Nama Juicer Reviews – Nama Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer

Before writing Nama juicer reviews, I want to share how I have known Nama Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer. Actually, Omega, Kuvings, Tribest are very common and popular juicers in the USA, CA & UK markets. when I have read Fully Raw Kristina’s blog and known the Nama cold press juicer, Then I have decided to write a review article on Nama Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer. Moreover, the Exciting news is that Joe Cross, Writer of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, made a documentary on Nama 5800 cold press juicer.

NAMA is a South Korean company producing juicers. And one of the best products of them is the NAMA cold press juicer vitality 5800 which is a cold press juicer. Additionally, it is highly efficient in the case of juicing. If you are looking for one of the best cost-friendly cold press juicers then vitality 5800 will be the perfect option for you. In this context, we will be discussing Nama cold press juicer reviews including their benefits, and all its features.

A juice or a smoothie is always the best way to start a productive, fun yet stressful day. In between all the stress that we go through, it is essential to take care of our health in the best possible way. Drinking juice is the best way to fulfill the nutritional value when the teeth need a break from biting.

So, why not bring a juicer that will help you fulfill your juicing needs? This NAMA Juicer review will show you an incredible way to fulfill your desires.

What is that one machine that will give you a great start to the day by giving you a nutritious yet easy-to-make juice from any of your desired items? A quality juicer just like NAMA cold press 5800 can do the work for you.

So, why should you invest your money in this squeezer in your home to meet your nutritional value? All you need to do is insert the items and a fresh glass of juice will be served to you in the shortest time possible. It’s time to get juicy, people!!

What Is A NAMA Juicer?

Nama Juicer Reviews - Nama Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer

NAMA is an agricultural company ensuring proper usage and distribution of agricultural products. NAMA juicer is a juicer from NAMA company.

It’s a highly affordable juicer. The NAMA juicer reviews are mostly positive with almost no negative reviews. In this article, we will show more about NAMA juicer reviews.

NAMA juicer comes with a 150-watt motor and a 120-volt power cord. It has many attachments available including a sieve, juice strainer, smoothie strainer, and brush to clean.

It has two chambers for juicing and storing. It is easy to clean but it is preferred not to put it in the dishwasher. Nama cold press juicer vitality 5800 is one of the best juicers for the money in the UNITED KINGDOM (UK).

Alternative Of Nama 5800 Juicer For The USA Customer:

The bad news is that Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800 is not available in the USA market or Amazon USA. Considering this, we have written another alternative popular juicer review for Customers of the USA. Read Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 Review.

Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 juicer is almost the same as Nama cold press juicer. Sometimes, it is better than Nama juicer as it has mincer attachment that will give you extra benefits also.

Tribest Slowstar Mincer

You can check Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 Latest price here.

Specification Chart: Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800 UK

Specifications Details
Model Name Vitality 5800 – SJ100
Chamber Capacity 16.9 oz. / 500ml
Speed Drive / Auger: 43 rpm
Spinning Brush: 17 rpm
Warranty 1. 10-year warranty on the motor.
2. 2-year warranty on all parts from the date of purchase
Strainers 1. Juice Strainer
2. Smoothie Strainer
3. Sorbet Strainer
Containers 1. Juice Container
2. Juice Container Lid
3. Pulp Container
Dimensions 8.8 (W) x 7.1 (D) x 16.0 (H) in
Materials 1. Food safe and BPA-free
2. Hopper / Cover: ABS
3. Chamber: Tritan
4. Auger: PEI (Ultem)
5. Juice / Smoothie Strainer: Stainless Steel, Ultem
6. Sorbet Strainer: BISEN
7. Juice and Pulp Container, Lid: ABS
Weight 14.1 lbs
Motor / Fuse AC motor, 120V, 60/50Hz
Cord Length 1.4 m – exposed length
Safety Switch It is built with a magnetic safety switch.
Cut off the power when the hopper position isn’t correct.
Bottom Feet 4 Rubber feet
Juice Container up to 35 oz. and 1000 ml;
max capacity is 40 oz
Pulp Container max capacity is 60 oz
Materials Chamber: Tritan
Auger: PEI (Ultem)
Hopper / Cover: ABS
Plug Different Options Plug As Per Country
For USA – B Plug
For UK – G Plug
For Europe – C Plug
Australia/New Zealand – I Plug
Others 1. Pusher
2. Cleaning Brush
3. Recipe Book
4. User Manual
5. Spinning Brush
5. Quick Start Guide
Rating 5 Out Of 5, Editor’s Choice
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Testimonials For The Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer

Fully Raw - Testimonials for the Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer
Joe Cross - Testimonials for the Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer
Source: Both Testimonials for the Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer

Name Juicer Reviews: Some Noteworthy Features

Nama cold press juicer vitality 5800 uk
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This review will give you a clear overview of some notable basic features that will make this juicer your everyday go-to companion for a better start to the day.

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1. The Main Chamber

The main chamber plays the most important role when it comes to choosing a juicer that will bring you the best possible outcome in your glass. Having a size of 16.9 oz and the capacity to hold a minimum of 500 ml product, NAMA cold press has a large capacity.

The BPA-free material will provide you with quality products for the longest time possible. The container of NAMA juicer is also enough to store the juice for everyone.

And also with its side accessories, the container feels easy to use. For example, the strainers will help you to get the best out of the juices. And also the containers are food grade. They are really easy to clean.

2. The Capability Of The Containers

This juicer comprises two containers. The first container can hold up to 40 oz made of see-through material so that you can see the materials properly.

It is necessary to keep an eye on what you are making. See-through containers are a useful feature in this juicer. To hold the container firmly, it is attached with a handle while the top cover intact the juice inside properly.

The second container will let you make juice all at a time. Having the capacity of 60 oz, this container can hold the juice of a few glasses all at a time without any difficulty.

In other words, it is an alternative capacity to store your juice or pulp to use later. The most noteworthy feature of this juicer is that it is made of ABS material which makes the durability of both containers longer than any other juicer.

3. Speed

The NAMA cold press 5800 runs at 43 RPM. The auger is made up of PEI material that helps to lower the impact strength and usable temperature.

Temperature is a huge fact in the case of juicers. If the heat increases then the quality of juice can get damaged. NAMA juicer has enough motor speed and it can produce enough heat but PEI material can prevent it.

Speed needs to be compromised when nutrition is in concern because this juicer ensures no loss of nutrition or any other material. High-speed motors can damage the ingredients in the juice. NAMA juicer will help you keep your nutrients intact and not change the taste of the juice.

You can also control the speed of the juicer. The sturdy objects highest you need to juice are seeds which won’t be a problem within this speed. Therefore NAMA juicer delivers you with enough speed.

4. Speed Controlling

The blade of this juicer works in a rotational manner which starts with the switch ON at a particular speed. Though you might face some difficulties in other juicers for clogging, it is not a problem for the NAMA cold press because of its reverse working technique.

The reverse function can clean up any clog or jam keeping no chance of any sticky material inside. The blade can move both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Pulps and fibers can get stuck in the motor origin and the speed may vary then. During this, the motor rotates in the other direction to open up the clog and start again.

There is a speed controlling switch in the juicer where you can limit the speed according to your needs. This will help you to get the juice of almost everything. You can increase the speed if you need fiber juices. This is speed controlling of the NAMA juicer.

5. Motor And Power Cord

An AC motor of 150 Watt will be operating this juicer which works perfectly under 120V. The juicer can work perfectly under any condition no matter how tough the ingredient is because of its powerful motor and can get your work done without any hindrance.

The quality of the blades is also high and sharp. More the ingredients the sharper the blades get. A motor of 150watt is enough to shred through the hard objects.

The highest tough ingredients you need to make juices are wheatgrass and seed items. They are nothing compared to the motor. Be sure to give a proper voltage system. Otherwise usually the motor burns off and the whole juicer gets damaged

You have to plug in the juicer in your kitchen power socket.1.4m large length cords keep your distance from a socket.

6. Safety Switch

The hopper of the NAMA cold press is attached with a safety switch. In most of the other juicers, the whole machine may malfunction if the hopper is not placed correctly. But it is not a problem for this amazon juicer because of the safety switch that is being attached to the hopper.

Due to the safety switch if the hopper is not placed correctly the equipment won’t start. If there is no safety switch the motor goes renegade and may not function. And also accidents can happen if there is no safety switch.

The safety switch is magnetic. The hopper or chute connects to the main motor through a magnet. So, if the magnet is activated the switch gets detached and you can start the juicer. If the magnet is not activated then the switch will not fall and the juicer the start. Therefore NAMA juicer has a safety switch to avoid malfunction and accidents

7. Multifunction Facilities

You will get a juice strainer, sorbet strainer, smoothie strainer, cleaning brush, and a strainer. A juice strainer will help to get rid of the fibers in the juicers and get the pulp or the pure juice. Smoothie strainers are included in this machine.

Through which you can make smoothies or strain your desired juice out of the juicer. Something juicing can get messy.

For this reason, the NAMA juicer is included with a cleaning brush. You can clean the chamber easily with that brush. The ingredients made to produce the juicer are food grade. So, no harmful substances are used in the chambers or the container.

A user manual will help you just in case you face any difficulty. The user interface of the juicer is also easy to use. For an easy start, there will be a quick start guide in it too.

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8. Strong Base

The motor of the NAMA juicer is extremely powerful. It has a 150-watt motor. A motor this power is enough to vibrate the whole juicer. The juicer is also enough heavy.

Still, the motor can shake everything around it and if the base isn’t strong it can get messy and damage the product along with its contents

To prevent the juicer from shaking, there are 4 rubber feet under the juicer which will ensure a strong grip on the surface.

As it is a juicer of 6.5 kg, carrying might be a problem for many but definitely, you won’t keep on carrying the juicer when it can take its place in the kitchen.

It also should be placed in a compatible place. If the surface is not flat the juicer can cause problems. So, place it in a flat place and away from disturbance. Other than that the rubber feet are enough to hold it.

Why Do You Choose NAMA Vitality 5800?

There are so many additional key features and things that make this juicer stay in the first position. However, now let’s check out what is there in this juicer making it unique in the best way possible.

Nama cold press juicer vitality 5800 uk
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1. The Best Technology

Made with Hurom Alpha+ Juicing technology, NAMA has optimized the design with their Pure Press technology to achieve one of the best juicers you have ever encountered in the UK juicer market.

It comes fully loaded with a smoothie and homogenizing attachments in a box, making it one of your house’s most necessary electronic appliances.

Again also the juicer is highly user-friendly. The buttons and switches are easy to use and operate. And also if you have a problem then there’s a manual to help you out through the equipment. Attachments also help you to get the best out of the juicers and quality ensures proper nutrients of the juice.

2. Easy To Clean

nama cold pressed juicer

Why not get an appliance which is easy to clean and user-friendly? NAMA Vitality 5800 is here for you. As all the cleaning materials such as brushes are given with the juicer, cleaning becomes a lot easier taking the least time to clean.

Though dishwashers can be used for cleaning it is highly recommended not to use the dishwasher as the heat can harm the plastic components of the juicer.

The components of the juicer are food grade. So, the risk of harmful substances is none. Also, the technology used in making the container and plastic components keeps the nutritional values intact. Brushes included with quality bristles. So, cleaning is easy too. The attachments are also easy to clean.

3. Less Expensive

Cost-friendly juicers are now hard to find. They are highly costly and they are not energy saving. NAMA juicer is built with top-notch technology and it’s energy-saving too.

The more the heat produced the more the electricity. So, the NAMA juicer ensures low pressure on the motor and the quality of the nutrients. In other words, it’s an all-rounder.

Compared to the other slow juicer machines, the NAMA juicer is the best to offer because of its low price high durability, and ease.

4. Exhaust The Best Possibilities

This juicer will not let you miss out on even a single drop of the fruit or vegetable leaving you with no regret. This slow yet effective juicer is all you need to fulfill your thirst for a nutritious yet delicious juice.

It can preserve all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. This multifunctional juicer will extract the amazing flavors of fruits and vegetables giving you the best outcome possible. The smooth texture can help you digest fast without compromising the original flavor all the time.

It can make juice from seeds. The hardest thing you will need to blend. Other than that it can make juice out of pulps and fibers. To extract the juice from its most you can use the attachments to get. So exhaustion is not a problem here.

5. Keeps Micronutrients Intact

When an ingredient is put on a juicer, because of the oxygen, it might lose the essential micronutrients. But the NAMA juicer gives you the product in such a way that the juice remains in contact with minimum oxygen keeping all the micronutrients intact which can also be stored for a few days.

Oxidation is a major problem in the case of fruit juicing and other organic juices. You may have noticed that apples get yellow sometimes. This happens due to the oxidation of the fruit. The quality of the juice can also be hampered due to oxidation. So, due to the closed container oxidation is less in the NAMA juicer.

6. High Technology

The design of the machine helps to cut any fruits or vegetables without a single cut making you the best possible juice at home you have ever tasted.

NAMA juicer has a 150-watt motor. Which is enough to make a juice out of everything. High-quality conductors also help to put the heat out in case the motor burns.

Also, there is a safety switch. If the hopper is not connected properly the safety switch falls off and defends the device from malfunctioning.

7. Less Time Required

Unlike other juicers, you do not have to cut the ingredients into small pieces. You can put the ingredients as a whole which can save a lot of your precious time.

Also, it has two chambers. One for juicing another for storage. The motor can juice anything within 30 seconds with no delay. And store it in the other chamber. The chambers are also compact to ensure the proper quality of the product.

8. Warranty – 10 Years

Warranties are necessary for all sorts of equipment. The more the warranty the more the merrier. The motor parts are of high quality. And also they are less likely to damage because of the high-quality technologies used in the equipment. It has also 2 years parts warranty.

The NAMA Vitality Juicer comes with a warranty of 10 years. So go on with juicing without the fear of losing your juicer in any bad condition.

9. Easy To Operate

This juicer can be operated by any member of the family as it is super easy to use and the user manual will make it easier for you to understand the function of the juicer.

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The manual included has all sorts of leads you need. Starting from the operation of the juicer ending with the use of attachments. Other than that, caution and precautions are also given in the manual for safe use. So, using a NAMA juicer is not that hard and also preferable to new users.

10. Different Strainers

Strainer Of Nama Vitality 5800 Cold Press Juicer

This 5800 juicer comes with a juice strainer, smoothie strainer, and sorbet strainer. The strainer can be changed based on the outcome that you want. The juice strainer has micro holes to keep the pulps away from the juices.

If you want to prepare a smoothie, then the smoothie strainer helps to increase the concentration making it super delicious. sorbet strainer is the best option for healthy frozen desserts.

You have brushes and equipment part by part distribution. The brush will help you to clean the containers and sieve without getting messy at all.

11. BPA Free

NAMA 5800 Cold press juicer is BPA free which makes it eco-friendly. And also food grade to ensure prevention of harmful substances

12 No Extra Charge

Sorbet and Large screen smoothie attachments are included at no extra charge.

What Can We Do With NAMA Cold Press Juicer?

Cold press juicers are juicers used for juicing through hydraulic presses. NAMA juicer is a cold press juicer. In the name juicer reviews, it is said that it’s a pure juicer.

In a pure juicer, you won’t need to slice the fruits into an along with the NAMA cold-pressed juice. NAMA juicer uses a cold press for juicing.

Juicing through a cold press is an extremely healthy process. It uses a hand press to push all the ingredients to the blade. Then the blade juices the ingredients thoroughly.

So, quality and nutrients are always intact. We will be discussing more NAMA juicers in our NAMA juicer reviews so sit tight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where Can You Find It?

The NAMA Juicer cold press 5800 is available in any of the vast online stores like Amazon or any of the electronics stores near you.

2. Where Is The NAMA Juicer Made?

NAMA juicer is manufactured in South Korea

3. Is NAMA Juicer Good?

Yes, the NAMA juicer is one of the best fruit juicers due to its exquisite features.

4. Is The NAMA Juicer Worth It?

NAMA juicer is completely worth your money. And also you are getting the best juicer at this price.

5. Is NAMA Juicer Dishwasher Safe?

NAMA juicer is not completely dishwasher safe. Dishwasher heat can damage the product quality.

6. Is NAMA Juicer BPA Free?

Yes, the NAMA juicer is BPA-free and eco-friendly.

7. What Is The Best Cold Press Juicer To Buy?

NAMA cold press juicer is the best juicer to buy at this price range


Your path of wellness starts right with the NAMA Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800 where true taste is extracted from the ingredients for optimal flavor and nutrition. The health journey inspired by the founder of NAMA, Dan Sheehan is creating a revolution by helping people to improve their lifestyles. So what are you waiting for? Grab your NAMA Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800 now and make tasty and nutritious juice or smoothie right in your house.

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