Is A Vacuum Blender Like The Ninja FreshVac Better For Smoothies?

The common question is: does a vacuum blender like the Ninja FreshVac work better for smoothies than a regular blender?

A vacuum blender like the Ninja FreshVac is marketed as a healthy and time-saving option for making smoothies. They are said to be able to blend fruits, vegetables, ice, protein powder in seconds without heating up the ingredients with friction from blades that can cause oxidation of food.

However, many people find they have difficulty cleaning their vacuum blenders like ninja Freshvac blender and do not believe it’s worth the hassle when a traditional blender will work just as well.

The answer to that question can be found on our blog. We have done in-depth research and testing of these two blenders to find out which one works best for making healthy, refreshing, and delicious smoothies.

In this article, you will also learn what features to look for when purchasing a vacuum blender vs a regular blender so you can make an educated decision about which one is right for your needs.


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What Is Ninja FreshVac?

Is A Vacuum Blender Like the Ninja FreshVac Better for Smoothies

Ninja’s patented FreshVac Technology is a means of keeping food fresh. FreshVac technology works like a vacuum blender. The Ninja FreshVac Pump removes oxygen before blending.

It helps to reduce oxidation sucking our air and oxygen before starting blending. Ninja FreshVac Technology was designed with a powerful motor and vortex to liquefy, dry, and remove the smells from food quickly.

This means the smoothies will be blended without any bubbles or chunks. The Vacuum Lid prevents spillage and also locks in all of your ingredients, so nothing is wasted!

Is A Vacuum Blender Like The Ninja FreshVac Better For Smoothies?

Yes, Ninja FreshVac Blander is better for smoothies like another vacuum blender. You know vacuum blender is very good for making smoothies and also vacuum blender has lots of benefits.

Ninja freshVac blender is also one kind of vacuum blender. you will get all kinds of benefits what you get from a vacuum blender. also, there are many reasons why Ninja freshVac blender is better for making smoothies.

Ninja FreshVac Vaccum seal helps to mix the ingredients well, so you don’t get chunks of fruit or leaves in your drink. It also has a vacuum lid that will keep your drink and all of the yummy fruits and vegetables inside as you blend which makes it less messy than a regular blender.

Ultimately, Ninja Fresh Vacuum Blender is better than other vacuum blenders. It’s easier to use and clean, plus you don’t get chunks of food in your drinks like with regular blenders.

Vacuum blenders are also great for making smoothies because the vacuum seal helps to mix all of your ingredients together without any interference from gas bubbles or other matter in them, and it keeps everything inside as you blend which makes it less messy than a regular blender!

Ninja Vacuum Blender also doesn’t need power because it has a rechargeable battery which makes it perfect for those who are always on the go!

Which Ninja FrashVac Blender Is Best For Smoothies?

Ninja Smart Screen Blender DUO With FreshVac Technology (CT661V)

Ninja CT661V Blenders - Best ninja freshvac blender
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  1. Product Dimention: 8.86 L x 10.82 W x 17.32 H
  2. FreshVac Technology: Yes, it has
  3. Manual Programs: 03
  4. Auto Programs: 07
  5. Display: It has touch screen display
  6. Extraction: It has Nutrient Extraction
  7. Function: Only blender
  8. Watts: 1100
  9. Warranty: 1 Year

To us, Ninja Smart Screen Blender DUO With FreshVac Technology (CT661V) is the best Ninja FreshVac blender considering its all features.

The Ninja Smart Screen DUO with FreshVac Technology is the only blender with a touchscreen display, allowing you to select from 7 Auto-iQ programs.

The smart touch screen reveals each vessel’s chef-designed automatic pre-set recipes for drinks, smoothies, and shakes. Just select your program and blend! You can also use the touchscreen to adjust speed or temperature settings on the fly as well as scroll through all of its features.

The Ninja Smart Screen Blender DUO with FreshVac Technology (CT661V) is the ultimate kitchen appliance for foodies who want to make their favorite recipes quickly and easily. The blender’s powerful 1400-watt motor base has 2 touch screen displays, a large touchscreen display for controlling the settings of each recipe.

Ninja’s Touchscreen technology makes it easy to clean, long-lasting, and intuitive. The large LCD display shows a countdown timer, blending speed, and temperature settings.

You can also adjust the programmed settings as you go by simply touching a button on the touchscreen display to slow down or pick up your blend’s pace! It has 72 oz. FreshVac Blender Pitcher and  20 oz. Single-Serve FreshVac Cup for individual servings.

The Ninja FreshVac Vacuum Blender is the best choice for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to waste getting their ingredients together or cleaning up afterward!

It’s easy to use, doesn’t require any power, has a vacuum seal that will keep your drink inside as you blend so it won’t spill, and the rechargeable battery will last for hours!

Is The Ninja Blender Good For Smoothies?

Yes, the Ninja blender is a great tool for making smoothies.

The Ninja Blender is as good for smoothies as any other blender, but it’s a much more versatile kitchen tool. It can make soup, sauces, dressings, and dips with ease. Blend up fresh fruit for only a few seconds to get a perfect consistency. Jarred foods like mayonnaise and ketchup are no match!

The Ninja comes with an assortment of different cups, blades, and lids that enable you to mix everything from thick batters to really thin liquids like milk-based drinks or oil-based seasoning without any problems at all!

Also, The Ninja blender is one of the best portable blenders you can buy. Its Smart-blend technology includes two personalized dual-action arms to ensure that ingredients are uniformly blended from top to bottom with power never lost thanks to its vortex action.

The sealed system avoids spills or leaks that can happen using other products such as Single-Serve Blender Bottles and allows you to place drinks right in the bottle without spilling something all over your countertop when they’re done.

A patented heating function also heats soup directly in the pitcher, avoiding another mess on your stovetop or microwave. Plus it’s got a really sleek design that shows how smart this machine really is!

Why Is My Smoothie Not Smooth?

There are three things that could be going wrong.

One, your blender is not powerful enough to grind up the ice cubes.

Two, the water may not have been blended long enough before adding in all other ingredients.

Three, you added too much-frozen fruit into the blender or too much liquid that was not necessary and this has caused the delay in blending due to lack of air space within the blender’s container (the more frozen fruit and liquids you add, the less room there is for air).

First step: check if your blender can make a silky smoothie with even a handful of ice cubes by making one yourself. If it doesn’t turn out silky smooth like milkshake-like then you need a stronger blender.

Second step: try blending mixture without any more frozen fruit or liquids for long enough that the blender becomes still and you can hear it start to make a whistling sound as if the air is being vacuumed back into the container. Then, add in some of your favorite ingredients like milk and ice cubes one at a time until a creamy smoothie is achieved.

Third step: try adding less frozen fruit or liquids to see if that helps with the blending process and you’ll be able to hear it start making a whistling sound again.

If not, you may need a stronger blender for this recipe but in terms of ingredients, your choices are limitless!

You can add just about anything from spinach to almond butter to your blender but just be mindful that the more frozen fruit and liquids you add, the less room there is for air.


The Ninja FreshVac Vacuum Blender is a great option for those looking to make smoothies. If you are in the market for an addition to your kitchen, this could be it! This blender includes many features that will help with keeping fruits and vegetables fresh at all times while also providing pureeing power.

One of our favorite additional benefits is how easy it can be used as a food processor by changing out the blades. It’s truly one-of-a-kind when compared to other blenders on the market today! We hope we have answered any questions you may have had about whether or not this vacuum blender is right for your needs. For more information, please visit

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