who would not love the rapid creation of some mouthwatering salsa or a sip of the best cocktail on a summer night!

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