Kuvings Juicers Reviews – All Series In One Chart

Explore and dive into the fascinating world of juicing with the best, most award-winning renowned brand in the market sphere, Kunvings. Let’s all types of Kuvings juicer in our best Kuvings juicers reviews article.

The rate of diseases and illnesses worldwide is caused predominantly by unhealthy lifestyles as humans are now consuming quite a plethora of unhealthy diets, junk food, processed food, alcoholic drinks, and animal-based diet and even going as far as consuming meats of forbidden creatures.

All these are very harmful to health and pose lots of challenges. The need to become more versed in a vegetarian diet is essential during this modern era for healthy living.

As such, the main purpose of the Kunvings juicer is to give you healthy juice at your convenience. It is just offering you consuming fruits and vegetables in a liquid state as constantly chewing and munching away your fruits and vegetables with all your incisors, molars, and premolar swill eventually become tiring and boring

This write-up will brief you about the popular brand Kuvings. An introduction into the company it’s product and services reviews the real contents of this writing.

  1. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer -B6000SR Silver
  2. Kuvings Silver Pearl Whole Slow Juicer
  3. Kuving Silent Juicer SC
  4. NJE Series – Kuvings Masticating Slow Juicer NJE
  5. Kuvings Centrifugal Juicer NJ
  6. Kuvings NSF Commercial Slow Juicer
  7. Kuvings B9700 Citrus Juicer Accessory

Short History Of Kuvings Brand

Best Kuvings Juicers Reviews

Kunvings juicer is a globally recognized brand with a reputation of being an innovative technological product of the manufacturing juicer company Kunvings Australia. The word Kuvings is derived from two German words: “Kitchen” and the other meaning “living.”

Kunvings Australia is the manufacturer of the Kunvings juicer. The Kings is an internationally acclaimed award-winning brand of best juicer design and innovation, which has existed in juicer manufacturing for over 40 years.

The geographical location of the Kunvings management is found in Croydon NSW, Australia. TQ   8520/ 8520/oversees the day-to-day running of all sectors of its industry, from managing the distribution of its product to the delivery of exceptional customer service to its clients/customers and the management of its services such as product warranty services for consumers and more.

The factory of Kuvings, where its juicer product is manufactured, is situated in the Asian part of the globe, Daegu, Taegu-Jikhalsi South Korea to be precise.

All the different varieties of juicers under the Kuvings brand are constructed, designed, and finished in South Korea; the manufacturing company brand Kuvings whose legal name is NUC electronics and co. Ltd. The NUC electronics and co. Ltd is majorly into the manufacturing of small kitchen appliances and equipment such as

  • blenders
  • Juice extractors of different kinds
  • Soup warming and cooking product
  • Yorgurt making machine
  • Slow cookers
  • Soya milk makers
  • Food dehydrators
  • Hand mixer
  • Food processor of different functionality
  • And more.

It bases its manufacturing on a top-class by being extremely innovative in its design and modern technological approach to its products, thereby delivering top-notch quality to its consumers.

It is worth noting that these manufacturers have developed and produced about 20 medical appliances since their inception. Its juicer is simply the best. Also, You can check all types of best Omega juicer review comparison articles.

All Best Kuvings Juicers Model Reviews Chart

Image Product Details   Price
backpac B6000SR Silver Juicer 1. 3” Wide Chute
2. Additional Smoothie Strainer
3. Additional
Sorbet Strainer
4. 10 Year Warranty
5. 60RPM
6. 240W Motor
Check Price
Kuvings Silver Pearl Whole Slow Juicer Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000 1. 3” Wide Chute
2. 10 Year Warranty
3. 60RPM
4. 240W Motor
5. 110V
6. Made In Korea
Check Price
Kuvings Silent Juicer SC Series Kuvings Silent Juicer SC Series 1. Silent Juicer ( 40-50 dB)
2. RPM 80
3. Two-step safety system
4. 240W Motor
5. 10 Year Warranty
6. Frozen Dessert Maker
Check Price
Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer Kuvings NJE-3580U Slow Juicer 1. RPM 80
2. 170W Motor
3. Has Different nozzles
4. Warranty 5 Years
Check Price
Kuvings NJ-9500U Centrifugal Juice Extractor Kuvings NJ-9500U Centrifugal Juicer 1. 350W Motor
2. 11000 RPM
3. 3” Large Chute
4. 3 Year Warranty
5. High-Speed Juicer
Check Price
Kuvings NSF Commercial Slow Juicer Kuvings NSF Commercial Slow Juicer 1. 60 RPM
2. 3.5” Feeding Chute
3. 2 Types Strainer
4. 24 Hours Non-Stop Operation Model
5. Bonus: 1 extra top-set
Check Price
Kuvings B9700 Citrus Juicer Accessory Kuvings B9700 Citrus Juicer Accessory 1. Citrus juice with pulp
2. Ideal lid for storage
3. Capacity: 0.8 liters
4. Fits B9700, C9500, D9900 and B9400 models
Check Price

Best Kuvings Juicers Reviews

1. B6000 R Series – Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000R

B6000SR Series -Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer
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  • Smart cleaning tools
  • Large feed chute
  • Weighs 19 pounds
  • Made of plastic material
  • 110 voltage power consumption
  • Drip-free smart cap
  • Recipe book
  • BPA free component
  • Sorbet included
  • Ten-year warranty

Spice up your kitchen with a beautiful, sleek, and tastefully designed classic juicer from the renowned brand savings. It was first made available to the market sphere on the 25th of August,2014. It is internationally known as the first-ever slow juicer to possess a wide mouth. The purpose of the wide mouth is for faster, stress-free juicing of fresh vegetables and fruits with a smooth texture and an extra amazing quality.

It can easily contain many fruits and vegetables added to it, and it is certified as being safe for juicing fruits and veggies for children. It is beautifully designed and comes in a sparkling silver color that will compliment your kitchen.

Though it’s been called a slow juicer, this quality juicer works at lightning speed, as you can get the product of whatever you are juicing in seconds. It is not time-consuming to the preparation of your juice. It gives you comfort, convenience and does not stress you unnecessarily.

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The wide-mouth chute embedded in it is a predominant feature that makes this possible. It also makes the clean-up of the internal part of your juicer fast and efficient. The estimated reduced prep time of this juicer stands at an outstanding 40%.

You can blend different juice and mix them with this juicer. It drips free smart cap, making it easy to combine the juice of different textures, tastes, and flavors to make it become of perfect quality when it becomes one, therefore, giving you a customized juice flavor.

For this spec, no minerals or supplements are lost. The enzymes that are important to the health are not destroyed during juicing there, giving you a high-value quality nutritional content.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Time-saving
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe for kids
  • 100% nutrients retainment
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Retains fiber from fruits
  • Limited juicing capability

2. B6000 Series – Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000

Kuvings Silver Pearl Whole Slow Juicer
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  • Silver pearl color
  • Made of Tritan material
  • Weighs 14.11 pounds
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 240 watts/110V power
  • 60RPM blade speed
  • Smart drip cap
  • 3-inch feed chute
  • Low speed masticating technology
  • Sorbet included
  • Quiet motor
  • Cleaning tool
  • Ten-year warranty

Introducing another unique juicer from the renowned international award-winning best/innovative and design juicing brand Kuvings is the B6000 series kunvings silver Pearl whole slow juicer produced from South Korea.

The surest means to get your sweet, fresh, tasty juice is courtesy of this beautiful silver Pearl-colored cold press juicer. It features the first-ever three-inch wide feed chute, holding whole fruits such as apples and more, including vegetables.

It saves you a lot of the time you use in preparing the fruit or vegetable as you do not need to cut it into small pieces before juicing. Therefore, there is no nutrient loss with this wide chute, and there is a reduction to a minimal level, prep time.

The savings juicer produces a low decibel sound range between 40-50db. It operates quietly without constituting unnecessary nuisance to you or people around you and your surroundings. There is a sorbet maker included as one of the features in this juicer.

This top-notch quality juicer works with a powerful motor of 240 watts power. It is said to have the highest torque in the juicing world as it squeezes and crushes anything and everything that comes across its part to form a delicious, tasteful juice.

This AC brushless efficient motor performs its duty with ease. The kuvings juicer is fitted with a cleaning tool; in this cleaning tool, there’s a brush that majorly serves to clean the juicer easily and quickly. A detachable smart cap is found as a tool in this blender used for juicing different mixed juice, and you can also perform a quick rinsing in between juicing ingredients

  • No nutrients loss
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Delays oxidation8
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Efficient
  • Not noisy
  • Saves prep time
  • Can not juice tough fruits or vegetables such as beet
  • Mashes and squeezes products.
  • Clogging

3. SC Series – Kuving Silent Juicer SC

 Kuvings Silent Juicer SC Series
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  • Quiet motor
  • Made of plastic material
  • It comes in chrome color
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Low speed Masticating technology
  • Operates at 80 pm
  • Cups and bowls are included
  • Bowls and Cups are made of Tritan material
  • Two system safety start feature
  • Cleaning tool
  • Strainer, juicing screw, and BPA free component
  • Powerful 250watts brushless AC motor
  • Auto-feed
  • Extraction system
  • Smart cap included
  • Ten years warranty

A quality premium quality juicer you can rely on for excellent service delivery is this kuvings silent juicer. It is a very vital top-class product that has a diversity of functions. It consists of a low-speed masticating technology. This feature helps in reducing to a minimal level the rate of oxidation of the product been juiced and maximizes the nutrients content level of whatever has been juiced.

The mode of extraction of the liquid content in this slow masticating juicer doesn’t work like other conventional fast juicers that do extraction by shredding to pieces fruits or vegetables. This juicer does extraction by pressing the product to get its juicy content.

A tool attached to this juicer which is the juicing screw, makes things easier by masticating vegetables and fruits, thereby breaking down the cellular structure or cell walls of these items producing more healthy nutrients rich in vitamins and minerals. With this technology, be rest assured that you will always go to enjoy fresh, natural juice at your pleasure.

It performs its functions with a powerful motor of 240 watts at a rotation per minute speed of 80rpm, and this is a major contributory feature that minimizes the noise of this juicer while not overheating in the process. It has a two-step safety start feature, an efficient cleaning tool, a BPA-free component, and a chrome-plated distinctive body part.

  • Minimal oxidation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy operation
  • Ease in assembling parts
  • Durable
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Liable to leaks
  • Time-consuming
  • Fails to get rid of the pulp

4. NJE Series – Kuvings Masticating Slow Juicer NJE

Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer
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  • Quiet motor
  • Low speed of 80rpm
  • 170 watts motor power
  • Masticating technology
  • Auto feed feature
  • Weighs 17 pounds/15.4lbs
  • 120 volts power/ 60hz
  • Made of plastic material
  • Juicing screw
  • Seven nozzles for food processing
  • Five-year warranty

Another classic from the renowned brand that compliments your kitchen and improves your passion for culinary arts simultaneously performs the function of serving you healthy fresh juices all year round. This juicer is purely made of plastic, and it’s beautifully designed with innovative features embedded in it.

It possesses a powerful motor that operates at a slow rate at a low max speed of 80rpm. There is absolutely nothing like overheating and oxidation because of the low-speed masticating technology function it has. Therefore, this provides you with healthy fresh richer nutrients filled content juices.

Its upgraded new and improved auto feeding function and extraction system quicken the rate of juicing any ingredients, either fruits or veggies, thereby giving you convenience.

It is a quiet way to assemble and disassemble and, further, easier to clean. The cleaning of this juicer is not time-consuming as it takes just a couple of minutes to get it done.

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The drip-free smart cap also makes cleaning in between recipes easy. Other features are found in this juicer smart cleaning feature, which also makes cleaning easy.

Different variety of smoothie trainers is available. The blanks trainer included is used from a king various cold and frozen treats. This Kuvings juicers also come with a recipe book if you decide to try out someone culinary treats

  • User friendly
  • Multi-purpose functionalities
  • High efficiency
  • High nutrients retention
  • Reduces oxidation
  • No foaming
  • Efficient extraction
  • High quantity of juice
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Doesn’t dry pulp
  • Longer prep time
  • The food shoot is small

5. NJ Series – Kuvings Centrifugal Juicer NJ

Kuvings NJ-9500U Centrifugal Juice Extractor
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  • Weighs eight pounds/8.5lbs
  • Made of PC, ABS, and Stainless steel material
  • Dual speed control option
  • 3″ wide feed chute
  • Safety locking arms
  • Cleaning brush
  • 350 Watt motor power
  • 11,000rpm processing speed
  • 3D mesh juicing screen
  • Three-year warranty juicer
  • Ten-year warranty for internal component

NJ Series- kuvings centrifugal juicer NJ is a homemade juicer suitable for individuals and families. It has an efficient running motor with a speed of 11,000rpm and a powerful 350 Watt motor that can break down the toughest of ingredients, fruits, vegetables, and fibers to a fine juice texture in a short time frame.

It can retain standard fresh, natural quality even when processing 30-50 cups of juice without cleaning. The inbuilt filter takes care of the pulp by adequately removing it from your juiced content.

It has a dual speed function which you can use in personalizing your juice to your taste. The speeds of the dual feature are 9500rpm and 11,000rpm, respectively.

This juicer is quite different from the normal traditional conventional juicers found in the market sphere. It is certified as an astute appliance with unmatched functionalities that are not just of top quality but also benefit health. Even doctors recommend you make use of the juicer as it solves the diversity of your health challenges.

The consumption of vegetables and fruits is of great benefit to the health of an individual. This Kuvings Cold Press Juicer is unlike any other juicer on the market. It is much more beneficial to your fitness and well-being. And now, several physicians prescribe Cold Press Juicing for a variety of health issues.

Cold press juice is used to restore, energize, detox, and cleanse the body, as well as sustain a good weight for the remainder of your life. And help you to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life and assist you in weight management for life.

  • Optimizes time
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • High performance
  • Variety of functions
  • Limited usage

6. Kuvings NSF Commercial Slow Juicer

 Kuvings NSF Commercial Slow Juicer
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  • Made of stainless steel
  • Weighs 448.01 ounce
  • 200 watts motor power
  • Safety lock
  • Cooling system
  • Wide sized feed chute
  • Juicing bowl
  • Cleaning brush
  • Smart cap
  • 60rpm masturbating technology

The kuvings brand always strives to consistently give consumers the best innovative product fitted with the best modern technological component from its factory. This commercial juicer is one of such. Begin a journey towards healthy living with this juicer as it offers the best nutrients retaining juice in the market.

The masticating technology of this juicer’s primary purpose is to extract useful vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients rich substances from fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

It retains the original taste of the juice, there is less foaming, and it reduces the extraction time compared to other juicers. The extra-wide feed chute also optimizes time for you as more items can be added and juiced.

It is a durable quality juicer. Despite the fact it is made of stainless steel juicing bowls, it is rust-proof. WHOLE SLOW JUICER Master Chef CS700 doesn’t change the natural taste of your fruits or vegetables, and there is no discoloration of the content been juiced.

Kuvings NSF Commercial Slow Juicer is convenient and easy to use as all you have to do is put either your vegetables or fruits into the juicer and expect quality results within minutes. It has a flap gate; this flap gate makes juicing convenient.

The protected flap gate lid enables users to lower exclusive products into the feeding chute, eliminating the need to direct them downwards. When the flap gate is closed, the upper entrance of the flap gate allows you to bring in either leafy greens or small ingredients.

  • Convenient
  • Rust free
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble/dissemble
  • High-performance efficiency
  • Saves time
  • Maximum nutrients retention
  • Quiet operation
  • Fast
  • Versatile functionality
  • Safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Jamming and clogging may occur
  • No upgrade infiltration system

7. Kuvings B9700 Citrus Juicer Accessory

Kuvings B9700 Citrus Juicer Accessory
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  • Weighs 1.41 pounds, i.e., 640grams
  • 0.8litre capacity
  • Transparent black color feature

This NUC’ssmallappliancesaresoldbothinSouthKorea, within Asia, and globally. Taking a cursory look at the Kuvings B9700 Citrus juicers, let’s give you an insight into the Kunvings cold press juicer.

Fruit and vegetable consumption is essential for health and well-being. They are high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and dietary fiber, which a really important for good health and disease prevention.

When you drink cold press juice, 65% of the nutrients are absorbed into your blood within 10 minutes, helping heal your body. The juice becomes medicine. When you eat fruit and vegetables, you absorb 17% of the nutrients, which is a meal to fill you up.

This juicer is primarily used to juice fruits to a sweet, deliciously tasty, and fine smooth texture. Kuvings B9700 Citrus Juicer is elegantly designed and adds a beautiful touch of innovative class to your kitchen.

It has a capacity of 0.8litres, it is BPA-free, and whatever is juiced can be stored for a short period as it has a lid cover for storage. Kuvings B9700 Citrus Juicer optimizes the time, and we can retain a quantity of 800ml of juice in its container bowl.

It doesn’t take a lot to manage this juicer; in a few minutes, you are done, and you can keep it for subsequent daily use at ease with high efficiency.

How Do You Use A Slow Juicer Kuvings?

Making use of a slow juicer Kuvings product is pretty much easy all you have to do is go through the specifications of the product you bought and apply the dos and don’t where necessary. There are different types of Kuvings juicer with various functionalities.

So there is no clear-cut method that cuts across all its variety of juicer other than cutting your fruits and vegetables when necessary and putting it in your juicer for the extraction of a deliciously fresh natural juice that your taste buds will surely love and your body will testify.

How Do I Clean My Slow Juicer Kuvings?

Cleaning up a slow juicer is as simple as ABC. Getting a Kuvings juicer is quiet and an investment that you do not want to let go down the drain in less than a year or months.

As such, there’s a need to be extra delicate when it comes to cleaning and maintaining this treasure. All Kuvings products are durable; they could last you a couple of years or even a lifetime; all these depend on how well you maintain it.

Note: Kuvings juicer components are not dishwasher safe, so never attempt washing its parts in a dishwasher as it could lead to permanent damage to the appliance.

Here are five major guidelines to observe for the optimal, consistent performance of this juicer:

  • Flush the juicer clean after use
  • Remove the lid and chute and rinse under running water properly
  • Clean the juicing screw parts
  • Remove and rinse the rubber plug
  • All components must be dry after cleaning before reassembling.


Health practitioners commend the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables to reduce and eliminate the harmful effect of the unbalanced diet-based foods being consumed. Fruits and vegetables contain many calories, vitamins, and rich nutrients that are good for the body. This nutrient can detoxify the body, eliminate all toxic substances, it can boost the immune system, restore damaged cells. It makes you look younger, fresher, and more healthy, and consuming fruits with just the right amount of exercise can help you reduce your obesity size.

Kuvings (NUC electronics LTD) is a leading juicer brand founded in 1978, specializing in kitchen electronics for health and nutrition-conscious consumers. The popular Whole Slow Juicer has garnered enthusiastic reviews from juicing experts and the media and has been reviewed by Consumer Reports. This write-up is mostly based on reviews by consumers of the kunvings product.

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