Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers – Triturating Juicers Of 2020

Do you want to treat your friends and family with fresh juice without preservatives in your comfort zone which is free from preservatives? Best Rated twin gear juicers are a liberator that gives you the ultimate nutritious juices out of vegetables and fruits.

A twin gear juicer is a top-notch juicing machine and ought to be considered while choosing the best machine for you.

Are you one of the few juicer lovers who love to maintain a healthy life and heal your skin and health with the goodness of nature by consuming fruits and vegetables? I guess you may be perplexed as per a juicer that will simplify the procedure for you. Try twin gear juicers which allow you to explore all kinds of vegetables and fruits in order to take these products in the form of juices. In this article, we will highlight the best-rated twin juicers, why you should them, and the buying guide

Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers

What is a Twin Gear Juicer?

Twin gear juicers are well known as triturating juicers that are amazing and powerful heavy-duty juicer machines to create the finest outcome.

These juicers are special editions that can grind, rub, and smack the fruits and vegetables into admirable particles. It helps in extracting essential nutrients and macromolecular enzymes. Their versatility has no limits one can use it to prepare baby food, nut butter, and even sorbets.

The extraction process is divided into three stages- They double the crashes and squeeze the vegetables and fruits. Twin gear juicer contains two stainless steel auger gears with little space around 0.1 mm between them.

Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers

It helps in crushing fruits and vegetables, a favorable atmosphere for squeezing them till the last drop of the juice- faster than other juicers

This process maximizes the properties of the juice yield; it will be dense and contain vibrant colors of the fruits or the vegetables rich with nutrients and minerals of the raw materials.

The twin gear juicer is basically a cold-press apparatus; works like a single-gear chew juicer. The instrument extracts fluid from fruits and vegetables with this strong pressing action.

This amazing tool provides concentrated and high-quality juices with no preservatives which taste astonishing. They are useful in extracting juices from the leafy vegetables including wheatgrass and alfalfa sprouts. This serves you a healthy drink with natural benefits for your skin and health.

Quick Reviews Of Top 6 Best Twin Gears Juicers

ImageNameDetailsRating Price
Super Angel DELUXE10 Years Motor & Gears Warranty
-RPM 80
5/5Check Price
Tribest GSE-5000-12 Years Warranty
-RPM 110
-Pocket Recesses and Cutting
5/5Check Price
Tribest GS-P502-B-15 Year Warranty for home use
-RPM 110
5/5Check Price
Super Angel Pro10 Years Motor & Gears Warranty
-RPM 80
5/5Check Price
Green Power KPE130410 Years Motor & Gears Warranty
-RPM 160
-Made with Magnetic and Bio–Cermmic Technolody
4.8/5Check Price
Omega Juicer TWN30S15 Years Motor & Gears Warranty
-RPM 160
-stainless steel augers
4.5/5Check Price

6 Top & Best Rated Twin Gears Juicers In The Market

1. Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite – Best Overall

Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers - Tribest GSE-5000
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Tribest is offering unique tools for juicers. It is a mixture of gear tools and a cold press system. Thus, Tribest GSE-5000 is a two in one juicer. Because its cooling unit protects the nutrients. While its gear unit extracts the peak level of water from the juice. Further, money off is available. So, we listed it in the best rated twin gear juicers.

It is available in three designs. Besides, they vary a little in their systems, colors, and price. These colors are white, black, and chrome. Yet, some buyers reported color change and high pulp in juicing using chrome design.  

However, we can name it as Ultimate Juicer. Because, it has the ability to cut, chop, and grind the fruits and vegetables. Further, it has a 110 RPM speed.

Thus, it can extract up to 200% of nutrients in the juice. This function makes the GSE-5000 a top-level juicer. Besides, it cares for health due to its bio clay material of the twin gear. Its gear and grinding unit also look like the teeth of a man. Similarly, it cuts and grinds the stuff into three levels. An extra level extracts more nutrients from the pulp.

Further, this matchless gear emits infrared rays. These rays kill the harmful germs and damage toxins inside the juice. So, the juice remains fresh for long period. Besides, it holds a potent bar magnet. This magnet and gear system also extract juice from tough stuff. Thus, you can make coconut milk and peanut butter without jamming. 

In short, its force system takes out the pulp from the juicer without blocking. Its 3 kg weight and the smart handle make the juicer portable. As a result, it boosts the beauty of the kitchen. Besides, use mild soap for washing. While hard chemicals like bleach can hurt the product.


  • The process of installation is easy
  • Low speed of 110 RPM
  • Stainless steel twin gear system
  • Four in one function system
  • Noiseless design of the motor
  • Life-long product support
  • 72 hours of self-life
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Portable design
  • Cold press Technology
  • Automatic system for pulp ejection
  • Stain-free plastic material
  • Twelve years of life-long warranty
  • Extract hard and soft items
  • Can make nut butter
  • Juice extract from frozen items
  • Jamming free
  • Cannot use bleach for cleaning
  • Time-consuming cleaning of filter
  • Price is a bit high
  • Weight is a bit high
  • Takes time to extract juice
  • Force is vital for juicing
  • The Assembly process consumes more time

2. Tribest Juice Extractor Greenstar Pro Jumbo Juicer

Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers
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Most Juicers do not offer home and commercial systems in one juicer. Still, Tribest GS-P502 is one of the best-rated twin gear juicers for home and shop. Further, the seller is offering 15 years of service support and discount. 

Besides, two designs of white and gray are available for sale. These designs are alike in their work and price. Yet they differ in their colors. Moreover, no extra part is vital for juicing from tough and soft fruits and veggies. It can also extract juice without a pause. However, it is heavier than GSE-5000. 

You can also prepare baby food, nut butter, and other recipes. It has a jumbo stainless steel twin gear tool. As a result, it extracts the highest and best quality juice from the stuff. Besides, this gear tool provides extra nutrients for the body. However, this juicer can add a small amount of fiber in the juice. While you extract the juice from soft vegetables and fruits. 

Further, juicing from the soft stuff makes the washing a bit tough. Moreover, the size of the feeding chute is not fit for whole fruits and veggies. You have to cut and chop them into tiny slices. Yet its gear has stainless steel. However, it has plastic material in the outer body.

Further, some parts take a bit longer time to wash them thoroughly. Although, it is a slow speed juicer. However, it takes less time to extract juice from any stuff. If you add more stuff in the chute then its capacity, it may clog and jam easily. 

Yet, you can remove the blockage from the tube using the reverse tool of the juicer. Besides, you should take a rest of 10 minutes after 30 minutes of use for proper functioning. In short, this product is a good choice in a budget of about 700-800 US dollars.


  • 15 years of service support
  • Cream  and butter making technology
  • Slow speed and powerful motor
  • The unique and easy disassembly process
  • Anti-clogging reverse function in the juicer
  • The cost is low for maintenance 
  • Easy to use for herbs
  • Medical grade ceramic material used
  • Stainless steel juicer for home
  • Near to dry pulp production
  • The excellent masticating function of a juicer
  • Easy assembly for experienced users
  • A separate peanut butter system
  • Magnetic system for highest juicing
  • A bit foam in juice
  • Extra cleaning for soft fruits
  • Smaller size of feeding chute
  • Tough cleaning of some parts
  • Difficult installation for new users
  • Takes extra space in kitchen
  • An expensive type of juicer

3. Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer – Best For Home & Commercial Purpose

Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers
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The Super Angel Pro contains completely food-grade stainless steel in its design. Besides, no plastic is present in its structure. Thus, this juicer can be a good choice for cancer patients. Further, it is a mini automatic robotic system. You just need to plug the cord and load the stuff in the chute.

This juicer can extract the peak level of juice and nutrient from any stuff. However, it is vital to buy a grinding house to make recipes from tough fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you will have to buy an extra accessory to extract the best quality juice from soft stuff.

Its automatic cooling fan system prevents the highest level of heat. As a result, no denaturation of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins occurs. So, it provides a unique and peak level of minerals and vitamins. Thus, this juice provides better health effects for cancer and other patients within a short period.

Further, it is a good juicer to extract juice from herbs. Besides, the size of the chute is also small. Thus, we need the fine pieces of the fruits and vegetables to load in the chute. The Super Angel Pro is ranking in the list of the best-rated twin gear juicers from last 20 years.

However, it is available for sale and purchase only in the United States of America. We cannot also use this juicer at a juicer shop. Because, the Super Angel Pro extracts juice from the herbs, fruits, and veggies slowly. As a result, the time of preparation increases. Besides, its low RPM makes the juicer to work slowly. However, it provides an extra high quality of juice to enjoy.

Further, the brand is offering an automatic reverse unit inside the Super Angel Pro Juicer. This system makes you tension free about jamming and clogging. Because modern sensors can do your work automatically.


  • 10 Years of the motor support
  • 5 years of gear service 
  • Automatic jamming free juicer system
  • Automatic cooling system for juicing
  • Auto speed control panel system
  • Self-control automatic thermal motor design
  • excellent in color and taste
  • Food grade stainless steel material
  • Juicer equipped with silicone seal
  • The extra fuse box is available
  • Free of cost recipe book
  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent juicer for cancer patients
  • Excellent results for leafy greens
  • Noiseless working
  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • No extra accessories for fruits
  • Only available inside the USA
  • The tiny size of the chute
  • Highly expensive item to buy
  • Cannot wash O-ring in the dishwasher
  • The extra cost for grinding unit

4. Super Angel DELUXE – Best For Commercial Usage

Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers
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The Super Angel Deluxe is serving the world for over 20 years. It the first 100% pure stainless steel juicer in the world. Moreover, new inventions in electronics boost their capacity for juicing.

Its smart design extracts up to 99 % juice and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. Some people worry about kidney failure, nervous signs, and hormonal imbalance. Because heavy metals and plastic are harmful to health. However, this juicer is free from all types of plastic.

Although, a tiny plastic cap is present inside the motor. This cap protects the motor from burning due to juice leakage. Yet, no juice makes contact with this plastic cap. Moreover, the brand is offering food-grade stainless steel in the structure of this juicer.

Further, the auger has a three-stage structure in its design. The stainless steel twin gear and the auger makes the Super Angel Deluxe one of the best rated twin gear juicers to get healthy juice for dieting and treatment. 

Besides, the three horsepower of the motor extracts juice from tough and soft fruits and vegetables irrespective of speed. However, slow speed is vital for extracting the peak level of nutrients from the pulp. Further, its metal frame makes the juicer easy for washing and cleaning. 

Unlike the Super Angel Pro, it is available for sale in other countries also. Further, the use of a steel framework makes the Super Angel Deluxe a bit heavy. Besides, this juicer is expensive. Yet, the quality of the product makes it suitable to buy. 

Moreover, it consumes more electricity than other cold press juicers. So do not use the Super Angel Deluxe along with the water pump, iron, and air conditioner, etc. Besides, a sudden change in voltage can damage the juicer. You will have to follow the advice of an electrician to avoid damage due to voltage change.


  • Soft fruit extract housing system
  • The modern design of the control panel
  • Two in one juicing experience
  • 5 years of erosion support 
  • The modern standard of safety sensors
  • Three horsepower grinding motor
  • Unique cold press juicer system
  • Enhance juicing quality using cooling
  • Extra portion for soft fruits
  • 10 years of motor warranty
  • Full automatic robotic type juicer
  • Made up of 304 steel
  • Takes less space of the kitchen
  • Multiple stage design of auger
  • Most expensive type of juicer
  • Tough washing of some parts
  • The security risk for finger-prints
  • A bit heavy juicer design
  • Extra cleaning around the gears
  • Not good for a juice bar
  • Need improvement in silicone seal


Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers
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The advancements of technology have helped our best-rated twin gear juicer to perform versatile. It allows juice extraction from fruits to wheatgrass, barley grass, and herbs. Yes, you can mix various medicinal herbs and roots like ginger, basil, or chamomile to treat yourself. Its jug is coated with bio-ceramic lotion so no need to worry your spinach-mint punch packed drink, or drinks as tangy as carrot-apple would be fresh and raw up to 72 hours. Don’t worry about smell it will getaway, its as easy to wash as to use.

It wouldn’t disturb you like your neighbor its silent even the quietest machine among our best-rated twin gear juicer ( 60 dB). Now it’s so easy to provide delicious munch to kids at the ease of your home you can make nutritious ice-cream, make peanut butter, fruit jams, mix peppers, and even baby food. If your day just doesn’t begin without coffee, this thing is your kitchen need. It can grind the coffee, even grains, and nut without froth because of its big collection jug.

Generally, you can place the machine anywhere in the kitchen because of its compact size and even it would replace other machines. It is designed according to US energy star regulation so this one comes with 3.5 out of 5and 120 V power supply. This machine is eco-friendly i.e made up of recyclable plastic. Now a machine loaded with all these features comes with a warranty of 5 years on the operational part and 10 years on the motor. It has 3 screens 

1. Normal hole ( for vegetables and wheatgrass)

2. large hole (for the pulpy fruit)

3. Crush screen ( for soaked grains and beans)

It comes with a multipurpose kit and of course, that is optional. Two tampers( wooden and plastic ), magnetized 1L jug, extra end cap, and cleaning brush.


  • Three screens for different material
  • Material is recyclable
  • Comes with two tampers (plastic & wood)
  • One-liter big jug 
  • Spices can also be crushed
  • It’s efficient than other best-rated twin gear juicer
  • Comes with a 120 v power supply.
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Good for vegges and wheatgrass
  • Produces less pulp
  • Separates seeds from the mixture
  • Make less noise
  • Produce less foam
  • It does not crush seeds
  • A little bit heavy
  • The accessory kit is optional
  • Runs slowly with hard objects
  • Dimension wise big
  • Little bit expensive
  • Heat production kills the enzyme

6. OMEGA JUICERS TWN30S – Cheap Twin Gears Juicer

Best Rated Twin Gear Juicers
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When a discussion about a mixer is going, omega juicer which is among the best-rated twin gear juicers cant be missed out. It is a complex machine but not for using It, but it is complex for other rivalries out in the market among the best-rated twin gear juicer.

Omega juicer comes with good built quality plastic and painted in rich looking silver color, that is exceptionally great and elegant in itself. Twin gears really do their job well and produce a tiny amount of heat and oxidation of the juice.

The juice is squeezed from the fruit by 2 stainless steel augurs so it shows that Omega hadn’t compromised with built quality. There are few traces of automation such as automatic pulp ejection and easy assembly lock-latch is provided. Its weight is lesser than the usual best-rated twin gear juicer. The whole set comes with a 110/120 volt power supply and 18 pounds.

With tons of qualities, it can also make your kitchen and stomach gaga. From juicing veggies to herbs from making nut butter to ice cream.

Dimensions are a bit average(12*6.5*17.3 inches) so can there can be trouble while placing somewhere. It includes two juice screens which allow you to adjust your pulp level.

It’s easy to use this but washing might be a bit complex because assembling all parts might be tough for some. From power-packed juices to medicinal juices to coffee grinding. Everything is cakewalk so now its time for healthier skin, nails, and hairs.

Omega comes with a good pack of versatility but it lacks in after-sales services. If anything in the machine gets loose or damage, customer executives won’t respond to that and that is a sad part of this juicer. This juicer comes with a 120-volt electrical plug so you can use it only in America. With all these ups and down omega manages to be on the list of best-rated twin gear juicers. To Know More about other models of Omega Juicers, Check our best omega juicers reviews list


  • Comes with stainless steel augurs
  • The silver color looks elegant
  • Automatic pulp ejection reduces the effort 
  •  Weighs 18 pounds and comes with 110/120 volt.
  • Lightweight easy to handle
  • Stainless steel augurs
  • Easy to use
  • Works on low speed
  • Can make butter ice cream
  • Extracts maximum nutrients
  • Minimum heat production
  • Quite expensive for some
  • Bad after-sales services
  • Leafy veggies need to be chopped
  • Accessories have to be hand washed
  • It runs on only one speed
  • Vibrates a Lil bit

Why should You Buy the Twin Gear Juicer?

There are certain amazing reasons for choosing a twin gear juicer over an ordinary juicer:
It doesn’t make that imitating sound while extracting juices from the vegetables and

You can use this amazing machine that is versatile in nature and helps in extracting sap from leafy vegetables and other healthy greens like wheatgrass, spinach, etc.

The motor speed of the juicer is low which is specially designed to eliminate oxidation that helps in preserving the enzymes and nutrients so that you can get the goodness of natural ingredients.

As the machine doesn’t ruin the natural ingredients one can store the extracted juice in
the refrigerator for about 72 hours.

The instrument doesn’t create foam while the juice has been take-out from fruits and vegetables. The juice extraction method reveals the cell membrane to get more nutrients from the raw product.

The twin gear juicer is known to provide the natural taste of the fruits and vegetables with their deep vibrant colors juices.

Twin gear juicers contain cold-press juicer quality that doesn’t heat the juice and helps in preserving the nutrients at the maximum level.

They are multi-purpose machines and can perform a wide range of functions including
preparing pasta, baby food, bread-sticks, and rice cookies.

These machines contain interlocking twin gear action to provide powerful extraction of juices till the last drop.

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in the form of juices is the best way rather than
eating them directly in the raw form.

Twin gear Juicer helps in extracting thicker juice which is full of nutrients and natural goodness in an authentic taste. It is the best tool for all the health enthusiasts to treat your mind, body, and soul with all-new styles of juices, smoothies, and can perform the experiments with all the beneficial greens.

A healthy body is the happiest place for a healthy mind and a strong soul takes care of them with twin gear juicers. Make twin gear juicer your best buddy that comes with an amazing manufacturing warranty with the ease of cleaning and assembling the parts of the machinery.

How Does a Twin Gear Juicer Work?

A twin gear juicer takes more time to prepare a drink as compared to an ordinary juicer and is expensive than a fine single gear juicer. The taste of the juices extracted from the twin gear juicer is fantastic and it is fuller without producing foam in it.

Twin gear juicer is different from others because it has two stainless steel gears placed closely about 0.1 mm space. Put roots, leafy vegetables, or fruits in the juicer through the tube. These augers cut, crush, and squeeze them. This cold-pressed machine maximizes the yield and the nutrients which can be seen through the naked eyes as the juice will be dense and has lively colors.

The first part of the juicer extract in a spiral end of the augers leads to break down the product into small pieces. This will be responsible for 20% juice ingredients and 80% of the juice extracts with the small chucks at the other end of the gear with hair-line authorization.

Twin gear juicers consist of specially designed low speed-motor operates at 80–110RPM to ensure less air trapped to preserve more nutrients and avoid heat the juices.

You can reserve the juice for three days in the refrigerator. The juicer allows the pressure adjustment mechanism that helps in setting the pressure needed for pulp ejection. This quality helps in crushing a huge range of fruits and vegetables without clogging the machine.

What To Look For When Buying a Twin Gear Juicer

Twin gear juicers are the one that can break cereals, hard vegetables to even softer fruits into fine pieces and make a juice out of it due to this feature these juicers are also used as food processors this feature which makes it unique from other juicers. There are various factors that the customers can consider while buying a twin gear juicer these factors are: –


Body of the best twin gear juicers is made up of stainless steel which provides it strength and nylon which provides it a stain resistance attribute and makes it easier to clean also have integrated bio-ceramic technology and slow speed motors which can operate on 110watts as slow speed can retain the nutrient value with an increased shelf life of up to 72 hours.

Feeding Chute

The feed chute is the attachment of the twin gear juicer in which the fruits are put to be crushed and squeezed with the help of gears and filtrate can be extracted when the juice passes through the filters.

While deciding on the feed chute of the twin gear juicers following points needs to be kept in mind like how much time can be saved in preparation for juicing as if the chute size is large then it will save time on preparation and about how easier it is to clean the feeding chute which depends on the smearing action in the augur tube as if smearing occurs the fibers stick in the filter and thereby making the process of cleaning very difficult.

Easy to Use

Twin gear juicers are easy to use to prevent the clogging of filters of the juicer through the presence of cutting points at various locations in the juicer. Also, the auto ejection facility may be available in the juicer so that the pulp can be ejected automatically, and hence the customers can extract juice for a longer duration in one go.

Also, these twin gear juicers provide maximum yield amount of juice as the expelled pulp is left with no moisture and these juicers produce less noise also the juicers come with pressure knobs through which pressure can be adjusted as hard vegetables need high pressure as compared to softer fruits.

Easy to Assemble

twin gear juicers have many working parts and also comes with safety cover. The appliance is heavy due to the presence of many working parts and weighs around 13-26 pounds.

Assembling a twin gear juicer is easy as firstly the twin gears are attached with the sockets after that the housing feeder chute case needs to be put over the juicer, then if the ejection outlet needs to be assembled and finally the safety hood is placed.


the best twin gear juicers come with 15 years household warranty and 3 years commercial warranty with up to 5 years warranty on other parts as well.


for a very good quality home-based twin gear juicer the budget can be in the range from $500-$1000. For example, Tribest GSE-5000 which costs around $549, and Tribest GSP-502 which costs around $788. If you have less money, you can check our best Budget Juicer List.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Twin Gear or Triturating Juicer?

A twin gear juicer is an interlocking gear juicer that grinds fruits and vegetables very fine and gives you the nutrients and vitamins that are good for your health. The twin gear juicer is also known as a triturating juicer. You can easily make fruit juices, vegetable juices, and can enjoy your favorite drinks at home.

Secondly, they are very popular in the market, because they are flexible enough to make other things like baby food and even Nut butter. This juice looks and tastes far better than other types of juicers. You can easily make fruit and vegetable juice at home to be healthy and happy!

Can Twin Gear Juicers Process Leafy Greens?

Yes, the twin gear juicer can process the leafy greens, such as cabbage, beet greens, mustard greens, spinach, kale, Collard greens, parsley, broccoli, Chinese broccoli, and lettuce. These leafy greens are rich in calories with zero fat and also good with proteins and fiber.

As you know this twin gear juicer has two gears aligned very closed to each other that’s why it can crush or grind the fruits and vegetables very easily. As I explained you above that this gear juice or triturating juicer can crush all kind of veggies and fruits very fine that’s why you can process for Leafy greens very freely.

Are Twin Gear Juicers Easy to Clean?

Any type of juicer that you bought from the market is easy to clean. Just like the other twin juicer, the twin gear juicer can also grind hard vegetables, hard fruits too and they are very easy to clean at home. You don’t need to go market or a shopkeeper to spend money on cleaning the twin gear juicer.

Here is a list of Twin gear Juicers that are easy to clean at home.

Tribest GSE-5000

Green Power KPE1304

Omega Juicers TWN30S

Tribest GS-P502

Super Angel 7500

So, you can buy any of these twin gear juicers to make fruit juice or any kind of drink at home.

How Long does the Juice Make with a Twin Gear Juicer Last?

If we talk about days then, the juice that is made with Twin gear juicer can stay maximum4-5 days; either it’s a fresh vegetables juice, leafy green’s juice or a simple fruit juice. 

For example; if you have other types of juicers like a centrifugal juicer or any other juicer, you can store your juice for a day or two but you will find the change in the taste. But this thing will not affect when it comes through twin gear or triturating juicer. This twin gear juicer operates silently.

You can store your juice in a fridge for up to 72 hours without finding any change in the taste of your juice.

What are Twin Gear Juicers Best For?

Well, if you are a health conscious person, you have to start your day with a fresh and healthy glass of juice. For this, the twin gear juicer is the best.

Why? Because this twin gear juicer or triturating juicer can squeeze, and smash the hard fruits and vegetables, also mash leafy greens which are rich in fiber and proteins.

Also, this twin gear juicer gives you all the nutrients that help you to be healthy and happy all the time. While making process with this juicer the waste is too low than the other juicers, this is the best advantage of using this twin gear juicer.

Can I use these for anything else?

Well, the answer is again “yes”. The twin gear juicer is not only help you to make juices with hard and leafy greens although, you can make baby food, soup stocks, nut milks, veggies (hidden), and nut butter or butter shake etc.

Like for a hidden veggies, if you are one of the parents who are struggling to get their kids to eat veggies or other fruits, this juicer is the best way to make healthy vegetable meals by mixing them in their food. Most of the kids are not like the veggies but by using this juicer you can add more healthy things in their diet.

What kinds of vegetables can I process with a twin gear juicer?

There are number of vegetables that you can process with a twin gear juicer but it depends on your choice. Your vegetables supposed to be organic that can give you more benefits to keep you healthy and fit. Juices played very important role to make you more hydrated and fresh.

It helps you make your skin glow and soft. The choice of vegetables to process with twin gear juicer helps you to boost your metabolism too.

Here is a list of healthy vegetables to make juice in twin gear juicer:

Cabbage, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Leafy greens, Wheatgrass, Swiss chard, Parsley, Spinach, Beets, Kale and, Carrots, etc.

What are Some of the Best Fruits to Use for a Triturating Juicer?

For a healthy diet, fruit juices are the main things that everyone should add to their diet. The twin gear juicer helps you to make fresh and healthy juice faster than other juicers. Fruits come from different categories such as hard fruits, Soft fruits, and seasonable fruits.

When it comes to hard fruits, here is a list of fruits that are familiar with any of the twin gear juicer:

Apples,  Cranberries, Pears, Pomegranates, Coconut, Apricots, Guava, Mangos, Papaya, Melons, and more.

Below is a list of Soft Fruits that can go easily with the twin gear juicer:

Pineapples, Berries, Citrus, Grapes, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Kiwi etc.

What is the Typical Speed of a Triturating Juicer?

The typical speed of a triturating juicer can be lower as 80RPM. A slower Juicer can give you the better quality and nutritious juice. Speed is inversely proportional to the quality of the juice. As you increase the speed the quality of juice goes down.

So to get all the nutrients and fibers from the fruits or vegetables make sure to use the twin gear juicer. With this speed of juicer you can process on leafy greens like spinach and all. The slow crushing action of the twin gear juicer abstract maximum nutrients from the vegetables, fruits and leafy greens etc. you put into the juicer.

Are Triturating Juicers Expensive?

Yes, by the point of view of other juicers, the triturating juicers or you can say the twin gear juicers are bit expensive. If you drink juices from outside three to four times a week then, it’s better to buy a juicer and it’s probably worth it.

Some people think of buying a new juicer is a waste of money. Yes, it is when you don’t use it. But if you are health conscious and juice lover then, it’s completely not waste of money or time. To get concentrated and high quality juices must go with the twin gear or triturating Juicer.


Twin gear juicers are the best juicers to have for everyone. These machines are a bit expensive and guaranteed the best experience of consuming the juices from your favorite fruits and vegetables. It is easy to use and contains amazing features to provide you with a thick, tasty drink full of essential nutrients.

The “twin gear juicer” can grind almost each and every vegetable and fruit, even leafy greens. If you are looking or thinking of buying the new triturating Juicer (twin gear Juicer) then, don’t look more, just go to the market and buy a new triturating juicer for your whole family. Any of the juicers in this review will suffice. It will not only be helpful for you, but it can also be beneficial for your kids. So, don’t hesitate and get benefits.