Best Juicers For Kale and Spinach

Today, We are going to discuss Best Juicers for Kale Spinach. Our well-researched and the written article will save your time from researching the market to buy juicers.

Juice from green vegetables is now becoming popular. Because these juices are full of nutrition and taste good. The most common leafy greens are kale and spinach for juicing. Here, we will provide the best juicers for kale and spinach for you.

Because all the juicers cannot extract juice from kale and spinach properly.  Further, these juicers can destroy vital vitamins and minerals during juicing. Also, a high amount of fiber in juice can upset the stomach. While juice extraction using a perfect juicer removes fiber content efficiently. As a result, the stomach will digest kale and spinach juice easily. 

So, vitamins and minerals are available for the body within a short period of time. The digestion time for juices is 20-30 minutes. Thus, the cold press juicers are one of the best juicers for kale and spinach. Because less damage occurs to nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, it removes a high amount of fibers from the juice. Further, it extracts maximum juice from kale and spinach. This juice contains antioxidants. However, juicing can destroy these antioxidants. Thus, cold press juicers are safe extraction for antioxidants. So, we have two listed the best juicers for kale and spinach below for you.

Best Juicers For Kale and Spinach

Quick Review List Of Juicers

ImageName & TypeDetailsRating Price
Omega J8006HDS
Masticating Juicers
1.RPM – 80
2.Warranty – 15 Yrs
3.Material – Stainless – Steel
4.110/1120 Volt
Best For All, Highly Recommended
( 5/5 )
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Hurom HP
Slow Juicer
1.RPM -43
2.Warranty – 10 Yrs
3.Material – Plastic
4.120 Volt
Editor’s Choice
( 4.8/5 )
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Slow Masticating Juicer
1.RPM -80
2.Warranty – 03 Yrs
3.Material – Plastic
4.110 Volt
Best Budget Juicer
( 4.7/5 )
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KOIOS Juicer
Masticating Juicer 
1.RPM -80
2.Warranty – 03 Yrs
3.Material – Plastic
4.110 Volt
Best For Beginners
( 4.6/5 )
Check Price
Breville BJE430SIL
Centrifugal Juicer
1.RPM -1300 – 6500
2.Warranty – 01 Yr
3.110 Volt
Best For Hard Vegetables
( 4.5/5 )
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Top 5 The Best Juicers for Kale and spinach

1. Omega J8006HDS – Best Overall

Best Juicers for Kale and Spinach
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  • Maximum extraction of the juice
  • Near to dry pulp
  • Automatic system to remove the pulp
  • Noiseless design
  • Adjustable five settings for cap
  • Two-level juicing system
  • No heat production during juicing
  • Protects enzymes and nutrients damage

Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer an all in one solution for juice lovers. It is one of the best juicers for kale and spinach. Moreover, it belongs to the family of cold press juicers. It protects the enzymes from degradation. Because it does not produce heat during the juicing process.

Besides, these enzymes and nutrients are vital for health. It can also extract juice from carrots, pasta, nuts, wheatgrass, and garlic. Besides, you can make soya milk and extract juice from coffee. Further, Omega J8006HDS is good for the juice of the beets, peppers, and radishes. It is also suitable for the juicing of the leafy greens like cabbage and pine tree needles.

Hence, these juices help to reduce weight and improve lifestyle. Its centrifuge speed is 80 rotations per minute. While the centrifuge speed of other juicers is 1600-15,000 rotations per minute. Hence, its low speed keeps the antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins available for the body.

Enzymes and antioxidants in the juice are prone to heat. Its low speed does not produce heat. Further, it prevents the oxidation of the juice. So, it improves the shelf life of the juice. As a result, we can store the juice for three days.

Besides, polyetherimide plastic makes the auger eight times stronger than other juicers. its gear system provides the power of a motor with a two horsepower capacity. Its double stage system makes it unique for juicing. As a result, it extracts all the water content from fruits and vegetables.

Further, you can use ice cream and frozen fruit to extract the juice. But it can make the cleaning of the juicer tough and hard. It can also cause a malfunction in it. Although, it is noiseless. Yet, you can decrease its noise by placing a towel under it. Moreover, it provides extra stability to the juicer.\

  • Simple to use and clean
  • Slow juicer takes 12-20 minutes
  • The Assembly process is very easy
  • Fifteen years of support service
  • Bisphenol-A free parts
  • Free protection Plan from seller
  • Durable for years of use
  • Super little juicer
  • High price than other juicers
  • Narrow feed tube
  • Plunger is hard
  • Difficult to use for cucumber
  • Cleaning is not easy for peanuts
  • It can clog
  • It is not suitable for apples
  • Frozen fruits can jam it

2. Hurom HP Slow Juicer – Editor’s Choice

Best Juicers for Kale and Spinach
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  • Eye-catching vertical Design
  • Slow Squeeze rotation
  • 100% dry pulp extraction
  • Automatic cleaning brush during juicing
  • Good quality blending power juicer
  • Less noise production during juicing
  • Almost suitable for every vegetable
  • Portable design for kitchen counter

Hurom HP slow juicer is the second of the best juicers for kale and spinach in our list. Yet it is one the best vertical single auger juicer. It can extract juice from watermelon, oranges, pomegranates, and cucumber. In short, it can extract juice from any chewable fruit and vegetable.

Further, it is available in three different colors and designs. However, the seller is not offering any price change for these designs. Besides, these variations have different parts and differ in functioning.  White, green, and pink are available designs of this juicer.

Moreover, its design makes it a good fit for the kitchen. The use of a juicer in its auger provides extra strength for juicing. Hence, you can use the Hurom for years. The centrifuge speed of the Hurom HP is 43 RPM. So, Its low-speed auger extracts every drop of juicy water from the fruits and vegetables.

Further, it is a three in one vertical design 2nd generation juicer. Hence, it has no small hole in its juicing screen. This hole was the main cause of pulp clogging in older vertical juicers. Besides, pulp clogging in this hole caused difficult cleaning and increased pulp in the juice.

It can also work as a blender and mixer at the same time. These functions increase the value of Hurom for a kitchen. Moreover, it has a built-in double sensor system. This system provides extra safety to Hurom HP Slow Juicer. Besides, these sensors prevent the juicer to work before proper assembly.

Similarly, a built-in cooling system with vents is present inside the Hurom juicer. This system helps to prevent overheating during juicing. It also prevents the enzymes and other nutrients from denaturation. Further, it is a blade-free juicer. Hence, it is safe to use this juicer in a home with kids. The juicer is good for vegetables, greens ad fruits

  • Easy cleaning of every part
  • Made in Korea
  • Vertical slow Juicer design
  • Budget-friendly vertical auger juicer
  • No hole in the juicing screen
  • Clog free design
  • Fiber and pulp-free juice
  • The juicer is easy to disassemble
  • Only two years of support
  • Need fruits, cut into pieces
  • Cannot extract Cactus fruits juice
  • Poor seller support
  • May be an expensive juicer
  • Breakable design
  • Use intervals of 20 minutes
  • Not suitable for 220-240 volts

3 Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer – Best Budget Juicer

Best Juicers for Kale and Spinach
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  • Three years of the service contract
  • Acrylic glass provides extra safety
  • Clogging Free Design
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Less heat production during juicing
  • Food grade and safe plastic
  • Lightweight design for a kitchen
  • Slow speed screw technology enabled

Aicok juicer is one of the best Juicers for kale and spinach available at Amazon. Besides, Amazon is offering a coupon for this product. Further, it contains a spiral system. This seven-step structure extracts 98% of juice from the pulp. Also, it drops the level of oxidation.

Because the screw-like spiral system emits less heat. Further, its slow speed of 80 RPM drops the friction. Thus, it provides high-quality juice. This juice holds only 2-5 % of fiber. So, the peak levels of nutrients are present in the juice of Kale.

Besides, food-grade acrylic glass plastic makes it safe for health. Moreover, it prevents the metallic taste in the juice. Thus, kids also love to take the juice. Further, one button system makes it to install and uninstall easily in a kitchen.

The reverse system is also present in it. This system contains two buttons. The ON button spins the spiral system in one direction. While the R button spins the spiral system in another direction. Thus, it extracts the highest level of juice from kale and spinach. Besides, it helps to clean the juicer within two minutes.

This system also makes the juicer clogging free. Lake of metal blades makes it safe for infants also. Besides, its motor produces a 60-decibel level of noise. Thus, it cannot alert kids and other family members during sleep. Also, it is safe to clean it with dishwashers.

Further, it contains safety systems. This system protects the motor from burning. Also do not use the juicer for more than 20 minutes. Besides, ice, unchopped fruits, and vegetables can jam the juicer. Also, remove the rubber tube attached to the green cap for washing.

Because improper washing can result in toxin production inside the juicer. Fungus, bacteria, and germs produce these toxins. These toxins can cause health issues.

  • Highest Juice extraction for leafy-greens
  • Low level of juice oxidation
  • Free from any load noise
  • Juicing is free from foam
  • Use dry pulp in cookies
  • Quick pulp-less juicing for Kale
  • Cleaning time is 2 minutes
  • Mold growth in washing tube
  • Wear and tear of the propeller
  • Bits of plastic in juice
  • Use with care for turmeric
  • juicing takes > 30 minutes
  • The juicer can leak grease
  • Chopping is vital for juicing

4. KOIOS  Juicers – Best For Beginners

Best Juicers for Kale and Spinach
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  • Good quality of extracted juice
  • Multipurpose design
  • 3-10 years of service support
  • 100% Free from BPA material
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • Portable juicer
  • Multilevel speed function
  • Can clean in a dishwasher
  • Two designs of the auger

We have selected the KOIOS juicer in our review because of multiple factors. One of the reasons is its high juicing ability. Besides, the KOIOS brand is offering two designs of this juicer. These designs not only differ in color but also in function.

The first design has a white and black color. While the second design has a red and black color. Moreover, these designs differ in their spiral auger system. The red one has a three-level spiral system. While the white one has a seven-level spiral system. Thus, the white design juicer extracts more juice than that of the red one.

Besides, it extracts up to 90% juice. While the red one can extract up to 80-85% juice. Further, it causes 5% oxidation and provides 79.5% nutrients. While other slow juicers cause 8% oxidation and provide 72.64% available nutrients. Moreover, centrifuge juicers cause 17% oxidation of enzymes and provide only 54.69% available nutrients for the body.

Further, their stainless steel filters remove up to 98% of fiber from the juice. As a result, you can obtain an almost foaming free juice. This brand is offering 10 years of service support for the motor. It is also offering three years of warranty for all other parts of the juicers. Besides, a free juicing recipe book is also present inside the product.

It can extract juice from any vegetable and fruit. Indeed, it is one of the best juicers for kale and spinach. Its low noise cannot disturb the sleep of the family member. Its noise level is lower than 60 decibels.  A person present in an adjacent room cannot hear its noise.

You can extract 20% juice from the pulp after juicing it the first time. However, you cannot use this juicer for nuts and almonds. In short, KOIOS is a good choice for the home kitchen.

  • extract juice from ginger also
  • All in one type juicer
  • Increase shelf-life of the juice
  • 10 years of motor warranty
  • Cold press type juicer system
  • Noiseless motor design
  • Good for kale and spinach
  • Low price
  • cannot use nuts and almonds
  • strainer takes time to clean
  • juicing can overheat the juicer
  • cut fruits into tiny slices
  • not compatible for 220 volts
  • Green stains in plastic tubing
  • Not applicable for sugar cane

5. Breville BJE430SIL -Best Centrifugal Juicers Kale and Spinach

Best Juicers for Kale and Spinach
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  • Cold Spin technology-enabled juicer
  • Extra Wide feed chute hole
  • Mesh  filter of stainless steel
  • Double speed function for vegetables
  • Commercial juicer for the kitchens
  • The extra capacity of the pulp bin
  • 12 months of service support

Breville BJE430SIL belongs to the family of centrifuge juicers. Unlike other centrifuge juicers, it provides a long shelf life of three days to the juice. Because it contains cold spin technology in it. This technology protects the juice from heat. As a result, the quality and shelf life of the juice increases.

It has two levels of speed functions for juicing. It extracts juice from the hard vegetables and fruits at 13,000 RPM. While it extracts juice from the soft vegetables and fruits at 6500 RPM. Due to the high speed, it is unable to extract complete juice from the Kale and Spinach.

Moreover, an improper assembly can leak the juice into the pulp bin chamber. However, it can protect the nutrients’ damage than other centrifuge juicers. The imported stainless steel filter from Italy removes the highest level of pulp from the juice. Besides, its 7.62 centimeters feeding chute and high speed save the time of juicing.

Its unique 850-watt motor crushes and extracts juice from the hardest vegetables and fruits. It has also safety locks to prevent it functioning due to improper assembly. Further, its large pulp bin chamber collects the pulp after juicing. So you can continuously juice the vegetables and fruits.

Moreover, you can wash its filter, jug, disc, and cover easily in a dishwasher.  Its working capacity resembles the cold press slow speed juicers. You can also add whole vegetables and fruits in the feeding chute without cutting them into pieces.

This juicer provides high quality juicing experience even at a low price. Besides, its new unique design makes it to clean easily. It takes only a half-minute to wash its parts in a dishwasher. However, you will need to wash the filter using the brush. This brush removes the pulp from the filer effectively. You can also use a bag inside the pulp bin to increase the shelf life of the juicer.

  • Time-saving juicing experience
  • Whole fruit and vegetable juicing
  • Ultra short preparation time
  • Imported mesh filter from Italy
  • Completely safe for a dishwasher
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Lowest moisture in pulp
  • hard and soft fruits compatible
  • low yield of juice
  • high level of foaming
  • juice go into the trash
  • the short service support period
  • use hard fruits with kale
  • centrifuge technology
  • high level of noise production
  • not good juicer for kale

What To Consider To Buy Juicers For Kale and Spinach

1. Durability

Most families use juicers daily early in the morning. Thus, the level of wear and tear is high for the juicers.  Moreover, kids have high energy. They can throw the juicers on the floor. So, the selection of a juicer made up of breakable free material is vital.  Hence, durability increase the life of the juicer.

2. Feeding Chute

Generally, every person wants quick food early in the morning. While the cutting of fruits and vegetables into tiny pieces is vital for the small size of a feeding chute. Thus, the best juicers for kale and spinach have a minimum of three inches of a feeding chute.  Thus, we can enjoy healthy juice in less time.

3. Easy to Use

We want to make our daily routine easy using juicers. Because a good quality juicer provides high nutrients for the body. As a result, a juicer helps us to maintain our health. Besides, most people use juicers in the morning. So, always select easy to use design of the juicer.

4. Easy to Assemble

The best juicers for kale and spinach are easy to assemble. Generally, the assembly and disassembly time of the juicers is 2-5 minutes. Because non-technical people have no idea of the technology. Besides, kids are also present in most homes. So, easy assembly and disassembly process makes the juicer safe for use.

5. Warranty

We cannot trust the quality of electronic items. Because these items are fragile. So, they can burn easily due to high voltage. Besides, transportation can damage the functions of the juicers. Sometimes, there is a default short circuit in the product. Thus, always select a juicer offering a lifelong warranty.

6. Budget

The budget is always a vital part of the shopping.  Besides, a good budget plan provides the comfort of shopping. Moreover, the same product is available at different prices in the market. So, always research before buying a product. This also helps to select the best juicers for kale and spinach in a low price range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kale Good For Juicing?

Affirmative, but you should be cautious as per the quantity of kale juice you’re taking in. You can end up with other health issues if you consume too much of kale. However, it would be best to moderate your consumption, as it would assist in metabolism of many nutrients.

Kale can cause kidney stones or it can increase the severity of underlying kidney problems. Oxalate is a major constituent of Kale and they are causative agents of kidney problems. You are advised to avoid taking kale juice if your family has a history of kidney problems such as kidney stones.

Is Spinach or Kale Better?

The two are generally similar but kale offers more vitamins A and C. You will get whooping vitamin C and Vitamin A in kale. On the other hand, spinach stands a shoulder higher than kale in terms of iron, Folate, and Vitamin K contents. Both kale and spinach can be planted any time of the year and they both have low calories

Which is Healthier Kale or Broccoli?

Kale and broccoli are great in juicing, but more nutrients are stuffed in kale. Vitamin k, vitamin A and calcium are more concentrated in kale than in broccoli. Kale tastes a lot better and you will always enjoy the kale salad better than broccoli salad.

Can I Drink Green Juice Every Day?

In the midst of a plethora of benefits, kale has a number of side effects. Consuming too much of it is a serious health risk, especially your thyroids. Thyroids can only fiction when there is enough iodine, but kale depletes iodine and this affects the functionality of the thyroid. Kidney stones is another health risk associated with kale consumption.  But this can only occur when you consume it too much.


Green Leafy juice extract is best for health. It provides vital energy and nutrients for breakfast. However, most juicers destroy the nutrients of the vegetables and fruits during juicing. But Our listed best juicers for kale and spinach do not hurt the nutrients in leafy green vegetables and fruits. Moreover, they extract maximum juice from kale and spinach