Welles Press Review: People Juice Press

There are many different types of juice extractors out there. You have electric juicers, manual juicers, hydraulic press juicers, and even masticating juicers. So which one is the best? Well according to WELLES JUICE PRESS REVIEWS it’s WELLES JUICE PRESS!

The WELLES JUICE PRESS has been around for a while and It’s been a great manual juicer that runs without electricity. The manual hydraulic press juicer uses 02 tons of hydraulic pressure to extract every ounce of juice from fruits and vegetables. The WELLES JUICE PRESS is also known as Peoples Juice Press.

it is so much easier to clean up afterward. So what do you do when the electricity goes out? Well, wells juice press helps you to produce juice when you have no electricity. It’s amazing.

Electric Hydraulic press juicer – Alternative Of Manual Juicer

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  1. Easy to clean
  2. Easy to use
  3. Soundless Operation
  4. 3 Days juice life
  5. Max yield juice
  6. Run without electricity
  7. Easy to carry anyplace
  8. BPA free Plastic


  1. Price like electric juicer
  2. Sometimes, need strength to pull handle to create pressure
  3. Over time, pressing clothing bags becomes ugly, Need to clean and buy more bags if you plan to use it
  4. Need to chop the fruits and vegetables for producing juice.

Welles Juice Press Features & Product Details


  1. It is Powder Coated and makes it more durable. 
  2. You will get only 2 cloth bags with it.
  3. It capable to make TWO TON Hydraulic pressure
  4. Carrying and stabilizing handle
  5. Food grade drip tray & Press plate
  6. ABS Plastic
  7. Manual Jack Release Valve to release pressure
  8. Handle for use in jack
  9. Manual operating system
  10. Dimension 14″H x 9″L x 9″W 
  11. Warranty: 1 Year for Hydraulic Jack and 10 year for frame
  12. This is only for household usages, not for commercial purpose


The juicer is very simple and it is not like other masticating or centrifugal juicers. This is a very straightforward and basic type hydraulic press manual juicer.

There is no chute and grinding process to produce juice. It’s very easy to use. You have to just chop it into small pieces and keep it all in the small bag to produce juice.  Also, it’s a very lightweight juicer and you can carry it anywhere easily.

Is Welles Juice Press Easy To Clean?

Yes, the juicer is very easy to clean; you know already that the juicer has not had many parts to produce a juicer. So, you have to wipe the plate with a wet cloth. Also, you can use different solutions to clean the juicer. The solution might be 50% water and 50% White vinegar or 50% bleach and 50% water.

If you use the juicer daily, we recommend buying more cloth bags. You know if you use one bag long times, Viruses or bacteria might be here. If you can maintain it properly, you can use it for a long time. Don’t broil the cloth as it becomes brittle.

The drip tray of the juicer isn’t dishwasher safe. So, don’t put it In the dishwasher.

Is Welles Juice Press Worth It?

You know that WELLES JUICE PRESS is approved by Gerson Institute. If you want to follow Gerson therapy, then you must follow their approved juicer. All of their approved juicers is hydraulic press juicer.

As per the Gerson institute, when you press the pulp,  nature’s original (unspoiled) enzymes and nutrients come out of fruits and vegetable pulp. Natural enzymes are very important for Gerson therapy for cancer patients.

So, Pure Juicer or Norwalk Juicer are approved by Gerson Institute but both are very expensive juicers.  You can buy Samson 6-in-1 and wells juicer press. Both juicers’ price is less than the price of Norwalk or pure juicer. So, Welles juicer press is really worth money.

High Quality Juice And High Yield juice

The Welles Fruit Press is a heavy-duty presser that yields the highest quality and quantity of juice from hand-picked produce. After pressing, the natural products from the fruit extracted from the pulp are dry.

With this new and innovative product, you can juice grapes, pomegranates & tomatoes without having to go through all the trouble of running them through a machine first. Simply add these products with other ingredients that have already been run through a juicer for more leverage on the press plate.

We can see that WELLES JUICE PRESS  has much to offer in its quality of results when it comes to juicing without an electric juicer. WELLES Juice Press provides a healthy, green alternative for your family’s food preparation needs.

The product also includes an instruction booklet that provides detailed information on how to gain maximum benefits from this product with Gerson therapy.


WELLES JUICE PRESS is mainly a manual hydraulic press juicer. You can use it as an alternative to Norwalk Juicer but you can’t get a grinding system like Norwalk juicer. There are 2 ways you can use WELLES JUICE PRESS juicer. One is chopping and another is grinding.

  1. You have to chop vegetables and fruits into small pieces.
  2. Keep the small pieces in the cloth press bag
  3. Then put the bag on the plate
  4. Keep plate on the drip tray
  5. Tighten the screw of the bottom of the machine
  6. Pump the jack handle some times to raise the drip tray press the plate
  7. When plate touch the bags and juice comes out of bag for huge pressure
  8. Keep pressuring until it stops dripping the juice
  9. After trying 2/3 times, you will get most of the juice and pulp becomes dry

Another method is grinding. You have to use another masticating juicer like Samson 6-in-1 or Champion juicer. You have put fruits and vegetables in the juicer. Then you don’t need to chop the fruits and vegetables.

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The Samson 6-in-1 juicer is good enough to grind the fruits and vegetables. There are 2 stage juicing systems / double augers.

After getting the pulp and juice, you have to stop the grinding process. Then, Collect the pulp and put it in the bag. Then you have to press it with a WELLES JUICE PRESS juicer to squeeze and produce more juice from the pulp.

Disadvantages: This is the manual juicer. you have to press many times when you have planned to make more juice. SO, you need to have some strength as you have to press again and again.


If you’re a serious juicer and have a big family or are looking to heal from cancer with Gerson Therapy, then this might be the right machine for you. It produces high-quality juice at an affordable price when compared to other gear-driven machines like Norwalk Juicers.

The hydraulic powered auger is capable of extracting large amounts of juice quickly without any noise pollution in your kitchen – perfect if you live in close quarters. In addition, it can store up to three days worth of juices which make for less time spent making them every day!

Just make sure that before investing in this machine, you do some research on whether or not it will fit into your lifestyle. WELLES Fruit Press is created by WELLES. WELLES Juice Press has much to offer in its quality of results when it comes to juicing without an electric juicer.

Its price is only a small fraction of the Norwalk hydraulic press Juicer. The superior juice quality ensures speedier healing and the ability to juice huge amounts of juices that can be stored away (for up to three days in the fridge), also help save money with less frequent trips to buy fresh produce at your local grocery store

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