Best Omega Juicer Reviews – All Types Discussed And Listed

So, we have, today, covered and made a list of Omega Juicer Reviews. We are sure you will get all your answer to the article. Omega is one of the most reliable juicer brands on the market.

The power of a proper diet lies in the consumption of fruits and veggies. juice yield from the selected fruits is one of the ways of preparing good health with one’s hand. It feels strange and exciting when noticing the way the juicer rotates. The juicer makes a sound that creates hope for the mind that follows it and awaits the juice. The best juicer in the market can only achieve this lovable experience.

We researched juicers in the market and found that Omega juicer is the best and popular among the people, that’s why we have decided to write Omega Juicer Review so that people can know everything about Omega Juicer from the page.

Omega juicer has been the number one juicer among others. It creates love in its fantastic way of bringing the juice yield out of the fruits and veggies; hence, it makes a cherished juice. Many people are afraid of unhealthy food and drinks. It is not their fault; that is how it has been generally. Omega Juicer can solve the problem of unhygienic juices.

Omega juicers have the unique property of maintaining the nutritional level, vitamins, and healthy digestive enzymes to keep the body at a healthy state even after crushing the juice out of the fruits. Keep reading, and I will keep you abreast of the best way to choose the best of the best Omega Juicer that will meet your budget, plan, and taste. Follow me and see!

Quick Reviews On Omega Juicers

Image Name Details Price
71Ap7GNnANL. AC SL1500 Omega Mega Mouth Juicer 1. 3-inch Big feed chute
2. Vertical Juicer
3. Easy to clean
4. 240W powerful motor
5. RPM 60
6. 10 Year Warranty
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81A3JFGWX0L. AC SL1500 Omega VSJ843QS Juicer 1. Vertical slow masticating juicer
2. 15-year warranty
3. dual-edge auger
4. RPM 43
5. Has an Auto-Cleaning system 
6. Easy to clean

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61%2Bgo0KhvEL. AC SL1378 Omega J8006HDS Juicer 1. Horizontal slow juicer
2. RPM 80
3. Dual-stage juicing system
4. Powerful motor
5. Easy to clean
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71iUgE3XnyL. AC SL1465 Omega NC900HDC Juicer 1. Horizontal masticating juicer
2. Dual-Stage Extraction
3. 15 Year Warranty
4. HP 2
5. Quiet but powerful motor
6. 150 Watt Motor
7. Easy to clean
Check Price
71qFQHXNnAL. AC SL1500 Omega TWN30S juicer 1. Twin gear juicer
2. 15 Year Warranty
3. RPM 160
4. Use as a food processor
Check Price
910DafgpDQL. AC SL1500 Omega Cube Juicer 1. Watt 200
2. RPM 80
3. East to clean
4. Warranty 15 Years juicer
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71Nks KRsOL. AC SL1500 Omega C2100S juicer 1. High-speed juicer
2. Warranty 2 years
3. Two-speed settings
4. Feeding chute 2.95-inch 
5. Easy to clean
Check Price
71UaRLNYuYL. AC SL1500 Omega C-20C juicer 1. Citrus juicer
2. 01 Speed operation
3. 3 different size juicing cones
Check Price
71%2BfCJ%2BfncL. AC SL1500 Omega J4000 High-Speed Juicer 1. Centrifugal Juicer
2. RPM 3500
3. Warranty 15 Year
4. Stainless steel parts
5. Automatic pulp ejection
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A Complete Guide Of All Omega Juicers

Omega juicers are so much popular in the juicer market and remain the best among others; there are myriads of this juicer product that have been produced. Many are majorly made for juicing fruits; others can do both nuts and fruits, while some are made for citrus fruits. There are vertical and horizontal juicers; some are cubic, while others have a little weight with variable length.

Mainly Omega Juicer is Three Types.

1. Masticating / Low-Speed Juicer,

2. Centrifugal / High-Speed Juicer &

3. Citrus Juicer.

However, we made another easy and detailed clarification based on their shape to understand all types of Omega Juicers. We Hope The below Details ‘best omega juicers reviews’ will help you understand all types of omega juicers at a glance.

1. Type – Vertical Slow Speed / Masticating Juicer

Omega MMV700S – Best Vertical Slow Speed Juicer

Omega MMV700S Juicer - best omega juicers
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Omega MMV700S, a vertical masticating juicer, is one of the best omega vertical juicers, and it is renowned for its amazing performances. This best vertical juicer in the market has been an industry leader for 10 Year warranty because of its wonderful features.

The longer shelf life is another key feature that makes it a unique juicer. It has reduced the heat of the action, which results from the low speed during operation.

The low speed prevents the process of oxidation of fruit. Omega MM900HDS is specifically designed for juicing celery stalks. The juicer is the best for celery.

The oxidation is not beneficial for this process because it can cause a change in the taste of the juice. The low heat of operation also increases shelf life. In addition to these, this product possesses a gentle squeezing action that keeps the enzymes active and maintains a maximum number of nutrients.

Users are advised to operate this product with care because its operational revolution of 60 per minute is low, and this creates an optimal efficiency.

The 3-inch feed chute makes Omega MMV700S time-friendly. It can fit and consume most whole apples, oranges, vegetables, leafy green, fruits, and veggies in lesser time.

A preservation feature is found in the cap attached to the juice spout, so be assured that with this product, your juice is safe, and can be kept in the juicer till when needed. Moreover, Keeping the cap closed during juicing also increases the rate of mixing of fruits, leafy greens, or vegetables.

As perfect as the Omega juicer, compact juicer, is, it has another amazing property, which is that it is easy to clean. The rotary cleaning screen makes the juicer keep running at maximum efficiency; its automatic pulp ejection helps to make the cleaning an easy one.


  • 3-inch feed chute
  • Cap for trapping fruits drops
  • Good Auto generator
  • Larger chute
  • Efficient extracting
  • Minimal oxidation
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Silent operation
  • Not perfect for wheatgrass extract
  • Not very durable

Omega VSJ843QS – Best Vertical Masticating Juicer

Omega VSJ843QS - best omega juicers
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Omega VSJ843QS, compact juicer, a vertical masticating juicer are worthy of praise in design and features. The juicer is one of the most popular vertical juicers.

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The compact juicer is spectacular because of its compact vertical design, which makes it contemporary and productive.

The vertical juicer’s orientation simplifies the delivery process. The creative work of form and function combine to give the maximum degree of extracting juices from fruits.

Also, they are likened to a source of the healthiest possible juice that maintains the quality and taste of its fruits. It can even prepare frozen desserts It’s easy to clean. this machine is also perfect for juicing celery

The product is embedded with a no juice drip tap, which prevents the dripping of juice, and the tap enhances the cleanness and beautification of the juice. With the dripping tap, the product is devoid of stains, and it would always remain clean. The vertical juicers give us a better juice yield.

The juice tap controls the passage of juice, which means juice can only come out of the juicer if you open the tap. With this, users have nothing to fear about the spillage of juice.

The highly yielding character comes from the dual-edge auger with close fit tolerance. It strains more juice and breaks fiber to its minimum palatability level, which means that it dries the pulp by bringing out the maximum residues from it. The juicer is capable of all types of fruits and veggies.

This results in smoother, dense, and nutritional juice. You will surely be amazed by the optimal efficiency of this product. The gentle squeezing action reduced heat during operation, and the delayed oxidation process all increases the activities of the enzymes, the shelf-life, the taste, and the quality of the juice. if you think you can’t afford a VSJ843QS juicer, Then you can check the alternative Omega VRT330s Dual-Stage Vertical Single juicer. This could be a nice option for you.


  • Amazing Design
  • Good Balance
  • Automatic Pulp Ejection
  • 15-year warranty
  • Four stable feet, increase stability
  • Versatility. It can perform a wide range of operations
  • Dual stages extract more
  • Easy to use
  • Weak auger, easily broken
  • Expensive

2. Type – Horizontal Slow Speed / Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006HDS – Horizontal Masticating Juicer Best Overall

OMEGA J8006HDS Juicer - best omega juicers
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OMEGA J8006HDS, one of the best omega juicers in the market, is an industry leader with breathtaking performances in the past Fifteen years. With 80 RPMs, this product operates in a masticating style.

It is one of the most highly-rated and horizontal masticating juicers. The cold press juicer is very consistent in making hygienic and nutritious juices. The juicer can make frozen desserts & baby foods.

The low rotational speed reduces heat production leading to the production of tasty and nutritious juices with healthy enzymes intact. Users of this juicer should expect to deduce a vast quantity of juices from just a few fruits because of its maximal extraction ability.

Its nutrition center is very versatile and efficient. Butter, baby food, soya milk, and pasta can all be made within the confines of the nutrition center. The juicer is easy to clean. The juicer is the best value


  • It has a maximal juice extraction rate and produces a dry pulp
  • Pulp-ejection that operates automatically
  • Noiseless operation
  • Four feet for stability
  • High productivity
  • It is easy to operate and clean
  • Produces very hygienic juices
  • It is very versatile and can make a plethora of food items
  • It curbs degradation of juices
  • The production speed is low
  • It is not efficient in the production of several kinds of food

Omega NC900HDC – Horizontal Slow Speed Juicer

omega nc900hdc Juicer - best omega juicers
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Now, we are talking about one of the best horizontal juicers, omega NC900hdc. The juicer is the best value for money. The dual-stage omega nc900hdc masticating extraction improves the level of extraction. It can extract more juices and vegetables.

Omega nc900hdc is a low-speed juicer; this property improves its ability to minimize heat production, reduces oxidation, and supports the thriving of enzymes.

It extracts to dry pulp and maintains nutritional value. In terms of versatility, this product ranks tops. It is, therefore, the best choice for different forms of extractions.

It also has an end cap. Pulp extraction makes the process easy and fun. The plastic part is BPA-free. It makes good nut butter and nuts milk

Omega NC900HDC is a quiet juicer equipped with a powerful motor. For maximum juice yield, the juicer has 5 different settings systems.

The size of the feed chute is more massive, and this makes it an easy tool to use. More so, users spend less time prepping before juicing. The juicer covers a 15-year warranty.


  • Dual-Stage Mastication
  • Adjustable End Cap with 5- Settings
  • Pulp Extraction
  • 2 Horsepower motor
  • Big Feed Chute
  • 15 year warranty
  • Dual-stage masticating extraction.
  • Maximum extraction
  • Longer shelf duration
  • Easy to work with
  • Low-Speed Juicer

3. Type – Twin Gear Slow Speed / Masticating Juicer

Omega TWN30S – Twin Gear Masticating Juicer Best Twin Gear

Omega Juicer TWN30S - best omega juicers
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Omega twin gear Juicer TWN30S, One of the best slow juicers is designed with two interlocking stainless steel sugars. The two works together and slowly squeeze the maximum amount of juice from nut butter, fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. It is BPA-free plastic parts. Juicer is very easy to clean.

This juicer is renowned for its low speed, which makes it a heat-free juicer. It reduces the oxidation of fruits and thus promotes enzymatic lives.

Omega Juicer TWN30S handles the chewing using the double gears juicer as a food processor to make nut butter, frozen fruit sorbets, baby food, and grind other foods such as coffee and spices. Automatic pulp ejection shows the easiness in usage and lock-latch for easy assembly. The slow juicers come with 15 Year Warranty.


  • Low-speed revolution per minute
  • Dual-stage masticating extraction.
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Lock-latch for easy assembly
  • Easy to wash
  • Maximum extraction
  • Longer shelf duration
  • Easy to work with
  • Have to cut the fruit and vegetable before the extraction.

4. Type – Slow Speed / Masticating Cube OMEGA Juicer

Omega CUBE300S – Cube Masticating Juicer

Omega Cube300S
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The Omega Cube300S masticating juicer is designed with advanced techniques such that it can be used to crush and crew virtually any fruits, vegetables, hard fruits, leafy greens, and citrus.

It is modernized and well designed in a portable size that can fit little spaces in the kitchen.

It is made for multi-functional purposes, which include making juices, creating of pasta, nut milk, baby food, and tasty sorbets.

Another embedded feature is that the machine is exceptionally efficient.

More so, it is well embedded with a pulp regulator knob for the promotion of maximum extraction. This indeed is an awesome additional feature to the juicer.


  • Portable Size
  • Multipurpose-in-Function
  • Pulp Regulator Knob
  • The new cubic design allows lesser space
  • Dual-stage masticating system
  • Extract a wide range of fruits vegetables
  • Extraction of soy and making of almond milk
  • Not cheap for beginner
  • Slow masticating actions
  • Narrow chute


Omega C2100S – High-Speed Juicer

Omega C2100 Juicer
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Omega C2100 Juicer has an extra-large chute, which creates a more significant avenue for bigger pieces of fruits and leafy greens, and even some whole fruits. This makes the preparation very fast and easy.

The speed control system also makes a great contribution to juicer awesomeness. The dial is designed with two-speed settings; one is low, which is meant for soft and vegetables, and the second is designed for harder fruits and vegetables is high. No matter the type of fruits or vegetables, the Omega X-Large Chute High-Speed Juicer makes the best of the tasty juice in a limited time.


The detachable 9-cup pulp size container storage implies that large quantities of juices can be prepared from single extraction. This saves time and is glaringly the better choice for busy people because it is fast and produces more from a single process.

There is a built-in locking system that solves the problems of security and maintenance. More so, the product boasts of a “4” suction cup.


  • 9-cup pulp size
  • Built-in-locking system
  • Four suction cup
  • Two-stage processes maintain maximum output
  • Auto pulp ejection allows easy ejection
  • 3-Inch Chute Extracts
  • Removable 9-cup pulp promotes optimum production.
  • Slow juicing speed boosts nutrient levels.
  • Operation in silence
  • Low durability

Omega J4000 – Centrifugal Juicer

Omega J4000
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Omega J4000 is a masterpiece! Its blades whirl around 500 revolutions per minute; therefore, it is a high-speed juicer.

It crushes any kind of fruit, except leafy greens vegetables. This juicer will surely beat your imagination and your expectations.

Another positive thing about this juicer is that it is easy to clean up. Dripping can be easily controlled. Tilting to the right allows the collection of the last piece of juice; if not, it will continue to drip. There is no doubt that Omega J4000 is a masticating juicer, but it is not as efficient as the latter products.


  • Stainless-Steel blade
  • Large Feed Chute
  • Pulp injection
  • Easy cleanup
  • Very fast
  • Quieter than expected
  • Does not crush leafy greens
  • Doesn’t extract all the juice
  • Drips after juicing


Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer

Citrus C-20C professional citrus juicer
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This is a unique product that is perfectly made for a long time juicing in a commercial kitchen. Citrus C-20C professional citrus juicer, just as the name suggests, is best used for fruit juice, especially citrus juice.

Its Package includes 3 Different Sizes of juicing cones that promote extraction processes. It has non-slippery feet that increase stability when it is in operation. Bowl and Pulp Strainer are made of surgical stainless steel.

The juicer is not for leafy greens. This Machine is only for all types of citrus. You can use the juicer without peeling citrus which will save you time and make your job easy. It’s the voltage from 110 to 120 Volt. Machine speed 1800 RPM. It has 2 Years warranty.


  • Aluminum Body
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Pulp Strainer
  • 3 Size Cones
  • Packaged with juicing cones
  • Perfect for continuous juicing because of the injector
  • Easily Detachable
  • It’s Only for Citrus
  • It separates only some pulp , not all.

Best Omega Masticating Juicer Reviews

Mastication is the fun part of any juicer. The fact that I can juice anything that comes across my mind from baby foods to nuts and others apart from fruits is a lovely thing.

There are several masticating / Slow juicers, but the best part of them is the easiness of cleaning. If I can use a juicer to extract vegetables or almonds, and the mess left behind is easy to clean; what is so beautiful as this?

The masticating juicers or slow juicers can operate in a wide range. It must be versatile: this is the definition of it being a masticating juicer. Omega Cube300S cube, a top-notch Omega Masticating Juicer extracts to a pulp; that means it extracts a great quantity of juice from a minimum quantity of leafy greens, wheatgrass, fruits, and veggies. Also, most masticating juicers tend to maintain the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins and keep the best taste of the juice.

The diversity of the extraction makes a masticating juicer a suitable choice for different forms of extractions. This explains the versatility of a masticating juicer.

Automatic pulp ejection promotes the extraction process. The pulp is ejected for more fruits and veggies. This is a feature to cherish, in the extraction of a large number of nuts; more nuts can be produced in a limited time.

All masticating juicers / slow juicers are storage-friendly. They have a longer shelf duration. This is the ability to keep juice intact without degradation in the juice for days.

What Is The Best Citrus Omega Juicer?

Citrus juicers are purely made for citrus products. They have a beautiful design, and the feet are non-slippery. This makes the juicer suitable for heavy usage. Because of the foot’s shape, it is suitable for continuous usage because of the stability it will gain. Also, it is engineered with an injector which shows that citrus juicer is perfectly made for continuous work.

The injector is a good inclusion because not only does the injector works perfectly, but the juicer is also equipped with some cones. These features and the way Omega J4000 is designed is worth mentioning. Not only that, Citrus C-20C has a large feed chute. This is evidence of substantial productivity.

If you want several products in a short period; a C-20C professional is the best choice. It is also happily made for extremely busy people; you do not need to cut your citrus into small pieces, just wash the fruits and put them inside the juicer, then comes your delicious juice. Pulp ejection is another avenue for excellent productivity; pulp ejection major consigns the provision for more and more fruits addition.

This juicer is not limited to the starting products, during the period of operation; more fruit can be added; pulp will be extracted automatically, and the injection channels the juice produced away from the system, what a great machine. A citrus juicer is the best juicer to possess.

Which Function Define Types of Omega Juicers?

The functions mainly determine the choice of juicer select. From the aspect of functions, it can be narrowed down from continuous juicing to the one that cannot juice continuously.

The ones that can function continuously are usually equipped with an injector: this is a small hollow piece of material designed with a hole inside it. It is projected out of the juicer’s main body frame. It allows the easy collection of juice during the process of juicing. The parts that made up the juicer have unique functions, and these, in turn, define the product.

An Omega MMV700S differs from Omega J4000 in the fact that it is a low-speed juicer; while Omega J4000 is a high-speed juicer. The fact of being a low or high-speed juicer has an impact on the final product.

While a low-speed juicer maximizes the nutritional content and reduces the heat production; which in turn keeps the enzyme intact against degradation, Omega J4000 being a high-speed juicer may not have all the properties that a slow speed juicer has in the aspect of the nutritional content.

However, the high-speed juicer production rate is very high. The low-speed juicer cannot achieve the number of products produced at a specific time at that same time.

This is why the function always dictates the choice of product. There is also a point of notice; the fact that a low-speed juicer maintains a high level of a nutrient does not mean that a high-speed juicer cannot maximize nutritional level either but the rate is different.

For instance, in the extraction of carrot, a low-speed juicer may be used, but the efficiency will be low this result from the fact that carrot is a hard fruit. Using a high-speed juicer for the same extraction increases efficiency.

Buying Guide Of Omega Juicer

Buying Guideline

You may be disappointed if the Omega juicer you love damages after a few weeks of usage. This is why the buying guide is important. Don’t take the risk! You have to put some factors into consideration before you make a purchase so that you can enjoy the best out of your juicer. Now, let’s highlight some of these factors:

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Consider the Purpose of Buying

Many people buy juicers because of their diet and healthy life. The question is, why do you need an Omega juicer?

If you are planning to establish a commercial setup, where you will be selling freshly prepared juice, look for a balanced and robust juicer, the one that can undergo multiple tasks and, at the same time, perform excellently.

Also, time is another thing to consider. Since time management is a significant pillar of good business, a juicer that is fast and can produce a large number of fruits in a limited time is required—keeping customers waiting forever in the course of the juice’s preparation. A centrifugal or some fast juicers will be the best option.

In the case of a free person that loves the quality, such can go for slow masticating juice. If you are the one that loves the original tastes, Cold press juicers / slow juicers will be the best option because, in the process of doubling the action of fast juicers, the quality is being rubbed away. Nutrient, enzymes, and oxidation prevention is the basis of quality juices in juices production.

If you are looking for all these qualities, masticating juicers should be number one in the preference list because it prevents heats production, which is the first aid for nutrients and enzyme degradation.

Consider the kind of juice that you want to make

There are different types of juices, and various types of juicers have been made for the task.

If you are a lover of juices made from apple, carrot, and other solid fruits, the best option is a masticating juicer. They produce the right kind of juice.

A lover of citrus juices or juice made from soft fruits, the act of masticating juicers would discourage the customer.

Likewise, the production of juices from least vegetables and wheatgrass, the use of horizontal auger juicers, will act correctly.

A vertical masticating juicer is known for its excellent performance in extracting juices from soft fruits. Therefore the type of juices that is important to you determines the kind of juicer you buy.

Consider The Frequency Of Usage

If the cause of buying the juicer demand you to use it every day, you should look for a balanced, light, and comfortable juicer.

Nutrient Retention

It is known that masticating juicers retain more nutrients than high juicers or centrifugal, this is because the heat from the high-speed juicers reduces the enzyme and reduces the level of the nutrient that will be accumulated after the extraction process.

So, if you want to purchase the juicer for diet and nutritional need including vitamins and other beneficiary advantages, the best option is to go for a type of juicer that carefully extract the beautiful juices for maximum benefits.

Pulp Ejection

Pulp Ejection answers the prayer of those that wish to produce juice in vast quantities. The automatic pulp extended out of the system make it very useful and comfortable. These features do not limit continual juicing. The pain of starting from the fresh has been taken care of by the pulp election.


Some juicers are not versatile in the fact that they are narrowed to the production of some particular types of fruits. If you are a fan of hard fruits, soft fruits, and other fruits, a centrifugal juicer is a good option. But when the time to extract vegetables, almonds, or soy milk; a centrifugal cannot perform efficiently.

The level of operations should be considered before buying another new Omega Juicers. Some masticating juicers can efficiently perform both roles, extracting the sweetness from fruits and also from almonds and in the making of soy milk.

Feeder Tube Size

The feeder tube size is a time determinant. The bigger the feeder the format is, the easy it can allow bigger fruits into the juicer. Some feeder tube is big enough to allow a whole big apple and some other fruits into the feeder; this is the best option for busy people.


The place you stay and who you are determine if you would love to have a noisy juicer in your home. Some people hate fainted noise; they don’t like sound. If you are not noise friendly, don’t go for most centrifugal juicers.

Ease of Cleaning

Most juicers that lack ejection are known to be difficult in cleaning; therefore, proper consideration for those that are not free or have time to clean the juicer to go for those with ejection.


It is more beautiful to place a juicer right in the corner of your kitchen without much notice that you do have a juicer. But some people love essential things.

If you are staying in an apartment that is really small or fully occupied, buying a big juicer might be a burden.

Consider The Users

There are certain sets of people, those that are active, and those that are rather not. If you are buying a juicer for the granny, a well-designed and easy-to-operate juicer will be the best option.

For the active ones, their choice should judge. Knowing the kind of people behind it, operating the juicer, is an essential factor to put its mind will buying a new Omega Juicer.

Few Asked Questions [FAQs]

Which Model of Omega Juicer Is The Best?

Omega NC900HDC

This is a juicer that is referred to as the extractor and nutrition giver. It extracts the maximum and left pulp, and also maintains the nutritional level of the fruits.

Nc900HDC Model, Best Omega Juicer among all Reviews, is a 6th generation machine, which means it was designed with the latest of all technology. This Omega Juicer is a versatile juicer; it can produce soft fruits even to the almond and soy milk, nut, etc

Is A Juicer Worth The Investment?

Beyond health and fitness, there is no other. If the mind and soul can be in the right sense, then the body can perform at its optimum level. If you are healthy, that is when you are alive, if not? Then; Increase your juices intake; it will boost your health to the good side.

Low Speed / Masticating Juicer Vs High-Speed Centrifugal Juicer?

The main advantage of slow juicing is the capacity to extract an even quality and quantity of juice. Several examinations identify slow juicing as a good taste source, which is an alternative to blending or smoothies. Tests have also shown that a high degree of the quantity of juice can be prepared through slow juicing.

It is known that masticating juicers produce good quality juice when smooth and fleshy fruits in against fast juicers, which are a bit limited to their production of a quality taste.

Masticating Juicers are not limited to fruits alone but can also be used for vegetables and some hard fruits extraction.

For greater absorption of vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables, Masticating juicers are a great option. They are recognized with a good degree of extraction. Most of them are dry pulp; that is, they extract the juices from fruits and vegetables to dried-like levels.

Virtually all masticating juicers operate silently. There are minimized noises when operating a masticating juicer machine. Some centrifugal and fast juicers, because of their speed, tend to make noise during operation.

It is worthy of note that fast juicers do not imply inadequate nutrients. It is the nature of fruits that determines the type of juicers suitable to use. When a carrot is to be juiced, it should be known that masticating juicers cannot perform the rightful operation like fast juicers. The reason is obvious, and it is just that the carrot is a hard fruit. In juicing soft fruit, Masticating juicers are a better option.

Therefore yield varies among fruits, and the necessary force required to extract it out also varies.

How Does Omega Juicer Work?

Produce from the fruits or vegetables pass through the juicer’s vertically-feeding chute where it is compressed and entered a cylindrical horizontally positioned plastic container, known as a drum, this drum surrounds a rotating auger.

The auger pulls the fruits, and veggies produce along with the drum and simultaneously crushes and grind it. It later pushes it against a strainer that is around it.

The fluid aspect of the crushed fruit produced is known as the juice. The juice is forced through the strainer, it falls along a hole beneath the drum and is collected by a vessel placed under it. The pulp is forced through the way across the end of the auger and then through the tip where it exists.


This is the end of the tour through the Best Omega Juicer Review, and we can see the different types of Juicers with respect to the best place they are. I know that this article will help you choose the right Omega Juicer suitable for you.

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