Best Juicers Under $100 In The Market

Fresh vegetable Juice and Fruits Juice are always recommended by a nutritionist for a healthy body. If you are conscious about your health, you know very well about Juicers by which you can make the best fresh vegetables and fruit juice. However, if you don’t know about juicers, we will recommend you read the article thoroughly in which we discussed about Juicers buying guide and what are the best juicers under $100.

Also, We recommend you buy a juicer for your healthy diet plans. There are many juicers in the market depends on the customer’s demands. The Price range of juicers varies from low to high based on functions and quality.

If you are beginners or you have Low Budget, Let’s start our below Top 5 Best Juicers Under $100. Those 5 juicers are really inexpensive with the best quality.

Our Top Picks & 5 Best Juicers Under $100

Shopping or buying things online is not easy. There are many juicers in the markets. To find out the best juicers, you need time. So, thinking about problems, we wrote 5 Best juicers under $100 based on our experience & market reviews.

1. Hamilton Beach Pro Best Inexpensive Juicers Under $100

Best Juicers under $100

Firstly we are talking about the most popular low budget Hamilton Beach 67650A juicer. It has a 3’’ large big mouth that allows feeding the whole apple. It helps to make juice very quickly as you don’t need to chop for feeding in the chute. Its body made of plastic except for motor that’s why it’s not so heavy and easy to use.

Its cutter or strainer is made of stainless steel and this cutter makes juice very quickly. Another big thing is that it has a powerful 1.1 HP motor that can turn dense fruits and vegetables into fresh and smooth juice. Operation is very easy due to one on/off toggle switch.

The Cleaning process is very easy as you can separate every part very easily. You will be happy to know that food pusher, juicer cover, strainer, pulp bin and strainer bowl are removable. You can clean by brush that is included with a juicer. After juicing, you can assemble it. You shouldn’t be worried about assembling. Just put the strainer and lock on the lid with metal latches. Die-cast metal locking clips fasten very tightly for your safe operations.

800 Watt motor helps to make 24% more juice than its competitor. It extracts very fine juice that is very tasty. Moreover, you can use this juicer for vegetables, fruits, and even ginger roots.

It has a very big pulp bin that allows you to continue juicing without stopping the machine. You get recipes book with this juicer. So, you can use this pulp in other recipes or you can compost.

  • 1. BPA free plastic body
  • 2. 3 years warranty
  • 3. Easy to clean
  • 4. Extra-wide 3″ chute
  • 5. Not noisy
  • 1. Plastic body
  • 2. One speed option only
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2. Mueller Austria Ultra Best Affordable Juicers Under $100

Best Juicers under $100

Now, what is next Juicer? Yes, this is Mueller Austria juicer that got Excellence in Housewares Award 2018. The juicer is a centrifugal juicer. A unique feature of this juicer is Duel-Speed Versatility. Firstly, the range of Low speed is from 12000 RPM to 15000 RPM. This speed is for softer foods like orange, tomatoes and so on. Secondly, the range of fast speed is from 15000 RPM to 18000 RPM. This speed is for harder fruits like ginger, carrots, celery, beets and so on.

Another nice feature that you must like is auto overheat shut-off. Unlike other juicers, this special feature ensures safety. If juicer becomes overheat for the unstable power supply or becomes jammed inside while you are juicing, the juicer will be shut off automatically.

Extra-large 3’’ Feed chute allows putting any fruits or vegetables without chopping. You will be able to make 16 Oz cup of juice in 8 seconds for 1100W power. It creates less foam and there is no clogging. The juicer has 68 Oz pulp container and 34 Oz juice container.

The other great feature is a locking mechanism. The locking bar holds the pulp guard and is connected to a switch. If it isn’t connected well or placed in the right place, juicer won’t be started.

You will get a great brush in the box. You can clean the juicer very easily with the brush after separate all parts, scrape out the pulp, and rinse all parts. After cleaning, you can assemble it easily. We think this juicer is great value for money

  • 1. 2 Year warranty
  • 2. Not noisy
  • 3. Easy to use.
  • 4. Duel-Speed versatility
  • 5. BPA Free
  • 6. 1100 Watt Power
  • 7. Easy to use
  • 8. Big pulp container
  • 1. No rubber gasket between the top piece and the pulp basin
best affordable juicer

3. Breville BJE200XL Best Cheap Centrifugal Juicers Under $100

Best Juicers under $100

Now, we review the Breville juicer. This juicer is a monster as it can juice everything in a very short time. It has also large 3’’ feed chute. 3’’ width and 7’’ deep circular feed tube can process everything. It has duel sharp knife blades that are centered and stabilized. Inside space is very less due to the compact design of the juicer. So, everything is cut by sharp duel blades and produces more juice due to compact designs.

It has 700- watt powerful motor. RPM is a maximum 14000. For this powerful motor, you can juice any toughest veggie without facing any problems like carrots, cabbage, ginger, whole kale leaves, and beets and so on.

It has titanium cutting disk and stainless steel micro-mesh filters that extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins. The pulp is really very dry compared to other juicers .so, I feel like I get more juice from my other products. Moreover, juice doesn’t splash all over the container.

It has a safety locking arm that will save you any dangers. You have to pull back on a metal locking arm on the top of the unit. Safety locking arm must be placed in vertical position and juicer must be cover with lid; otherwise, juicer won’t operate.

There are only four parts. The food pusher, feed chute or pulp collection lid, pulp collection container and steel micro-mesh filter. Easy to clean as you can access in every part.

You will love the brush that you will get the package. You can brush the mesh screen with the brush. This brush really works well. It’s really very good inexpensive juicer.

  • 1. Easy to clean & use
  • 2. 700 Watt Motor
  • 3. Maximum RPM 14000
  • 4. 3’’ Large Chute
  • 5. Heavy Grade Polymer Body
  • 6. Have Safety Locking Arm
  • 1. One speed switch
  • 2. Warranty 1 year
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4. Aicok Compact Cold Press Best Juicer with Cheap Price

Best Juicers under $100

Another is now, Aicok compact slow masticating juicer. This juicer is designed with vertical shape, compact & contemporary; that’s why it takes very little space in the kitchen rooms and saves space. It extracts 30% more juicer than other centrifugal & citrus juicer for its compact designs. When pulp comes out, you will see all pulp is very dry that means you get almost all juice.

Other amazing things are the juicer has 3 different types of filters. There are fineness filters, Coarse Filter & Sorbet filter. A) Fineness filter is for kale, orange, carrots, spinach, leafy greens. B) A Coarse filter is for jam-like apples, strawberry. C) Sorbet filter is for some fruits sorbet

The motor is very quiet and has better noise control. It runs less than 50 decibels. So, it won’t disturb your neighbors. The juicer is small and easy to use. You can use this juicer every day without any hesitation.

The juicer has a reverse function. This reverse function will help you clean easily. Also, it helps to prevent any clogging by leafy greens, vegetables or fruits.

The juicer has an overheated protection button that will help you make the juice for a long time. Moreover, the juicer has a safety lock that will prevent you from any danger. 2 years warranty keep you tension free and this is worth of money

  • 1. Easy to use, clean and reassemble
  • 2. Has 3 types of filter
  • 3. Juice More than others
  • 4. Small footprint
  • 5. Very Quiet
  • 1. Smaller Pulp outlet
  • 2. Good for one or two persons
Best Juicer on a budget

5. Mueller Austria Ultra Best Inexpensive Juicer

Best Juicers under $100

Our Last one is Mueller branded Juicer. It has 3- inch chute that accepts a large piece of fruits and vegetables. Also, I have a smaller chute. Moreover, these features reduce the time.

Patented mechanism spins at 60 RPM that extracts 60% more juice, 50% more vitamins & minerals than centrifugal juicers. Moreover, the juicer creates less foam, less clogging and easier to clean. It has a pre-clean function that allows no cumbersome clean-ups.

There is a safety sensor. If you don’t install every part of the machine that has any problems, then the juicer won’t operate. This reduces the possibility of accidents.

Plastic parts of the juicer are BPA free. So, there is no problem with health. You will get two containers; one if for juice and another is for pulp. Both containers sit with juicer easily. There is no problem with adjustment. This machine creates a very low sound. Almost this juicer is quiet for patented low speed masticating technology. it has 2 years warranty without hassle. Also, you get an additional 2 yeas warranty if you registered your product with the manufacturer

  • 1. Easy to clean
  • 2. Easy to use
  • 3. 2 Years warranty
  • 4. Affordable Price
  • 5. Less foaming
  • 1. Little bit slow
  • 2. RPM is not high
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Buying Guide

You have read our 5 best juicers under $100. Now, you have a good idea about juice but still, you are not sure which one you want to buy among our 5 best juicers reviews. Ok, It’s not a problem. Our Buyer’s guide will help you choose which one is best for you. As the buyer’s guide is designed to teach you everything.

1. Centrifugal juicer Vs Masticating juicer

At first, you should know the main two types of juicers in the markets. One is a masticating juicer and another is a centrifugal juicer. They work in a different way and there are also some upsides and downsides. First thing you should figure out which type is best for you when you go to the shop.

Centrifugal juicer

The juicer has a mesh chamber with sharp cutting teeth that shreds or cut into a pulp and makes juice. The machine rotates by centrifugal force that’s why the juicer name is a centrifugal juicer. The machine rotates at very high speed and the centrifugal force separate juice and pulp

This juicer is the best for any hard items like carrots.  This juicer is also good for leafy greens. This type of juicer has a large chute and you can feed any fruits or vegetables as a whole without cutting. You get more time for juicing. This juicer does the job extremely fast and can make a glass of juice in 2 minutes.

The problem of the juicer is that the juicer creates more sound and heat. The heat destroys many nutrients. For the centrifugal force, the juicer creates more bubbles and destroys the taste.

Masticating Juicer

The juicer has an auger that presses and squeezes the fruits and vegetables when something passes through the chute. This juicer works slowly but makes more juice that is fresh and tasty. The juicer separates juice and pulp slowly by squeezing process. For this type of squeezing and slow mechanism, another name of a masticating juicer is a slow juicer.

The juicer takes more time than a centrifugal juicer. You have to cut everything to feed through the small chute. Despite the slow speed, the juicer works very well on hard fruits or vegetables.  The juice is very thick and there is very little foam in it.

The Masticating juicer is multifunctional. You can use it as a grinder or food processor. The juicer has more parts for its better work. it makes very tasty and fresh juice. it is a little bit expensive. The serious juice lover buys always a masticating juicer. So, if you really love juice and want to continue juicing lifestyle, you should buy a masticating juicer

2. Material

When you go shopping for a juicer, you must be concern about what material is used to make juicers. You know most of the juicer has plastics parts. In plastic, there is Bisphenol A or have to make sure your juicer is BPA free and approved by the FDA.

3. Cleaning Process

Cleaning the juicer is very hard and time-consuming task. If you are a juice lover and conscious about your health, You probably drink juice every day. So, you should buy a juicer that is very easy to clean. Some juicer has a self-cleaning process or reverses function to clean easily.

4. Noise Level

Noise level is another buying factor to select a juicer. If a juicer creates more and harsh sounds that disturb your other family members and your neighbors. Noisy sound will not inspire you to make juice every day. So, you should buy the masticating juicer as a masticating juicer is quieter than a centrifugal juicer.

5. RPM

RPM means revolutions per minute.  It’s another major concern to shop a juicer. High RPM creates more sound and heat. The heat destroys nutrients. So, you should buy low RMP juicer to avoid creating heat


Now, you have clear ideas about the juicer. You should start juicing by any of our 5 best juicers under $100. All is good for beginners as all juicers are inexpensive. Everybody can invest in this juicer. Leafy greens and fruits juice are really good and helpful for our health. The more we drink juice, the more we can keep our body fit. If you want to continue, then we recommend you invest another good and updated juicer for greens. We hope you like this article. If this article helps you, please feel free let us know and share with your friends and family


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