Best Juicers With Fiber (Juicers That Keep Fiber)

Now, you will learn Best Juicers With Fiber as Newbies in juicing are most likely to be confused about fibers.

Many have the notion that fibers are not good for health while others believe that fibers are great additions to juices.

Meanwhile, Fibers of fruits and veggies have their pros and cons, and separation of Fiber remains a key part of Juicing. Of course, some Juicers are excellent in keeping fibers. When considering how to keep fibers, you should go for the ideal Juicer.

The best Juicers with fibers of fruits and veggies are out there in the market but in this article, we will list five of the best juicers with fibers. Without much ado, let’s proceed!

Does Juicing Have Fiber?

As we all know, a loss is not at all easy to deal with; and when you are a nutritionist, the loss of Fiber can loosely translate to a living nightmare.

Since Fiber constitutes an essential place in the human digestive system, almost all the nutritionists would advise you against juicers while dieting or in general, since plenty of them end up wasting an extremely large amount of Fiber.

But it hasn’t been the case now, as some recently launched juicers are specifically designed to save the most of Fiber. These juicers leave a large chunk of pulp in the juice, which allows you to savor Fiber from your juice.

There is a mythical belief that Juicing doesn’t have Fiber. That’s just a common myth, but let me reiterate the fact that juicing leaves two types of Fiber behind; one is soluble, and the other one is insoluble.

The former gets easily absorbed in the water component of juice. Whereas insoluble Fiber gets found in rich quantities in the pulp, and when there’s an ample amount of pulp as a residue, people may eventually blame their juicers.

However, since making the perfect Juicer is slightly more complicated than you think; hence, you should never filter out the remnant pulp from your glass and remember to enjoy your drink just as it is.

5 Best Juicers With Fiber – Quick Review Chart

Image Name Details Price
Omega VRT350 Vertical Low-Speed Juicer 1. RPM – 80
2. Single auger
3. Watt – 150
4. Dual stage juicer
5. 03 settings: On, Off, and Reverse
6. Warranty 10 Years
Check Price
71Dk7F0LqGS. AC SL1500 Omega MM900HDS juicer 1. Masticating juicer
2. Watt 200
3. RPM 80
4. Warranty 15 years
Check Price
81eCRsy8rzL. AC SL1500 Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact 1. Centrifugal Juicer
2. 3-inch wide chute
3. Italian-made micro-mesh filter
4. 25 fl oz Juice Jug
5. Warranty 1 Year
Check Price
61Op1te11rS. AC SL1500 Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine 1. Centrifugal Juicer
2. 3” Feedchute
3. Watt – 800
4. Dishwasher Safe Parts
5. Warranty 1 Year
Check Price
71lwsXb+1nS. AC SL1500 Sagnart Juicer 1. Centrifugal Juicer
2. 2.55-inch feed chute
3. Watt 280
4. Materials 304 Stainless Steel + ABS
5. Warranty 1 year
Check Price
  1. Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer That Keeps Fiber
  2. Aicok Juicer Machines – Best Juicer To Retain Fiber
  3. Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Extractor That Keeps Pulp
  4. Hamilton Beach Juicer that retains the pulp
  5. Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor With Fiber

Top 5 The Best Juicers That Keep Fiber

1. Omega VRT350 Vertical Low-Speed Juicer That keeps The Most Nutrients

 Omega VRT350 Vertical Low-Speed Juicer - Best juicer with fiber
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  • Low Speed Juicing
  • 150-Watt motor
  • Two spouts
  • Dual stage juicing
  • Single auger
  • Automatic pulp ejection

Here is a top Juicer that is widely regarded as one of the best Juicers with Fiber. The frame of this Juicer is sturdy and it is not bulky.

Ingredients are easily pushed in and out of the Juicer; thanks to the pusher. You wouldn’t break a sweat when assembling the component parts of this Juicer.

The Juicer has a base that couples with a hopper and a bowl. The issue of pulp ejection is handled and well-regulated by this Juicer’s spouts.

The 64-ounce container is another key feature that will bolster the consistent juicing of fresh Juice.

You need no extra skill in cleaning this Juicer and you can self-clean it using water from the Chute. You need to clean the Juicer whenever you change the ingredients.

With a 150-watt motor, this masticating Omega Juicer is slow and has a torque of 80 RPM. It does not grind but squeezes the fruits or vegetables at a very slow pace, thus, maintaining the taste and nutritional value of the Juices.

The Auger squeezes juice from Fruits with reckless abandon and this underlines the patents of the Juicer. Another vital feature of this slow Juicer is the Hopper, which is embedded at the Juicer’s top.

Firstly, your action is to crush the fruits and instigate the extraction of juice. The pulp will then be squeezed just before its ejection and this will give rise to dry pulp and good quality juice.

Your Juicer will not clog the pulp of fruit or vegetable and you can simply activate the reverse option when unclogging. Oxidation, frothing, and foaming are issues you will not experience when using this particular Juicer. More so, the Juice will not be degraded, even if you keep it for three days.

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  • Reduced Heat build-up
  • Less Oxidation
  • Nutrients retention
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to operate
  • Versatility
  • Regular jamming

2. Aicok Juicer Machines – Best Juicer To Retain Fiber

Aicook Juicer Machines
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AICOOK masticating juicer is another best Juicer with Fiber that makes your kitchen a happier and more relaxing environment. You know ginger and turmeric have lots of fiber, The juicer is good for turmeric and ginger.

The AICOOK masticating juicer is made of corrosion-resistant food grade 304 stainless steel sharp blades and a three-layer mesh filter.

Users can quickly use this Juicer to make a cup of healthy pure juice without destroying the natural flavor and nutritional benefits, and it extracts up to 26% more juice and 36% more vitamins and minerals.

It is very versatile in terms of speed, as it has a dual-speed function. The upgraded motor keeps the noise under 60DB and delivers speedy juicing at 13000-17000 RPM for juicing soft fruits while a speed of 17000-21000 RPM is harnessed for juicing hard fruits.

You can make a juice within 6 seconds. It has a very large chute and the machine is quite easy to clean. The masticating juicer is made of BPA-free parts and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

You will be able to clean the machine with ease, as it is equipped with brushes to make your cleaning easier and faster. Juices do not drip from this Juicer! The non-drip function is placed at the bottom of the Juicer.

In addition, there is a two years warranty for a lock arm feature. The overload protection system will shut off the Juicer once overheats.


  • BPA-Free parts
  • Dual Speed feature
  • Non-drip Function
  • Stainless Steel frame
  • Two years warranty
  • Larger Feed Chute
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy to Clean
  • Does not drip
  • Retains nutrients
  • Versatile
  • Easy assembly
  • Quick Juicing
  • Fragile parts

3. Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain – Best Juicer That Keeps Pulp

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer
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This is a centrifugal Juicer with a centered knife blade assembly. It stands tall as one of the best juicers with Fiber. Its 700-watt motor operates at 14,000 RPM for maximum extraction.

It has a safety Locking Arm that allows your Juicer to operate safely even without a cover.

Its Pulp Container Capacity is large enough to contain as much pulp and it is 1.6 quarts. It has an extra-large feeding chute that is situated at a centralized position.

The frame of the Juicer is stainless steel and it’s very sturdy to withstand heavy falls. The cutting blade is also made of stainless steel and the very efficient micro-mesh filter can extract an extra 30 or 40 percent of more Nutrients.

All parts of the Juicer are dishwasher safe a cleaning brush is included in the package and it is customized to fit the Juicer.

This Juicer is not verbose, but it is very versatile and delivers powerful and performance-driven strides.

It accumulates pulps within the compartments of the Juicer. Its Chute is very large and gives room for quick juicing.

You can juice both big and small fruits as well as vegetables within a blink A warranty of one year is provided. Certain fruits and vegetables create froth when juiced. The Juice Jug features an integrated froth separator.


  • 700-watt motor
  • Safety Locking Arm
  • Extra-large 3 inches centered feed tube
  • Heavy Grade Polymer Body
  • Stainless steel cutting disc
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Integrated froth separator.
  • Custom cleaning brush
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Unique Extraction System
  • Shortened Prep Time
  • Easy cleaning
  • Retains nutrients
  • Quick juicing
  • Maximizes Juice production
  • Does not drip
  • Durable
  • Versatility
  • Leaks wet Pulp

4. Hamilton Beach Juicer – Cheap Juice Extractor With Fiber

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine
Check Latest Price On Amazon

You have just stumbled on another best cheap Juicers with fibers. The Hamilton Beach Juicer has a motor of 800-Watts which makes Fresh Juice within a blink.

The stainless-steel micro-mesh cutter/strainer can turn a dense beet into a smooth juice in seconds. The Latches lock the juicer lid securely into place and Recipes and juicing tips are included to get you started with ease.

Virtually all parts of the Juicer are Dishwasher-Safe and you can detach and attach them without any hitches.

The cleaning brush is dutiful and the feed chute is very wide and juices large fruits.  Speedy and uninterrupted juicing are what you will experience.

Some Juicers will waste your time as you will need to halt the process and remove the pulps. But the Hamilton Juicer has a big Pulp bin that will contain pulp residues.

Users can use this Juicer to deliver large quantities of Juices from both fruits and vegetables. A juice cup is not included in this package but it is very easy to clean.

To crown it all, this best Juicers with Fiber comes with three years warranty and users can assemble it with ease.


  • 800-Watts motor
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Three years warranty
  • Extra-large feeding chute
  • Pre-cutting function
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Quick Juices
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy Assembly
  • Maximal juice production
  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Versatility
  • Absence of Juice Cup

5. Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor

Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor
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The Centrifugal Juicer machine is made up of stainless steel, anti-corrosive blades, and a precise filter.

This Juicer can extract 37% of the Vitamins and Minerals to 25% of the Juice. Compared to the other juicers, it is more friendly to your well-being. It features Dual Speed Juicing Modes.

The low-speed mode 12,000-15,000 RPM is specially made for soft fruits while the more pact speed mode (15,000-18,000Rpm) is designed for hard fruits.

You will likely find leftover or stuck ingredients on your juicer’s net. By pressing the Jog button, you will wipe out the stuck ingredients in the Net.

While using the juice extractor, do not make it overburdened by adding too many vegetables and fruits. Please cool this Juicer down for some time, when you operate it for 3 minutes.

This Juicer has an automatic turn-off mechanism to protect the overheat and to extend the battery life span.

The Lid should be locked for every use; the Juicer will not start if it was improperly locked. To ensure efficiency and protection, the juice extractor has a Non-slip rubber mat so that it may not slip.

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In addition, the Juicer Machine has a Nozzle to prevent leakage, there will be a leakage when it is facing down while there will be no leakage when it is facing up.

The Juicer generally has a simplified mechanism as the cleaning, Juicing, and assembling are done with ease.


  • BPA-Free parts
  • Dual Speed
  • Overheat and Overload Protection
  • Anti-drip function
  • Detachable Stainless Steel
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Drip-Proof Design
  • 1500ml Fruit Slag Collection Cup
  • 450ml Juice Cup
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick Juicing
  • Maximum Juice production
  • Durability
  • Simplified assembling
  • Versatile operations
  • Retention of nutrients
  • Juice May Leak from the Side

Will Juicing Up Remove Fiber?

Being a Juice lover, I’m sure you’d be perplexed whether juicing will reduce the fiber contents in your Juice. But here is the kicker!

At any time when you are on the verge of Juicing using a Juicer, know yea that the fiber content of the Juice will decrease, but will not be totally removed.

Insoluble Fibers are typically erosional and will vanish once your fruits or vegetables are run through the Juicer. They will mix up and form the core contents of the Juice’s pulp.

Insoluble fibers have their inherent advantages and they are a necessity for every human. During digestion, they wiggle through and bypass the small intestine wholly. They don’t deplete or break down while passing through the large or small intestine.

The solid parts of insoluble fibers will accumulate at the rectum to form heavy stools that coagulate with the already deposited stool to make it larger. This is quite explicit, but how about the soluble type?

As I expatiated earlier, the juice will still have some soluble fibers in it. After mastication and digestion, the soluble Fiber quickly transforms into the gel as they pass through the alimentary canal.

The insoluble fibers are very necessary for the human system. They boost weight loss and appetite, making the individual feel full at all times.

Fibers carry massive calories and fibers are needed in order for the body to maintain a balanced quantity of calories in the system.

Our body dissipates energy at all instances and the fibers are key calorie carriers in the body.

The fibers are energy replenishers; hence, you can easily lose some chunks of weight when you eat more soluble fibers.

To crown it all, the leftover fibers coupled with good exercise can boost your weight loss and metabolism.

What Can You Do With Fiber From a Juicer?

Fibers have multiple uses and we will highlight the uses in this section:

Make Pudding out of it

Who doesn’t like pudding? More so, when it comes to pudding with the added benefit of fruits, who would not savor it?

Fruits like Kiwi, oranges, grapes, and berries can be used as an ingredient in puddings. They will quickly dissolve inside your mouth and trigger your appetite for food.

Make Halwa

Halwa is a famous Indian sweet dish with a big fan base. It is usually served in winter where it is usually prepared with the pulp of beet-root, carrot, or sweet potato as the main ingredient.

The unique taste will make you greedy enough to taste a little more each time you have it.

Make Kheer Out of It

Kheer is made out of milk which itself is full of all the nutrients; adding fruits to this will bring wholesome benefits to your body.

So, there are many vegetables and fruits such as Bottle gourd, potato, apple, banana, etc. which can be used in Kheer, an exquisite dessert.

Fiber Juice

Fiber juice is healthy as well as good for your health. You must want fresh juice each morning, feeling better about what you put into the body.

Turn It into Broth

It is important to know that bone broth is a great way to enrich nutrients in your diet. It is relatively easy to make bone broth. But in this case, the fruit cannot fit so well, make use of the veggie pulp.

Add It To Eggs Scrambled

Cooking a batch of scrambled eggs in the morning? This is the perfect opportunity for vegetable pulp to be used like you normally did, and soon you will get a nutrient-filled and delicious meal.

Smoothies For Livening Up

Consider pouring them into your blender while making a smoothie for your fruit pulp leftovers. By using this, you will get a thick smoothie, producing a milk shake with a consistency that is perfect.

You will add a heavy amount of Fiber into your smoothie, making sure that it is always satisfying for you.

The problem arises when you can’t do anything but feel guilty for everything is wasted as you toss the remaining pulp.

Don’t worry; here you have been given wonderful tricks, so anyone can make good use of that pulp. There is enormous nutritional content in this pulp. You definitely cannot drink this, but you can involve it in your diet plan.

3 Scientific Benefits Of Juicing With More Fibre

1. Quells the Issue of Constipation

The major motive behind the asterisk to the constipation factor is that there are various debatable studies that state about fiber minimizing constipation.

While on the other hand, other studies and statements show that fiber creates a negative impact on constipation. Both of the aspects create confusion, where the best solution can be drawn out, is trying out by yourself and observing the results.

2. Boosts Metabolism

There are prebiotic fibers that are highly beneficial for the human body as they promote good bacteria when the juice is prepared.

When these fibers are taken by the human body, it minimizes the key elements from the metabolism.

Metabolic syndrome can be stated as one of the negative aspects which creates the risk of facing several diseases like cardiac arrest and various types of diabetes.

3. Assists in Curbing Obesity

Fiber is mainly known for providing satiety which allows the human body to feel full and energetic. Less amount of hungriness is allowed one to reduce or lose weight and along with that, it creates a boundary limit for the intake of calories.

What To Look For When Finding The Best Juicer That Retains Pulp?

There is no perfect juicer as most of them remove the pulp while extracting out the juice from the fruits.

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It has also been observed that purchasing a new juicer based on the requirements may help you in adding a handful amount of pulp to the juice.

1. Consider Vertical Juicers

It is also necessary to find an effective juicer like vertical that may give you multiple ranges of filters and this also helps in keeping the juice full of fiber. The vertical Juicer may keep fiber-rich in nature.

2. Consider Juicers With Fine Filter

This type of filter may help you in adding some amount of pulp only as it consists of a screen that carries tiny holes and does not let a good amount of pulp enter into the juice.

A fine filter can be helpful for you only if, you have a specific need like if you don’t want to add much pulp to your juice. It has been also observed that most of the juices utilize this type of filter as a default one.

3. Consider Juicers With Coarse Filter

This sort of filter specifically consists of big holes which may help you in getting a rich amount of pulp. If you’re looking for your juice to be filled with fiber this can be considered as the best filter within the Juicer.

It is highly essential to look out for the filters attached with juices while purchasing, as most of the juices do not come with filter attachments. But there are no worries because all the juicers which are reviewed below come with attachments and can be easily purchased from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Question

What Juicer Keeps The Most Nutrients?

Recent research says that a slow-speed juicer keeps more nutrients than a high-speed juicer. Another name for a slow-speed juicer is masticating juicer. The masticating juicer keeps most nutrients, not for their slow speed.

Actually, their working process helps to keep nutrients. Masticating juicer chews/ grinds the fruits and vegetables with their single auger or double augers. In the process, it doesn’t create too much pressure or heat. There are many models of masticating juicers in the market but we have suggested you buy Omega VRT330s Juicer: Heavy Duty Vertical Low-Speed Juicer.

Do You Need Juicing Machine?

You can use both Juicer and a blender to get juice. Juicer made more liquids juice than a blender. Blender makes think juice what is called smoothies.

When you use a blender for a juicer, You have to add water to make it more liquid. If you are looking for more fiber in the juice, then you can buy a blender instead of a juicer. Juicer is more expensive than the blender. In Word, Juicing machine is necessary to make juice.


Fibers are core constituents of juices and both the soluble and insoluble fibers are necessary for human metabolism.

However, if you wish to separate the fibers from the Juice, then you need a suitable juicer that can extract the fibers with ease. The best Juicers with fibers are listed in this article and they are all efficient and easy to use.

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